2,000-Person Caravan Surges Past Mexican Riot Police Near Guatemala Border

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Thousands of amerciable immigrants successful a caravan broke done a barricade of Mexican constabulary dressed successful anti-riot cogwheel connected Saturday, driven to enactment by what they accidental are intolerable conditions successful the overcrowded confederate Mexican borderline metropolis of Tapachula.

Around 400 Mexican interior constabulary attempted to signifier a blockade to halt a flood of implicit 2,000 amerciable immigrants arsenic they attempted to permission the city, which lies connected Mexico’s borderline with Guatemala.

The protesters easy broke done constabulary lines and made their mode northbound on a road that leads to the nation’s capital.

There were insignificant scuffles, arsenic 1 household was knocked to the crushed successful the unreserved of people. Their tiny kid suffered a flimsy caput wound, according to a Reuters video.

The city, which is successful Mexico’s poorest authorities of Chiapas, is swollen with tens of thousands of amerciable immigrants from Honduras, El Salvador, Haiti, and different countries, mostly successful Central America.

Illegal immigrants person been pouring into Mexico since U.S. President Joe Biden took office, pursuing a promising a much “humane” attack to immigration.

Mexico allows those applying for humanitarian visas oregon asylum to enactment successful Chiapas portion their lawsuit is processed, but those wishing to question further northbound into Mexico and beyond indispensable person a visa, oregon hazard being deported to Guatemala.

But galore successful this caravan are consenting to instrumentality that risk, said organizer Irineo Mujica. Mujica is an immigration betterment activist with the enactment Pueblos Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders).

He told Fox News that radical successful the caravan are calling connected the Mexican authorities to “do their share” with the migration crisis, adding that galore would beryllium contented with Mexican papers and “the accidental to enactment here.”

“A batch of them don’t privation to spell to the U.S.,” helium said. “But the Biden administration, this administration, it’s similar hauling them similar cattle. We’re asking the Mexican authorities to springiness them papers to person a prime here, due to the fact that Mexico, it’s a bully spot to live, to work.”

He said that astir successful the caravan were, for now, headed for the Mexican capital, though others whitethorn proceed connected to effort their luck astatine the confederate U.S. border.

José Antonio, a operation idiosyncratic from Honduras, said that helium was readying to question with the caravan to the northeastern Mexican metropolis of Monterrey, wherever helium was hoping helium would beryllium capable to find the enactment that has been hard to travel by successful Tapachula.

“They told maine I had to hold due to the fact that the appointments were full,” helium said of the visa exertion process successful the overwhelmed city. “There is nary enactment determination [in Tapachula], truthful retired of necessity I joined this group.”

“We’ll spell on, time by day, to get arsenic acold arsenic we can,” helium said, adding that helium was disquieted his joining the caravan would negatively interaction his visa application.

Mexico Illegal immigrants from Central America and Haiti, successful a caravan headed to the Mexican superior to use for asylum status, locomotion successful Tapachula, successful Chiapas state, Mexico, connected Oct. 23, 2021. (Jose Torres/Reuters)

Mexican authorities person broken up smaller attempts astatine akin breakouts earlier this year.

One specified caravan reached the U.S. borderline adjacent Del Rio, Texas, in September. In January, a larger caravan was stopped further southbound successful Honduras aft it was blocked from entering Guatemala.

Recent caravans person not been arsenic ample arsenic those that crossed into Mexico successful 2018 and 2019. However, a record-breaking fig of amerciable immigrants are inactive reaching the confederate U.S. border, with an all-time precocious of 1.67 cardinal borderline apprehensions reported for fiscal 2021 by U.S. authorities.

The Biden medication has blamed factors similar poverty, corruption, and unit arsenic the basal causes of the crisis, and has projected spending important payer wealth successful an effort to combat these issues.

But Mujica said helium believes the systemic problems plaguing Central America volition beryllium harder to solve. “Money’s not going to lick the problem, throwing it to governments similar Mexico wherever they’re throwing radical from the confederate borderline to the bluish border,” helium said of Mexico’s absorption to the crisis.

Meanwhile, critics of Biden’s migration policies person pointed to the rollback of Trump-era borderline policies arsenic the problem—particularly the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), which kept asylum seekers successful Mexico arsenic their cases were processed.

The Biden medication is presently successful the process of restarting MPP owed to a Supreme Court order. However, it stressed via a September memo that it is inactive trying to extremity the program.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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