8 Ways to Make Your Old Laptop Feel New Again

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A bully machine is understandably expensive, but it sometimes feels similar it isn’t worthy the sticker price. After a fewer years of use, galore laptops and PCs commencement to tally slow; emblematic tasks are nary longer arsenic casual arsenic they erstwhile were, and you find yourself eyeing the caller computers connected the market. But earlier you driblet $2,000 connected one of Apple’s caller MacBook Pros, it’s worthy figuring retired if you tin crook your aged machine into a caller one. Or astatine least, 1 that runs a batch much similar a caller one.

The trouble successful giving machine proposal is determination are so galore antithetic types of machines retired successful the wild. Obviously, the large disagreement is betwixt Mac and PC, but adjacent wrong each of those categories, determination are varieties and discrepancies. Some Apple machines are user-accessible and upgradable, portion others aren’t. The aforesaid goes for circumstantial PC models. In galore cases, then, the pursuing proposal volition request to beryllium taken with caveats successful mind.

What follows are our apical wide tips for improving speed, performance, and reliability connected your aging hardware—whether you person a desktop oregon a laptop. Actually making them enactment for your instrumentality volition apt necessitate you to bash a small probe to fig retired your ain specs and capabilities. My precocious 2016 MacBook Pro mightiness not person upgradable RAM oregon SSD, but determination are inactive things I tin bash to eke a small much beingness (and performance) retired of it. So see this nonfiction a jumping-off point, and dive in.

Delete unnecessary files

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We’re each blameworthy of keeping way excessively galore files connected our computers. Other than wide tidiness concerns, having hundreds of files you don’t truly request cluttering your machine usually isn’t a large deal. However, if you’re moving retired of abstraction connected your hard drive, that’s erstwhile show issues commencement to appear.

You can, of course, delete these items 1 by one, particularly if you cognize you person immoderate ample files you tin safely escaped yourself of. However, it’s often hard to archer precisely which files are the biggest offenders, arsenic immoderate similar to fell successful the nooks and crannies of your operating system.  

On Mac, you person a mates options to hunt down the biggest representation hogs. You tin usage the built-in retention instrumentality Apple hides away down “About This Mac,” oregon you tin usage a third-party enactment similar DaisyDisk oregon CleanMyMacX. Windows has a great diagnostic called “Storage Sense” that tin assistance springiness the footwear to bloat and unnecessary files, but you tin usage a third-party enactment similar CCleaner. Whatever you use, purpose to support 15–20% of your thrust bare to support things chugging along.

Limit your multitasking

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An aging instrumentality tin person a hard clip keeping up with each the things you utilized to bash regularly. Let’s look it: Running aggregate modern apps, with each doing aggregate things astatine erstwhile successful the background, mightiness beryllium a happening of the past for your aged laptop (and each those unfastened Chrome tabs are decidedly bringing your productivity down).

A bully regularisation of thumb is to bounds the fig of apps and activities you person going connected astatine immoderate fixed time. Try closing retired of immoderate Chrome tabs you tin spare; discontinue apps you aren’t utilizing oregon won’t request for a while; effort playing Netflix oregon Spotify connected your TV oregon smartphone alternatively of done your machine arsenic you work. Do what you tin to bounds the accent you’re putting connected your instrumentality truthful it tin absorption connected the tasks you truly request it to perform. That said, a RAM upgrade could assistance boost your multitasking potential, but we’ll sermon that successful a moment.

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Restore your instrumentality to mill settings

Restore your instrumentality to mill settings

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One last-ditch bundle solution the atomic option; restoring the happening to its mill settings. Essentially, erasing the full hard thrust and reinstalling the OS. This process volition springiness your instrumentality a caller mentation of the software, with nary of the extraneous information that mightiness person been weighing it down.

Before trodding this path, beryllium definite each of your important files are backed up determination safe. Restoring a instrumentality to mill mounting means wiping everything: photos, videos, apps, messages—anything that isn’t stored determination else, whether connected an outer hard thrust oregon the cloud—will beryllium deleted.

With macOS Monterey, Apple present allows you to erase your Mac without having to reinstall the OS. That mightiness beryllium a bully archetypal step, but if you inactive person issues, reinstalling macOS wholly mightiness beryllium your champion bet. You tin travel our usher connected reinstalling Windows from scratch here.

Clean retired the fans

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Most laptops and computers person fans wrong them to assistance determination blistery aerial retired of the instrumentality and support the interior components cool, which tin assistance you debar slowdown issues caused by overheating.

However, implicit time, these fans get dirty. After years of usage successful dusty environments, your fans are apt caked successful debris that tin marque their occupation overmuch harder than it needs to be. If the fans aren’t capable to propulsion successful capable chill aerial and pump retired capable blistery air, past you mightiness extremity up with an overheating CPU. That’s nary bully for performance.

Luckily, fans are made to beryllium cleaned. If you look up however to unfastened your peculiar machine, you’ll find retired however to entree its fans. Depending connected the device, your fans mightiness beryllium easy removed, which tin simplify the cleaning process. A tin of compressed aerial is large astatine blasting retired the particulate that’s trapped in, on, and astir those fans, and a Q-tip is effectual for getting immoderate stubborn crud out.

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Replace your artillery (laptops only)

Replace your artillery (laptops only)

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If you’re rocking an aging laptop, your artillery is apt bushed AF. An aged artillery won’t lone dice connected you fast, it whitethorn besides supply mediocre performance; if your machine can’t get capable powerfulness from the artillery to enactment highest performance, you could spot dilatory speeds oregon adjacent unexpected shutdowns.

So look into getting your artillery replaced. If you person a laptop with interchangeable batteries, that tin beryllium a elemental affair. If your artillery is glued to the machine, arsenic is the lawsuit for galore caller Macs, things get a small trickier. You tin regenerate the artillery yourself if you’re bold; if you’re not tech-savvy, a repair store mightiness beryllium your champion bet.

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Replace the hard thrust with an SSD

Replace the hard thrust with an SSD

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Owners of newer laptops and computers might not person this problem, but it’s surely an contented for older machines: If you person a hard thrust with a spinning disk (you tin usually perceive it successful action), ditch it. These types of drives simply cannot vie with modern SSDs, which person nary carnal parts and are faster by an bid of magnitude. If your machine takes everlastingly to footwear up oregon you hold mode excessively agelong for apps to open, it mightiness beryllium your hard drive’s fault.

Some laptops and computers have some an SSD and an HDD, and they are utilized for antithetic reasons. Usually, the SSD volition beryllium small, and tasked with rapidly booting up the machine and storing immoderate files it tin fit. The hard thrust is designated for record storage, since hard thrust retention is overmuch cheaper. Still, if you find the apps connected the HDD are taking excessively agelong to load, you tin swap that disk retired for different SSD.

Apple hasn’t shipped a laptop with a hard thrust successful years, but did merchantability iMacs with dilatory drives up until comparatively recently. It’s wholly imaginable your instrumentality has 1 of them, and upgrading to an SSD volition summation footwear and loading speeds considerably.

Unlike different tech repairs, astir machines that person HDDs tin beryllium easy upgraded to an SSD. SSDs allowed manufacturers to physique computers that are thin, light, and hard to upgrade. HDDs tin beryllium big, and are from an epoch wherever computers were much upgradable than they mostly are today. Research your peculiar instrumentality to find its usher to swapping retired the HDD for an SSD.

Upgrade your RAM

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Your computer’s RAM empowers it to tally aggregate tasks astatine once. The much RAM you have, the much you tin bash astatine 1 time. If you’re moving with the RAM your machine initially shipped with, chances are you’re owed for an upgrade.

Unfortunately, RAM upgrades aren’t a cosmopolitan strategy. Many bladed and airy notebooks—those that glue the RAM into place—aren’t upgradable. Apple has dilatory done distant with user-upgradeable RAM successful their machines implicit the past decade, and galore different companies person followed suit. You’ll request to look up your device’s specs to spot if the RAM is upgradable.

How overmuch RAM you should upgrade to is different question. Again, determination is simply a maximum, depending connected your device. I person an aged MacBook Pro lying astir with 4 GB of RAM that tin beryllium upgraded to 8 GB. Sure, 8 GB of RAM isn’t beefy, but it’ll decidedly amended its performance.

Reapply thermal paste

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As we mentioned above, it’s important to support the interior components connected your instrumentality from overheating. Fans are 1 portion of the equation, but truthful is thing called thermal paste, which sits connected apical of the CPU and GPU and helps transportation vigor from those components done the vigor sink. After years of use, the paste tin wear, making this vigor transportation much difficult.

If you’re feeling precise comfy with your computer’s internals, you mightiness privation to see reapplying its thermal paste. This reapplication is simply a communal strategy for those looking to boost show successful their machines, not lone due to the fact that paste tin age, but besides due to the fact that the paste that comes with the instrumentality to statesman with is often of mediocre quality.

There are a lot of options retired there, immoderate amended oregon worse, oregon cheaper oregon pricier than others. Our advice? Find a trustworthy tutorial for reapplying thermal paste for your peculiar machine, and spot which paste is recommended wrong it. Be warned; this process is decidedly the trickiest retired of immoderate we’ve discussed today. Do your probe thoroughly earlier attempting it to debar causing harm to your machine that nary hacks oregon shortcuts volition fix.