2 Deaths in Florida Linked to Raw Oysters From Louisiana

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.—A edifice lawsuit successful Fort Lauderdale has died of a bacterial infection aft eating earthy oysters. A Pensacola antheral died the aforesaid mode this month. Both cases progressive oysters from Louisiana.

Gary Oreal, who manages the Rustic Inn, told the South Florida SunSentinel that the antheral who died had worked years agone astatine the edifice celebrated for ail crabs.

“Over the people of 60 years, we person served a mates cardinal oysters, and we ne'er had anyone get sick similar this feline did,” Oreal said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Vibrio bacteria doesn’t marque an oyster look, smell, oregon sensation immoderate different. The bureau said astir 80,000 radical get vibriosis successful the U.S. each year, and astir 100 radical dice from it.

Inspectors from the Florida Department of Health checked retired the restaurant’s room and examined its oyster inventory the time aft the antheral became ill, Oreal told the newspaper.

“We passed with flying colors and we were allowed to proceed to merchantability oysters,” helium said, adding the oysters being served presently are from Louisiana. “If determination was a occupation with the oyster furniture we would cognize it due to the fact that others would person gotten sick.”

The edifice has a motion informing patrons astir the risks of eating earthy shellfish.

Oysters are apical of the upland for unsafe foods to eat,” Oreal said. “I person eaten them my full life, and volition continue. But you are putting yourself astatine hazard erstwhile you bash it.”

The Florida Department of Health says 26 radical person go infected with the bacteria and six of them aboriginal died aft eating earthy shellfish, including oysters, truthful acold this year. In 2021, 10 radical died retired of 34 radical sickened. In 2020, determination were 7 deaths among the 36 who became ill.

Last week, a antheral successful Pensacola died aft contracting the bacteria from oysters helium bought astatine a market, the Pensacola News Journal reported. That oyster besides came from Louisiana, officials said.

Infections linked to the bacteria are communal successful oysters and earthy seafood during the summertime months erstwhile h2o temperatures are warmer, University of West Florida Professor Robert “Wes” Farr told the newspaper.

“Serious corruption is rare, but the hazard is inactive there,” Farr said.