10 of the Best Movies From Each Star in Marvel's Eternals

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I travel not to damn Eternals (as I haven’t seen it yet), but the mixed reviews truthful acold suggest that it could good beryllium the movie that dulls our corporate emotion matter with Marvel movies. We’ll see: Chloé Zhao is arsenic bully a manager arsenic superhero movies are ever apt to see, and the formed present is astir apt the champion that Marvel has ever assembled (pun perfectly intended). It’s besides already been banned successful overmuch of the Persian Gulf, presumably due to the fact that of the film’s cheery couple—so other points there.

But seriously. This cast. Eternals features an planetary formed of comparative newcomers alongside veterans, with adjacent 16-year-old Lia McHugh (Sprite) having racked up 5 years of coagulated credits. On the different extremity of that spectrum is Harish Patel, with dozens of credits going backmost decades. In betwixt are a fewer radical you mightiness person heard of, similar Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek.

Maybe you’re not brainsick astir Eternals, oregon possibly you’re conscionable bushed of superhero enactment movies. Fair enough. Or, perhaps, you loved the movie and privation to spot much of these stars. And truthful you accidental to yourself: Where tin I spot these precise good actors successful movies that don’t impact aliens and abstraction gods? Relax. Got you.

Angelina Jolie

Movie: Changeling (2008)

Though she’s arsenic A-list arsenic A-list gets, Jolie’s acting vocation has had her spending an atrocious batch of clip arsenic the astir watchable constituent successful entertaining, but different middling movies (think Tomb Raider oregon The Good Shepherd). In Clint Eastwood’s Changeling (written by J. Michael Straczynski), Jolie drops immoderate action-movie artifice successful favour of an emotional, but understated show arsenic the real-life Christine Collins, whose lad was kidnapped successful 1928. Under the value of aggravated criticism, the LAPD “reunited” Collins with a child—just not her child—and past convinced the satellite that she was delusional.

Where to stream: HBO Max

Also watch: Girl, Interrupted (Starz), with Jolie’s Oscar-winning show arsenic a manipulative, but wildly charismatic, intelligence patient. I’m besides alternatively partial to her revisionist Disney villain successful Maleficent (Disney+).

Salma Hayek

Movie: Frida (2002)

Hayek’s unmatched vocation includes awesome enactment some successful beforehand of and down the camera, from an aboriginal starring relation successful a fashionable telenovela to moving her accumulation company, Ventanarosa, portion enforcement producing Ugly Betty. For movie acting, though, her Academy Award-nominated show arsenic creator Frida Kahlo successful Frida is simply a bully spot to start. It would beryllium casual to get mislaid successful a movie with specified a striking ocular palette, but thing is mislaid successful Hayek’s performance, capturing Kahlo’s glamour and vivacity.

Where to stream: HBO Max

Also watch: Desperado (Netflix, HBO Max). Hayek’s collaborations with Robert Rodriguez (see besides Once Upon a Time successful Mexico oregon From Dusk till Dawn) are worlds isolated from her much “serious” melodramatic work, but good worthy watching if you don’t caput thing with a spot much action.

Gemma Chan

Movie: Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Much of Chan’s champion work, truthful far, has been successful tv (Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Humans), but her existent breakout came with her scene-stealing show arsenic Astrid successful the astonishment blockbuster Crazy Rich Asians. Of each the film’s characters, Chan has possibly the toughest haul: she’s playing an impossibly affluent socialite and manner icon who also, somehow, manages to beryllium 1 of the movie’s astir sympathetic characters. It’s a show that’s arsenic awesome arsenic it is entertaining.

Where to stream: HBO Max

Also watch: Let Them All Talk (HBO Max). It would beryllium casual to get mislaid successful a formed that includes Dianne Wiest, Candice Bergen, and Meryl Streep, but Chan much than holds her ain arsenic Streep’s long-suffering literate agent.

Richard Madden

Movie: Rocketman (2019)

When we’re talking astir Richard Madden, we’re inactive mostly talking astir Robb Stark and Game of Thrones. That’s dilatory changing, though, with starring TV performances successful Medici and Bodyguard, and successful films, arsenic well. In the Elton John biopic Rocketman, Madden plays villainous manager John Reid, making a large content with comparatively small surface time.

Where to stream: Hulu, Paramount+, Epix

Also watch: In 1917 (fuboTV, Showtime Anytime), Madden again makes a large content with a spot little surface clip playing Joseph Blake, the member astir whom the full movie turns. He’s beauteous bully successful the 2015 live-action Cinderella, arsenic well.

Kumail Nanjani

Movie: The Big Sick (2017)

Silicon Valley made Nanjani a star, but it was The Big Sick that confirmed him arsenic an creator with talents beyond plain comedy. Co-written with his wife, Emily V. Gordon, and loosely based connected their lives, the movie follows a Pakistani-American comedian and a achromatic science pupil whose precise caller narration is analyzable erstwhile Emily becomes unexpectedly ill. It’s astute and funny, and Nanjani is large successful it.

Where to stream: Prime Video

Also watch: Nanjani has been bully successful respective beauteous decent rom-cons, and 2020's The Lovebirds (Netflix) with Issa Rae is astir apt his champion successful that genre.

Brian Tyree Henry

Movie: The Outside Story (2021)

Henry’s been each implicit the spot successful the past fewer years, with respective memorable movie appearances alongside his starring relation connected Atlanta. He plays a precise antithetic benignant of quality successful The Outside Story, astir a antheral who gets accidentally locked retired of his flat and is forced to face the satellite astir him. The quirky, sitcom-ready premise is elevated by thoughtful penning and an array of awesome quality performances from the assorted neighbors, with Henry arsenic the glue that holds it each together.

Where to stream: Hulu, Hoopla, Kanopy

Also watch: In Widows (fuboTV, FX Now), Henry shows his scope successful playing the transgression brag looking to retrieve the wealth stolen by Viola Davis’ husband.

Don Lee

Movie: Train to Busan (2016)

Ma Dong-seok (aka Don Lee) has an awesome filmography and a slate of awards—unfortunately for American audiences, not each of his South Korean enactment is easy disposable stateside. Nevertheless, helium gives a memorable, scene-stealing show successful the astute zombie blockbuster Train to Busan. Initially presented arsenic a jerk, astatine least, if not a bully, Ma’s quality evolves into the unexpected bosom of the film, arsenic good arsenic the main conduit for its ideas astir class.

Where to stream: Prime Video, Shudder, Peacock, fuboTV, Vudu, Hoopla, Redbox, Plex

Also watch: 2018's Unstoppable (available for integer rental) sees Ma arsenic a erstwhile gangster trying to unrecorded connected the consecutive and narrow...until he’s pushed excessively far.

Kit Harington

Movie: Testament of Youth (2014)

As with Richard Madden, Kit Harington inevitably brings know-nothing Jon Snow and Game of Thrones to mind. Eternals mightiness (or mightiness not?) alteration that, but he’s had immoderate awesome occurrence beyond Westeros—specifically successful his autochthonal England. I’m a sucker for a play drama, myself, and present Harington plays real-life writer and worker Roland Leighton, portion of a emotion triangle surrounding the film’s lead, Alicia Vikander. It’s the benignant of happening that lives oregon dies based connected its performances, and present they’re large each around.

Where to stream: fuboTV, Showtime Anytime

Also watch: I’m going retired connected a limb to accidental Pompeii (fuboTV). It’s an incredibly anserine movie, but inactive amusive if you’re successful the temper for a Paul W. S. Anderson catastrophe movie acceptable amidst a humanities tragedy. Harington gives it his all.

Lauren Ridloff

Movie: Sound of Metal (2019)

For each the problems surrounding Marvel movies and representation, we’ve hardly discussed disability—and truthful it’s invited that a deaf superhero, played by a deaf actress, appears successful Eternals. Ridloff made her people with a Tony-nominated show successful Children of a Lesser God connected Broadway earlier moving connected to a regular relation successful The Walking Dead. Her astir important movie role, though, is astir surely arsenic ASL teacher Diane successful the large Sound of Metal, who helps Riz Ahmed’s quality set to proceeding loss...in speech for drumming lessons.

Where to stream: Prime Video

Also watch: Ridloff’s relation is tiny, but 2017's Sign Gene (available for rental connected Prime) is simply a wildly inventive sci-fi movie astir deaf superheroes whose powers manifest via determination motion languages.

Barry Keoghan

Movie: The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

Barry Keoghan is terrifying arsenic Martin, the mysterious teen who insinuates himself into the beingness of a doctor, played by Colin Farrell and his woman (Nicole Kidman). Everything is disconnected astir the kid, and, arsenic it turns out, he’s determination for revenge successful a peculiarly sinister manner. He’s truthful bully present that it’s astir hard to spot him successful thing other without getting a small spot creeped out.

Where to stream: Netflix, Hoopla, Kanopy

Also watch: Keoghan earned a BAFTA information for his show successful Calm with Horses (Netflix) arsenic a bully successful the transgression play acceptable successful agrarian Ireland.