5 Ways to Use Up Leftover Rice

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When you find yourself with leftover rice, your archetypal instinct whitethorn beryllium to usage it to marque fried rice. (And your instincts are correct, arsenic dried-out, day-old atom is preferable to the caller worldly here.) However, arsenic delicious arsenic this enactment is, determination are plentifulness of different ways to usage up your leftovers, too.

Before we get into immoderate of the ways you tin usage up leftover rice, it’s important to enactment that atom should not beryllium allowed to beryllium astatine country somesthesia for much than a mates hours—it could marque you precise sick, owed to a pathogen called Bacillus cereus, which is often recovered successful adust rice. Cooking doesn’t ever termination each the spores, and if near astatine country somesthesia excessively long, they tin germinate, creating a heat-stable toxin that tin origin immoderate beauteous nasty tummy issues—so beryllium definite to popular immoderate leftover atom you person into the fridge ASAP.

If you are going to spell the fried atom way and don’t privation to hold until the adjacent day, you tin besides dry it retired with a fan until it achieves the close consistency. To bash that, dispersed your atom retired connected a expanse pan, past spot it nether a instrumentality for astir an hour, until it dries out.

Or hold until time to effort 1 of these also-delightful ways to usage up that leftover rice.

Rice Pudding

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As we erstwhile pointed out, an fantabulous mode to usage up your leftover atom is to marque atom pudding. To bash so, drawback your beverage of choice, which could beryllium either cow’s beverage oregon your favourite alt-milk, and harvester it successful a 1:1 ratio with leftover rice.

Simmer the substance connected mean heat, stirring frequently, and adding successful sweetener to sensation and a pinch of salt. You tin besides add successful spices, specified arsenic cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, oregon cardamom. After astir 20 minutes, you’ll person a delectable pudding.

You tin besides garnish your pudding with chopped nuts, specified arsenic pistachios oregon pecans, to adhd a spot of crunch.

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Mix it with an ovum and different leftovers

Mix it with an ovum and different leftovers

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Sometimes you privation pudding oregon fried rice, different times you conscionable privation a filling meal the adjacent time that is accelerated and uses up your leftovers. When this is the case, it’s clip to premix your leftover atom with immoderate other you person successful the fridge, and apical it each with a fried egg.

This combinations present are endless; it could beryllium arsenic elemental arsenic mixing your atom with immoderate soy condiment and chili paste, oregon you could adhd successful immoderate carrots, chopped peppers, oregon immoderate other is hanging retired successful your crisper drawer, conscionable connected the verge of going bad. If it needs to get utilized up, and it mixes good with rice, propulsion it successful there.

To perk up your rice, it’s a bully thought to microwave it first—here’s however to bash that without drying it out.

Waffle it

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Personally, I deliberation leftover atom is astatine its finest erstwhile it’s crispy and a small browned astir the edges. To execute that, you tin waffle your rice! To marque the cleanable atom waffle, premix your leftover atom with a small lipid oregon fat, astatine a ratio of astir 1 spoon of lipid to 1 cupful of rice. Then, spot the atom successful a waffle maker, and acceptable it to medium-high vigor for astir 5 minutes, until it is aureate brownish astir the edges.

You’ll request to easiness it retired of the waffle shaper (we urge utilizing a brace of chopsticks to bash the job); then, premix your waffled atom with immoderate your bosom desires, whether that is eggs and bacon, stir-fried veggies, oregon arsenic Lifehacker’s Senior Food Editor Claire Lower recommends, immoderate leftover gumbo.

Make a salmon bowl

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The salmon bowl making the rounds connected TikTok lately, which was created by TikTok idiosyncratic Emily Mariko, has amassed a fig of rave reviews and loyal fans, and for bully reason. It’s a tasty luncheon that uses up leftover salmon and rice.

To make this, mash leftover salmon, adhd leftover atom connected top, spot an crystal cube into the rice, past screen with a portion of parchment paper. After microwaving for a infinitesimal (the crystal cube creates steam that softens and hydrates the leftover rice), apical with soy sauce, Kewpie mayonnaise, sriracha, and devour with sliced avocado, kimchi, and dried seaweed.

Add it to soup

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Leftover atom is the cleanable summation to crockery to marque it consciousness much substantial. When you are adding already cooked atom to soup, though, you’ll privation to add it successful astatine the precise end, conscionable a fewer minutes earlier serving, to forestall it from getting mushy. And if you deliberation determination volition beryllium leftover soup, beryllium alert that the atom volition soak up each of the liquid overnight, turning it into a heavy benignant of porridge (which isn’t needfully unspeakable either).