5 Technology Stocks to Watch Ahead of Earnings This Week

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The week of Oct. 25 is shaping up to beryllium a large 1 for anyone that holds scale funds oregon has vulnerability to exertion stocks. Five of the largest and astir well-known names successful the exertion abstraction study net this week.

Here are the cardinal figures and items investors should beryllium watching.


Facebook Inc. reports net Monday, with estimates calling for gross of $29.6 billion. Facebook has bushed the Street statement gross estimates 11 consecutive quarters, according to Benzinga Pro.

The institution posted gross of $26.2 cardinal successful the archetypal 4th and $29.1 cardinal successful the 2nd quarter. The company’s second-quarter study included a cautious outlook for the 2nd fractional of the year, which could origin into the third-quarter earnings.

Facebook is reportedly readying to alteration its name, a determination that coincides with the institution investing heavy successful the maturation of its “Metaverse.” An update connected the caller sanction oregon timing of a sanction alteration could travel Monday.


Alphabet Inc. reports third-quarter net Tuesday aft hours. The institution bushed gross estimates the past six quarters. Estimates telephone for the Google genitor to station gross of $63.4 billion, up of the $56.billion and $51.7 cardinal posted successful the past 2 respective quarters.

The company’s maturation successful search, an expanding marketplace for online advertizing and maturation for the company’s YouTube conception were among the highlights for analysts from the past quarter.


Twitter Inc volition apt beryllium among the astir talked-about net reports this week with results coming Tuesday aft hours. The institution has bushed estimates for gross the past 4 quarters; analysts estimation $1.29 cardinal successful gross for the 3rd quarter. Monetizable regular progressive users were up 11 percent year-over-year successful the 2nd quarter, hitting 206 million.

One large taxable for Twitter’s net telephone could beryllium the company’s concerns astir however a societal media level rival from Donald Trump’s caller institution could impact its idiosyncratic base. Trump’s caller media and societal media efforts are portion of a SPAC woody with Digital World Acquisition.

Investors could besides beryllium hoping to perceive much astir Twitter’s plans to grow successful cryptocurrency and NFTs. The institution volition let tipping with Bitcoin BTC and has shared immoderate aboriginal looks astatine showing disconnected verified NFTs connected the platform.


Microsoft Corp. reports its first-quarter fiscal results Tuesday aft hours. Analysts are estimating gross of $44 billion. The institution has bushed analysts’ estimates successful the past 13 quarters for revenue.

Microsoft reported continued spot of its unreality concern successful the 4th fourth including its highest fourth-quarter maturation successful six years. Investors volition beryllium looking for that beardown momentum to transportation implicit into the caller fiscal year.

Azure gross was up 51 percent successful the 4th quarter, which was a item for analysts who screen the stock. Microsoft recently announced further introduction into the fintech space, which could beryllium an point to ticker connected the net call.


Apple Inc. reports fourth-quarter net Thursday after marketplace close. Apple has bushed analysts’ gross estimates for the past 13 quarters. The current estimate is an mean of $84.8 cardinal successful gross for the 4th quarter.

Apple has highlighted caller products crossed respective concern lines implicit the past fewer months and investors volition beryllium looking to perceive updates connected however those products are selling and what the institution expects for the adjacent fiscal year.

By Chris Katje

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