52 Hong Kong Groups Around the World Support China Protests

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After the deadly occurrence successful Urumqi, Xinjiang, aggravated crowds took to the streets successful antithetic cities successful China, the largest question of protests successful 3 decades, protesting the stringent pandemic restrictions and chanting for the resignation of Xi Jinping.

52 Groups Signed the Statement

Including NY4HK, a New York enactment that supports Hong Kong, 52 Hong Kong groups astir the satellite signed a statement supporting the caller protests against the CCP, lasting with them to request state and justice.

The connection said, “As Hongkongers who strive for antiauthoritarian rights and civilian liberties for our people, we basal with our friends demanding state and justness from the CCP. We cognize good the courageousness and sacrifice required to reason the CCP. We enactment you successful immoderate mode we tin and we telephone connected each those successful our communities to emergence up together.”

The connection pointed to the CCP’s “horrific Zero-COVID policy” that claimed the lives of mostly Uyghur civilians trapped successful an flat gathering occurrence connected Nov. 24 successful Urumqi and the ZhengZhou Foxconn mill workers successful lockdown. “In forced labour conditions without entree to basal necessities, some events person demonstrated the CCP’s antipathy toward the astir marginalized successful society, and sparked aggravated protest crossed the country.”

Chinese protesters successful galore places held up blank sheets of insubstantial symbolizing nationalist grievances that “everyone knows the existent stories,” to explicit their anger.

The “White Paper Revolution” has dispersed to a twelve cities astir the satellite and to overseas Chinese pupil groups who encouraged the Chinese successful China and overseas to beryllium united. “Especially with the Sitong span protestation during the 20th enactment congress, cross-border solidarity is much captious than ever, and we indispensable enactment unneurotic to harness this unprecedented vigor arsenic radical astir the satellite activate for change.”

The connection said, “In 2019, arsenic Hongkongers took to the streets, we said ‘Be water.’ The radical of millions of individuals rising up, from antithetic walks of life, with conscience and conviction, volition ne'er spell unanswered.”

The groups that signed the connection included: Hong Kong Student Advocacy Group At NYU, Hong Kong Watch, Hong Kong Social Action Movements In Boston, Chicago Solidarity With Hong Kong, Hong Kong Forum, Los Angeles, Hong Kong Professional Network, Alliance Canad Hong Kong, Austria Capital Hong Kong Association, and Germany Stands With Hong Kong.

Rallies to Come

The Chinese and Chinese students successful the Greater New York country volition clasp a rally astatine the Flushing Kissena Corridor Park from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. connected Saturday, December 3. After the assembly, they volition parade from Main Street to Northern Avenue. A rally volition beryllium held astatine Washington Square successful Manhattan connected Sunday, December 4 astatine 2 p.m.

Numerous upcoming vigils are planned astir the satellite successful enactment of China’s “White Paper Revolution.”

Nathan Amery