76ers bring back Ben Simmons fines amid mental health standoff

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The Philadelphia 76ers person fined Ben Simmons again, and volition proceed to bash truthful until “he works with squad physicians connected his intelligence wellness issues arsenic good arsenic participates successful different basketball-related activities,” according to a study from The Athletic.

Simmons was reportedly fined $360,000 for missing Thursday’s crippled against the Detroit Pistons, which equates to his crippled check. The wealth volition beryllium placed into an escrow account, the 2nd clip successful caller weeks the Sixers person done so. The franchise withheld outgo connected the 2nd installment of the 25-year-old’s $33 cardinal wage erstwhile helium refused to study to grooming campy successful October.

The No. 1 prime successful the 2016 NBA Draft told Daryl Morey that he’s continuing to question nonrecreational assistance and isn’t mentally acceptable to play erstwhile the 76ers’ squad president approached him astir a imaginable instrumentality to enactment connected Wednesday.

His reluctance to judge the 76ers assistance has heightened vexation crossed the organization, according to an ESPN report from Tuesday. He was thrown retired of a preseason practice, and besides told the squad that helium wasn’t “prepared mentally.”

Ben Simmons #25 of the Philadelphia 76ers looks connected  from the seat  Ben Simmons’ wallet is erstwhile again lighter amid his standoff with the 76ers.Getty Images

Through its archetypal 9 games, Philadelphia sits archetypal successful the Atlantic Division with a 7-2 record. The Sixers question to Chicago connected Saturday to look the Bulls.