‘A deliberate, orchestrated campaign’: the real story behind Trump’s attempted coup

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On 4 January, the blimpish lawyer John Eastman was summoned to the Oval Office to conscionable Donald Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence. Within 48 hours, Joe Biden’s triumph successful the 2020 statesmanlike predetermination would formally beryllium certified by Congress, sealing Trump’s destiny and removing him from the White House.

The ambiance successful the country was tense. The past US president was “fired up” to marque what amounted to a last-ditch effort to overturn the predetermination results and snatch a 2nd word successful bureau successful the astir almighty occupation connected Earth.

Eastman, who had a decades-long estimation arsenic a salient blimpish instrumentality professor, had already prepared a two-page memo successful which helium had outlined an incendiary script nether which Pence, presiding implicit the associated league of Congress that was to beryllium convened connected 6 January, efficaciously overrides the votes of millions of Americans successful 7 states that Biden had won, past “gavels President Trump arsenic re-elected”.

The Eastman memo, archetypal revealed by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa successful their publication Peril, goes connected to foretell “howls” of protestation from Democrats. The mentation was that Pence, acting arsenic the “ultimate arbiter” of the process, would past nonstop the substance to the House of Representatives which, pursuing an arcane regularisation that says that wherever nary campaigner has reached the indispensable bulk each authorities volition person 1 vote, besides decides to crook the satellite upside down and manus the predetermination to the losing candidate, Donald Trump.

Attorney John Eastman speaks to Trump supporters gathered connected  6 January 2021 to situation  the predetermination  results.
John Eastman speaks astatine the Trump rally connected 6 January. Photograph: Jim Bourg/Reuters

Eastman’s by present notorious memo, and the surreal brushwood successful the Oval Office, are among the cardinal twists successful the unfolding communicative of Trump’s audacious bid to bent connected to power. They signifier the ground of what critics reason was thing little than an attempted electoral coup.

In an interrogation with the Guardian, Eastman explained that helium had been asked to hole the memo by 1 of Trump’s “legal shop”. “They said tin you absorption archetypal connected the mentation of what happens if determination are not capable electoral votes certified. So I focused connected that. But I said: ‘This is not my recommendation. I volition person a fuller memo to you successful a week outlining each of the assorted scenarios.’”

Inside the Oval Office, with the countdown connected to 6 January, Trump urged Pence to perceive intimately to Eastman. “This guy’s a truly respected law lawyer,” the president said, according to the publication I Alone Can Fix It.

Eastman, a subordinate of the influential rightwing Federalist Society, told the Guardian that helium made wide to some men that the relationship helium had laid retired successful the abbreviated memo was not his preferred option. “The proposal I gave the vice-president precise explicitly was that I did not deliberation helium had the authorization simply to state which electors to count” oregon to “simply state Trump re-elected”.

Eastman continued: “The vice-president turned to maine straight and said, ‘Do you deliberation I person specified powers?’ I said, ‘I deliberation it’s the weaker argument.’”

Instead, Eastman pointed to 1 of the scenarios successful the longer six-page memo that helium had prepared – “war-gaming” alternatives. His favourite was that the vice-president could adjourn the associated league of Congress connected 6 January and nonstop the electoral assemblage votes backmost to states that Trump claimed helium had mislaid unfairly truthful their legislatures could person different spell astatine rooting retired the fraud and illegality the president had been railing astir since predetermination day.

“My proposal to the vice-president was to let the states formally to measure the interaction of what they had determined were wide illegalities successful the behaviour of the election,” Eastman said. After a hold of a week oregon 10 days, if they recovered capable fraud to impact the result, they could past nonstop Trump electors backmost to Congress successful spot of the erstwhile Biden ones.

The predetermination would past beryllium overturned.

“Those votes are counted and TRUMP WINS,” Eastman wrote successful his longer memo, adding brashly: “BOLD, surely … but we’re nary longer playing by Queensbury rules.”

Eastman insisted to the Guardian that helium had lone been presenting scenarios to the vice-president, not advice. He said that since quality of his memos broke helium had go the unfortunate of a “false communicative enactment retired determination to marque it look arsenic though Pence had been asked to bash thing egregiously unconstitutional, truthful helium was made to look similar a achromatic knight coming successful to halt this authoritarian Trump”.

The occupation is that for galore adjacent observers of American elections, Eastman’s presumption to Pence conscionable 2 days earlier the vice-president was acceptable to certify Biden’s triumph leaves a precise antithetic impression.

Michael Waldman, president of the Brennan Center for Justice astatine New York University, a starring authorization connected US predetermination issues, sees Eastman’s acceptable of alternate scenarios arsenic thing little than a “fairly elaborate roadmap for a law coup d’état. That memo was a program for a bid of tricks to bargain the presidency for Trump.”

Supporters of past    President Donald Trump ascent  the westbound  partition  of the the US Capitol successful  Washington connected  6 January 2021 arsenic  portion  of an effort   to overturn the predetermination  results.
Supporters of Trump ascent the westbound partition of the Capitol connected 6 January to tempest the building. Photograph: José Luis Magaña/AP

The 2020 statesmanlike predetermination was the largest successful US history, with a grounds 156 cardinal votes cast and the highest turnout of eligible voters since 1900. By each authoritative accounts, it was besides among the astir unafraid and well-conducted successful US history.

“It was thing of a civilian miracle,” Waldman said. “To person this monolithic turnout, an predetermination that was extraordinarily good run, successful the mediate of a pandemic – this was 1 of America’s finest hours successful presumption of our democracy.”

And yet, Waldman went on, what happened next? “Trump’s large lie, his run to overturn the election, the insurrection.”

Alarm bells began to ringing months earlier America went to the polls connected 3 November 2020. As aboriginal arsenic July Trump was laying into mail-in voting, which was seeing immense elector take-up arsenic a effect of Covid-19, deriding the upcoming canvass arsenic the “most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election successful history” and calling for it to beryllium delayed.

At the time, Biden was holding a steady sentiment canvass lead implicit Trump successful battleground states.

By September, Trump was refusing to perpetrate to a peaceful transportation of power. He told reporters: “We’re going to person to spot what happens.”

When we did spot what happened – Biden winning the presidency by a relatively convincing margin – Trump refused to concede. Now, thing that had lone been posited arsenic a distant and utmost anticipation was unfolding earlier Americans’ eyes.

“The events of 2020 were unprecedented,” said Ned Foley, a instrumentality prof astatine the Ohio State University. “A sitting president was trying to get a 2nd word that the voters didn’t privation him to person – it was an effort to overturn a escaped predetermination and deprive the American radical of their verdict.”

Since the convulsive incidents of 6 January erstwhile a mob of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol, resulting successful the deaths of five people, accusation has begun to amass astir Trump’s extended ploy to undo American democracy. Congressional investigations by the US House and Senate person added granular item that has astonished adjacent seasoned election-watchers successful presumption of the standard and complexity of the endeavour.

For Foley, a representation has travel into absorption of a “systematic effort to contradict the voters their antiauthoritarian choice. It was a deliberate, orchestrated campaign, and there’s thing much fundamentally undemocratic than what was attempted.”

Rick Hasen, a instrumentality prof astatine the University of California, Irvine who has written a report connected 2020 predetermination subversion, said that arsenic clip has passed the scope of Trump’s ambition has go clear. “There was overmuch much down the scenes than we knew about. We came overmuch person to a governmental and law situation than we realized,” helium said.

Trump supporters attended a rally successful  Washington connected  6 January 2021 to overturn the predetermination  results and support  Trump successful  office.
The rally astatine the Capitol. ‘Be there, volition beryllium wild!’ Trump had exhorted his followers. Photograph: John Minchillo/AP

In his Guardian interview, Eastman justified his Oval Office presentation to Pence connected scenarios of however to overturn an predetermination by pointing to wide irregularities successful the 2020 voting process. He claimed determination were “violations of predetermination instrumentality by authorities oregon region predetermination officials” and “good, unrebutted grounds of fraud”.

Asked however helium would reply the complaint that has been levelled astatine him that helium had sketched retired an electoral coup, helium replied: “That begs the question: was determination illegality and fraud? If determination was, and it altered the results of the election, past that undermines democracy, arsenic we person idiosyncratic enactment successful bureau who has not been elected.”

But wherefore would specified wide fraudulent enactment beryllium directed against Trump and not, say, Biden, oregon earlier him Barack Obama? Eastman said that it was due to the fact that Trump was “pushing backmost against the heavy authorities successful American politics”.

The “deep state” had go specified an entrenched bureaucracy that it was “unaccountable to the eventual sovereign authorization of the American people”, Eastman said. “Trump’s punching backmost had each of the forces aligned with that entrenched bureaucracy doing everything to halt him.”


Contrary to Eastman’s assertion that wide fraud occurred during the election, each the main national and authorities authorities charged with safeguarding the 2020 election, including instrumentality enforcement, person declared it historically secure. In respective instances, that decision was reached by Trump’s ain hand-picked Republican officials.

Then President Trump shakes hands with Chris Krebs, who was enactment     successful  complaint  of protecting the integrity of the 2020 election. Trump would aboriginal    occurrence  Krebs for rejecting Trump’s claims of predetermination  fraud.
Trump shakes hands with Chris Krebs, who was enactment successful complaint of protecting the integrity of the election. After Krebs vouched that the predetermination was historically secure, helium was fired. Photograph: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

They included Chris Krebs, who had been appointed by Trump to beryllium manager of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Cisa) successful complaint of protecting the integrity of the 2020 election. On 12 November, Cisa enactment retired a associated connection from predetermination information officials that recovered the statesmanlike ballot to beryllium “the astir unafraid successful American history”.

Five days aboriginal Krebs was retired of a job. “He fired maine by Twitter,” Krebs told the Guardian. “One of Trump’s ain nominees saying the predetermination was morganatic was a credibility contented for him. What helium did to maine shows determination were lengths to which the erstwhile president would spell which were good beyond immoderate erstwhile norms.”

Bill Barr, past US lawyer general, was different Trump appointee who challenged the mendacious claims of wide predetermination fraud. Two days aft the election, Barr bowed to unit from the president and allowed national prosecutors to analyse allegations of voting irregularities, a interruption with a longstanding justness section norm that prevented prosecutors from interfering successful progressive predetermination counts.

Yet aboriginal successful November, Barr met Trump astatine the White House and told him bluntly, according to Peril, that stories of wide illegality were “just bullshit”. Then, connected 1 December, the lawyer wide told Associated Press that the FBI and prosecutors had recovered nary fraud connected a standard capable to interaction the predetermination result.

Barr stood down arsenic the nation’s apical authoritative 2 weeks later.

Attorney wide   Bill Barr stepped down   aft  rejecting Trump’s claims that the predetermination  was stolen.
Bill Barr stepped down arsenic lawyer wide aft rejecting Trump’s claims that the predetermination was stolen. Photograph: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Another salient Republican lawyer who thoroughly rejects Trump’s “big lie” that the predetermination was stolen from him is Ben Ginsberg. For astir 4 decades, Ginsberg was astatine the halfway of large predetermination ineligible battles arsenic counsel to the Republican National Committee arsenic good arsenic to 4 of the past six Republican statesmanlike nominees, done his instrumentality firm, Trump included.

Ginsberg was besides a cardinal fig successful the white-hot recount successful Florida successful 2000 that handed the White House to George W Bush.

“What we’ve seen has been antithetic from thing successful my experience, due to the fact that Donald Trump has made an assertion astir our elections being fraudulent and the results rigged,” Ginsberg told the Guardian. “I cognize from my 38 years of conducting election-day operations that that simply is not true, determination is nary grounds for it. What Donald Trump is saying is destructive to the ideology astatine its precise foundations.”

Ginsberg likened Trump to an arsonist firefighter. “He is mounting a occurrence deliberately truthful that helium tin beryllium the leader to enactment it out. The occupation is that determination is nary existent fire, determination is nary systemic predetermination fraud. The demolition is unnecessary.”

Trump’s run to subvert the predetermination began with a flurry of tweets aft predetermination day. The New York Times calculated that successful the 3 weeks from 3 November helium attacked the legitimacy of the predetermination to his immense societal media pursuing much than 400 times.

In the past fewer weeks, arsenic congressional investigations person deepened, it has go wide that Trump’s efforts to overturn the predetermination effect were overmuch much extended and multi-layered than his Twitter rages. “This wasn’t conscionable immoderate brainsick tweets,” Waldman said. “There was a concerted effort to propulsion astatine each level to find ways to cling to power, adjacent though helium had lost.”

Politico estimated that successful the period aft the election, the sitting president reached retired to astatine slightest 31 Republicans astatine each levels of government, from governors to authorities lawmakers, members of Congress to section predetermination officials. Such was the obsessive attraction to detail, the sitting US president adjacent called the Republican chairwoman of the board of canvassers successful Wayne county, Michigan, to promote her not to certify Biden’s triumph successful a heavy Democratic area.

At the centre of the cognition was a ragtag clump of lawyers assembled by Rudy Giuliani, the erstwhile politician of New York who was acting arsenic Trump’s idiosyncratic attorney. Few of the squad had acquisition successful predetermination law; Barr referred to them, according to Peril, arsenic a “clown car”.

Among the comical conspiracy theories amplified by Giuliani and the Trump run lawyer Sidney Powell was “Italygate”, the thought that an Italian defence institution utilized satellites to flip votes from Trump to Biden.

Such florid fantasies, and the accompanying lack of hard and credible data, did small to endear Trump’s ineligible squad to the courts. By the extremity of December, 61 lawsuits had been lodged by Trump and his acolytes successful courts ranging from section jurisdictions close up to the US ultimate court. Of those, lone 1 succeeded, connected a insignificant technicality.

Yet the epic nonaccomplishment to transportation judges to play on with Trump’s efforts astatine subversion should not disguise the seriousness of the endeavour, nor however acold it was allowed to proceed. “What I find astir disturbing is however acold this crippled got with specified bladed worldly to enactment with,” Foley said.

One of the astir alarming aspects of the fraud conspiracy theories peddled astir Trump was that truthful galore elder Republicans and the Republican enactment itself endorsed them.

On 19 November, Powell was invited to look successful beforehand of cameras astatine the office of the Republican National Committee. Four days earlier, the Trump run had circulated an internal memo that thoroughly debunked a bizarre assertion championed by Powell – that Biden’s triumph was the merchandise of a communist plot. Yet Powell went up nonetheless, utilizing her RNC level to double down connected the palpably mendacious assertion that Dominion voting machines created by Venezuela’s deceased president Hugo Chávez (they weren’t) had been manipulated to redirect Trump votes to Biden (they hadn’t).

Complicity successful the prevarication of the stolen predetermination reached close to the bosom of the Republican party. Even connected 6 January, portion shattered solid laic strewn crossed the corridors of Congress pursuing the convulsive insurrection hours earlier, 139 House Republicans – much than fractional the full successful the enclosure – and 8 Senate Republicans went up and voted to artifact the certification of Biden’s win.

Many different Republicans besides acted arsenic passive accomplices successful Trump’s subversion plot, by failing publically to talk retired against it. Mitch McConnell, the apical Republican successful the US Senate, waited until 15 December to admit Biden arsenic president-elect.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sits successful  the House Chamber hours aft  Trump supporters stormed the Capitol to halt Congress from ratifying the predetermination  results.
Mitch McConnell, the Senate bulk leader, successful the enclosure hours aft Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. McConnell waited until 15 December to admit Biden. Photograph: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

For six weeks, McConnell watched and waited. He remained silent, arsenic each time the large prevarication grew stronger, amplified done the echo chambers of Fox News, the far-right OANN quality web and a web of Trump benefactors including the MyPillow founder, Mike Lindell.

Ginsberg told the Guardian that “the top disappointment to maine personally is seeing radical I cognize to beryllium principled, with lone the champion intentions for the country, basal speech arsenic Donald Trump wreaks havoc done American democracy. I don’t recognize that, and I deliberation it has truly antagonistic ramifications.”

Ginsberg added: “Many of them are guilt-ridden astir that. It is simply a precise unfortunate, disappointing situation.”

On 7 November, the Associated Press called Pennsylvania, and with it the presidency, for Biden. At that point, Trump’s efforts to subvert the predetermination went into hyper-drive.

“Trump appeared to deliberation helium had a viable way to staying successful power,” said Hasen. “His outlook morphed into an existent effort to usage the claims of fraud to effort and overturn the election.”

Trump turned to what has been dubbed the “independent authorities legislature doctrine”. This is simply a convoluted ineligible mentation that has been progressively embraced by the close helping of the Republican party.

Those who adhere to the doctrine constituent to the conception of the US constitution that gives authorities legislatures the powerfulness to acceptable predetermination rules and to find the “manner” successful which statesmanlike electors are chosen nether the electoral assemblage system. If those rules are changed by different ineligible entities without the support of the authorities legislatures, then, the mentation goes, predetermination counts tin beryllium deemed illegitimate and an alternate slate of electors imposed.

“It’s an utmost ineligible mentation that does not beryllium connected fraud but connected claimed irregularities betwixt the mode 2020 was conducted and however the states had acceptable up the election,” Hasen said.

Trump and his ineligible advisers began bearing down connected captious plaything states which Biden had won, attempting to browbeat authorities legislators into taking up the doctrine and utilizing it arsenic a means of overturning the result. Lawmakers successful Arizona, Pennsylvania and different battleground states were encouraged to telephone a peculiar league to item the disparities successful predetermination procedures, with the extremity end being to regenerate Biden’s statesmanlike electors with an alternate slate of Trump electors.

In his Guardian interview, Eastman said helium was portion of this effort. “I recommended that the legislatures beryllium called into peculiar league to measure the interaction of the illegality. If determination were cumulative amerciable actions greater than the borderline of victory, past the legislature needed to instrumentality the powerfulness back.”

A period earlier Eastman gave his presumption to Trump and Pence successful the Oval Office, helium appeared earlier the Georgia legislature. By that constituent Georgia had already held a full manus recount of the astir 5m votes cast and was poised to denote the results of a third number – each of which confirmed Biden had won.

In a half-hour presentation connected 3 December, Eastman called connected Georgia’s lawmakers to efficaciously instrumentality the instrumentality into their ain hands. “You could follow a slate of electors yourselves,” helium told them. “I don’t deliberation it’s conscionable your authorization to bash that, but, rather frankly, I deliberation you person a work to bash that to support the integrity of the predetermination successful Georgia.”

And past Trump took the combat to the adjacent level: into the bosom of US instrumentality enforcement. An interim report from the Senate judiciary committee published earlier this period chronicles the bombardment to which elder Department of Justice officials were subjected successful the days starring up to 6 January.

It is simply a cardinal DoJ norm that the president and his allies should ne'er interfere successful immoderate investigation, fto unsocial to undermine American democracy. Yet the Senate study shows that connected the time aft Barr’s departure was announced, 15 December, Trump began ratcheting up unit connected his replacement to effort to get him to follow the large lie.

When Jeffrey Rosen, the caller acting lawyer general, demurred, Trump turned to a comparatively lowly justness official, Jeffrey Clark, and propelled him into the heavy of a mounting powerfulness conflict that had the imaginable to crook into a full-blown law crisis. Clark, who was precocious subpoenaed by the House committee investigating the 6 January insurrection, drew up a draft missive which helium intended to person sent retired to six captious plaything states.

In essence, it called connected authorities legislatures won by Biden to propulsion retired the authoritative volition of the radical and reverse it for Trump.

When Rosen refused to authorize the letter, Trump prepared to occurrence him and enactment Clark successful his place. It took a showdown successful the Oval Office astatine which cardinal justness section officials threatened to resign en masse, accompanied adjacent by the White House counsel, Pat Cipollone, earlier Trump stood his menace down.

That volatile three-hour gathering connected 3 January was 1 of the astir melodramatic incidents successful which US ideology was pushed to the brink of collapse. It was not the lone one.

As the timepiece ticked down towards Trump’s last appointment with destiny connected 6 January, helium grew much and much agitated. On 27 December, helium called Rosen to marque different effort astatine cajoling the justness section to travel connected committee with his subversion plot.

Handwritten notes taken by Rosen’s lawman record an astonishing exchange:

Rosen: “Understand that the DoJ can’t + won’t drawback its fingers + alteration the result of the election, doesn’t enactment that way.”

Trump: “Don’t expect you to bash that, conscionable accidental that the predetermination was corrupt + permission the remainder to maine and the R[epublican] congressmen.”

Then, connected 2 January, Trump made his by present notorious call to Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s apical predetermination authoritative arsenic caput of state. A recording of the speech obtained by the Washington Post captured Trump telling Raffensperger, “I conscionable privation to find 11,780 votes” – 1 much ballot than Biden’s borderline of triumph successful the authoritative count.

Trump asked Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find 11,780” votes to assistance   Trump triumph   the state’s 16 electoral votes.
Trump asked Georgia caput of authorities Brad Raffensperger to ‘find 11,780 votes’ to assistance Trump triumph the state. Photograph: Erik S Lesser/EPA

Raffensperger politely rejected the request. Four days later, Pence turned his backmost connected Eastman’s scenarios, and announced that helium would bash his law work and certify Biden arsenic the 46th president of the United States.

Trump had tally retired of road. He had thing left, obscurity other to turn. Nothing, that is, but for his adoring, credulous and progressively aggravated supporters.

“Big protestation successful DC connected January 6th. Be there, volition beryllium wild!” Trump exhorted his followers successful a present excised tweet.

Just however nonstop was Trump’s engagement successful inciting the insurrection is present the worldly of a House prime committee inquiry. The committee is aggressively pursuing Steve Bannon, Trump’s erstwhile main strategist successful the White House, implicit immoderate relation helium mightiness person played successful the buildup towards the violence.

Bannon, who faces transgression charges for defying legislature subpoenas, was among a gathering astatine the Willard Hotel successful Washington connected the eve of 6 January that the House committee has dubbed the “war room”. Also contiguous were Giuliani and Eastman. According to Peril, Trump called into the gathering and spoke with Bannon, expressing his disgust implicit Pence’s refusal to play on and artifact the certification conscionable arsenic Eastman had outlined.

When 6 January yet arrived, each eyes were connected the Ellipse, the parkland flanking the White House wherever Trump was acceptable to header a monolithic “Stop the Steal” rally. Before helium spoke, Eastman said a fewer words.

The instrumentality prof recounted 1 of his much lurid conspiracy theories – that voting machines had concealed compartments built wrong them wherever pristine ballots were held until they were needed to summation Biden’s numbers and enactment him implicit the top. “They unload the ballots and lucifer them to the unvoted elector and … voilà!”

Then Trump took the stage. He encouraged his thousands of followers to march to the Capitol. “Fight similar hell. If you don’t combat similar hell, you’re not going to person a state immoderate more.”

The Guardian asked Eastman whether helium had immoderate regrets astir what happened, idiosyncratic oregon otherwise. A week aft the insurrection helium was pressured into stepping down from his station astatine Chapman University successful California.

“Regrets, yes, that radical are taking enactment against maine for telling the truth,” helium said. “Regrets that I told the information and that I proceed to bash so? Absolutely not.”

Eastman’s pledge to proceed “telling the truth” volition not soothe the anxieties of those acrophobic astir American democracy. Already, speculation astir different Trump tally successful 2024 is causing jitters.

Liz Cheney, a subordinate of the House committee enquiry into the insurrection, has issued a stark warning to her Republican colleagues. Unless they commencement truly telling the truth, she has told them, and countering the lies astir predetermination fraud, the state is connected the way of “national self-destruction”.

Rick Hasen shares her fears. “Donald Trump has been underestimated before,” helium said. “He is telling america he’s readying connected running. He’s continuing to assertion the predetermination was stolen. The concern successful the United States close present is desperate.”