49ers, Kyle Shanahan don’t sound thrilled about sticking with Jimmy Garoppolo

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Jimmy Garoppolo volition stay the starting backmost for the 49ers, probably, and Kyle Shanahan is good with that, helium supposes.

“I would conjecture so,” Shanahan told reporters erstwhile asked if Garoppolo would commencement adjacent week aft the 49ers mislaid to the Colts 30-18 connected Sunday night. “I’ll ticker this portion and spot if guys are healthy, archetypal of all.”

It’s not precisely the strongest endorsement you’ve ever heard.

Garoppolo, who has struggled with injuries this year, returned from a strained and bruised close calf connected Sunday to propulsion for 181 yards, a touchdown and 2 interceptions with a fumble successful the loss.

“Definitely felt it astatine times,” Garoppolo said. “But it benignant of is what it is. All the guys retired there, we’re each playing with thing close now. It’s that constituent of the season.”

The preferred adjacent enactment nether halfway is rookie Trey Lance, who San Francisco traded 3 first-round picks to determination up successful the draught and select. Lance is dealing with his ain wounded issues – helium was inactive connected Sunday aft spraining his near genu successful an Oct. 10 nonaccomplishment to the Cardinals.

Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle ShanahanJimmy Garoppolo and Kyle ShanahanGetty Images

Third-string QB Nate Sudfeld backed up Garoppolo vs. Indy, but has yet to spot crippled enactment this season.

“I person got a full squad to interest about,” Shanahan said. “I’m not conscionable reasoning astir the backmost concern close now. I’ll measure everything, spot wherever our team’s at, spot who gives america the champion accidental to bushed Chicago and spot what our options are. … But we’ve got a batch of things to fig out.”

First and foremost, Lance needs to beryllium steadfast if the Niners are going to play him. But astatine 2-4, with the Cardinals and Rams some looking similar surefire playoff teams successful their division, San Francisco needs to find an reply – fast.

Maybe that reply isn’t Lance. But Shanahan doesn’t dependable convinced that it’s Garoppolo.