11.5 Percent of US Households Plan Not to Spend on Holiday Shopping, More Than Double From 2020

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Many American families are not readying to summation their spending, oregon walk astatine all, for the upcoming Christmas season, according to London-based consulting steadfast Deloitte.

Deloitte’s latest yearly Holiday Retail Survey shows that, with supply chain issues and increasing worries astir inflation, 11.5 percent of wide consumers accidental they bash not program to walk connected vacation shopping astatine all. That’s much than treble from 2020 (4.9 percent) and astir quadruple from 2019 (2.9 percent).

The study besides finds that higher-income households are readying to walk 5 times that of lower-income households. Holiday shoppers from higher-income households program to walk 15 percent much than they did past twelvemonth (averaging $2,624 per household), portion lower-income groups are expected to walk 22 percent little (averaging $536 per household). Two-thirds (65 percent) of the aforementioned non-spender radical are from lower-income households, compared to 12 percent from higher-income households.

Overall, the study estimates that vacation spending volition mean $1,463 per household. That’s a 5 percent summation from 2020, with higher-income shoppers driving astir each gains.

Consumers are recovered to beryllium much disquieted astir ostentation than retailers, according to Deloitte. More than two-thirds of consumers (68 percent) expect merchandise prices to summation this vacation season, compared to 53 percent of retail executives.

In addition, Deloitte forecasts that spending connected gifts volition turn to $501 per household, an summation of 3 percent since 2020, portion non-gifts purchases volition full $426 per household.

“Retailers volition spot beardown maturation this vacation season, adjacent arsenic proviso concatenation issues, inflation, and highly bifurcated spending proceed to interaction our industry,” said Rodney Sides, Deloitte’s vice president and U.S. person of retail and distribution.

“Retailers who stay resilient by offering promotions early, appealing to in-store and online shoppers, and readying their inventories good successful advance, are apt to acquisition not conscionable a robust vacation season, but volition beryllium well-positioned for continued income into the caller year,” helium added.

Deloitte’s study was based connected a survey conducted online from Sept. 7 to 14 among 4,315 consumers, arsenic good arsenic a survey of 30 retail executives crossed retail categories, 90 percent of which person yearly revenues of $1 cardinal oregon more, conducted from Sept. 3 to 16.

The study comes arsenic the U.S. proviso continues to look challenges, leaving instrumentality ships stuck waiting extracurricular California ports and leaving immoderate store shelves empty. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg predicted much proviso concatenation bottlenecks due to the fact that of the COVID-19 pandemic successful different countries.

“If a footwear mill closes successful Vietnam successful September for a COVID outbreak, you’re going to spot the effect of that astatine the promenade successful December oregon January,” Buttigieg said during a televised interrogation connected Wednesday.

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