43 Nations Criticize China’s Human Rights Abuses in Xinjiang

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More nations joined the rebuke of the communist Chinese authorities astatine the United Nations connected Oct. 21 implicit its quality rights abuses against Uyghurs and different Muslim minorities successful the acold occidental Xinjiang region.

“We person seen an expanding fig of reports of wide and systematic quality rights violations, including reports documenting torture oregon cruel, inhuman, and degrading attraction oregon punishment, forced sterilization, sexual- and gender-based violence, and forced separation of children,” France’s U.N. Ambassador Nicolas De Riviere work successful a statement connected behalf of the radical astatine Thursday’s meeting.

The declaration was endorsed by 43 nations this year, aft Turkey and different African countries including Liberia and Eswatini joined.

In the associated letter, the 43 nations voiced interest astir the “severe restrictions connected state of religion oregon content and the freedoms of movement, association, and look arsenic good arsenic connected Uyghur culture.” They besides criticized the “widespread surveillance” targeting Uyghurs and members of different minorities.

They called connected the authorities “to let immediate, meaningful and unfettered entree to Xinjiang for autarkic observers, including the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and her Office.”

The Chinese authorities and its supporters responded. Cuba’s envoy work different connection connected behalf of 62 countries, including Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela, claiming those abuses are China’s interior affairs.

Beijing’s U.N. Ambassador Zhang Jun dismissed each disapproval arsenic “groundless” astatine a quality league aft the U.N. meeting, accusing the United States and different countries of spreading “trite lies.”

In 2020, German Ambassador Christoph Heusgen work a likewise worded connection connected behalf of 39 countries. In 2019, the United Kingdom work the archetypal condemnation signed by 23 countries astatine the gathering of the General Assembly’s Human Rights Committee.

The planetary assemblage has repeatedly criticized the detention of up to 1 cardinal Uyghurs and different Muslim minorities successful “political re-education camps.” The authorities claimed the run is to “counter terrorism.”

Despite the piling pressure, Beijing continued to denounce each accusations and said connected Thursday that “Xinjiang’s doorway is ever open.”

U.N. quality rights main Michelle Bachelet has requested to analyse the superior quality rights violations successful Xinjiang since September 2018, but the presumption of her sojourn haven’t been agreed upon.

Louis Charbonneau, Human Rights Watch’s U.N. director, said this twelvemonth marks the archetypal clip that “all U.N. determination groups joined successful calling for the violations successful Xinjiang to halt and U.N. investigators to get contiguous access.”

“U.N. subordinate states should found an planetary committee of enquiry to formally analyse alleged crimes against humanity successful Xinjiang and urge avenues for holding those liable to account.”

Dorothy Li


Dorothy Li is simply a newsman for The Epoch Times based successful Europe.