A Free Speech Code for Australian Universities: Protecting Free or Restrictive Speech?

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The Australian Minister for Education and Youth, Alan Tudge, reported connected Oct. 13, 2021, that each 41 universities successful the state person present adopted policies to fortify and support free speech and academic freedom.

Specifically, astir person adopted a somewhat modified mentation of the Model Code arsenic revised by the Chancellors’ Council Working Group. The assembly has besides undertaken that their universities volition study each twelvemonth connected the implementation of the code.

Of course, it is astonishing that a codification is indispensable successful the archetypal place. This is due to the fact that utilizing the connection of Cardinal John Henry Newman; universities should aim “at raising the intelligence code of society, astatine cultivating the nationalist mind, astatine purifying nationalist sensation … and refining the intercourse of backstage life.”

The past of world state goes backmost to the celebrated Glasgow Controversy successful 1716-17 erstwhile disaffected unit sought to interruption the dominance of an obstreperous medication connected the affairs of the university. Later, successful the 19th century, the conception of “academic freedom” was further elaborated successful Germany arsenic the close of academics to beryllium escaped from unreasonable authorities oregon assemblage interference successful their duties.

Epoch Times Photo Minister for Education Alan Tudge astatine a property league astatine Parliament House successful Canberra, Australia, connected Aug. 27, 2021. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

But, since World War II, determination person been galore documented violations of an academic’s escaped code passim the world.

When editing a publication connected “Academic Freedom Today,” I wrote successful 1992 that “there is an expanding inclination to bounds world statement to the elucidation of politically close positions which preclude a judicious treatment and dissemination of incompatible views and ideas.”

Since then, universities person adopted and implemented restrictive code codes to guarantee that academics refrain from code that could beryllium interpreted arsenic insensitive to number students.

Has the adoption of the Model Code changed this narrative?

The Model Code defines “academic freedom” arsenic “the state of world unit to teach, discuss, and probe and to disseminate and people the results of their research.” “Speech” includes “expressive behaviour including oral code and written … works.”

The codification refers to the “paramount value” of escaped code and to world state arsenic a “defining value.” It besides affirms “the value of the university’s organization autonomy nether instrumentality successful the regularisation of its affairs.”

Although nary reports connected the implementation of the codification are yet available, it is nevertheless imaginable to trust connected the connection utilized successful the codification to ascertain its usefulness arsenic a freedom-enhancing mechanism.

In its definition, the codification provides that it supports tenable measures to forestall a idiosyncratic from utilizing “lawful speech” that a tenable idiosyncratic would respect as, successful the circumstances, apt to humiliate oregon intimidate others, and with the volition to.

It goes connected to accidental that the university’s work to foster the wellbeing of unit and students does “not widen to a work to support immoderate idiosyncratic from feeling offended oregon shocked oregon insulted by the lawful code of another.”

These passages successful the codification are problematic. First, they notation to “lawful” speech, which is deemed by a tenable idiosyncratic arsenic apt to humiliate oregon intimidate different person. Thus, the codification does not support each “lawful” speech.

Also, the notation to a “reasonable person” is unhelpful due to the fact that the codification does not specify that person. As the conception of the “reasonable person” is vague, it could easy beryllium manipulated for the purposes of limiting an academic’s freedom, provided the code is intended to person the effect to humiliate oregon to intimidate.

However, the presumption that lawful code should not beryllium utilized to intimidate oregon humiliate whitethorn beryllium incompatible with the reassurance that the codification does not support a idiosyncratic from feeling offended, shocked, oregon insulted by the lawful code of another.

The incompatibility arises erstwhile persons who are offended, shocked, oregon insulted, besides consciousness humiliated and intimidated. A feeling of humiliation oregon intimidation is subjective successful nature, and it would beryllium hard to disprove the allegation that the impugned code intended to humiliate oregon intimidate.

Thus, taxable to the validity of this point, the codification is thing much than a rehash of the aged restrictive code codes, according to which unit members are expected to refrain from comments that mightiness impact the sensitivities of number students.

Epoch Times Photo People enactment successful a “Demand Free Speech” rally connected Freedom Plaza successful Washington, D.C., connected July 6, 2019. (Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

Every subordinate of the world unit and each pupil bask world state taxable lone to “the tenable and proportionate regularisation indispensable to the discharge of the university’s teaching and probe activities,” and “the tenable and proportionate regularisation to alteration the assemblage to springiness effect to its ineligible duties.”

As the “reasonableness” and “proportionality” of a regularisation is apt to beryllium determined by assemblage administrators, the usefulness of the Model Code for the extortion of world state and escaped code is questionable.

Provision (6)(c) of the Principles of the codification stipulates that universities person the close to garbage support to immoderate invited talker to talk “where the contented of the code is, oregon is apt to, … prejudice the fulfilment by the assemblage of its work to foster the wellbeing of unit and students.” And by virtuousness of proviso (6)(d), escaped code tin beryllium abrogated wherever the contented of the code falls “below scholarly standards to specified an grade arsenic to beryllium detrimental to the university’s quality arsenic an instauration of higher learning.”

The codification frankincense justifies the suppression of code whenever its contented prejudices the interests of the assemblage nether the circumstances described successful the code. In specified a case, determination is nary quality betwixt the universities’ restrictive code codes of the past and this Model Code.

The restrictions connected world speech, inherent successful the Model Code, are worrying, particularly if assemblage administrations were to enactment upon anonymous complaints by the union, oregon staff, oregon students against an world who does not propagate the due philosophies of these complainants.

There are documented cases wherever genuinely fantabulous academics person suffered erstwhile unfounded, malicious, and mendacious anonymous complaints were made against them. Unfortunately, galore of these unfortunate academics are conservatives, adjacent though they were simply diligent and conscientious professionals.

The cancel civilization is inactive rampant connected Australian campuses. As a result, University administrations are often reluctant to disregard anonymous complaints and alternatively wrongly reason that the alleged miscreant is guilty.

Even a basal knowing of fairness demands that an accused beryllium allowed to look their tormentors to hole a defence. But, unfortunately, the codification volition bash thing to assistance these academics.

The Model Code whitethorn good beryllium thing much than a revised Restrictive Speech code.

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Gabriël Moens


Professor Gabriël A. Moens AM is an emeritus prof of instrumentality astatine The University of Queensland, and served arsenic pro vice-chancellor, dean, and prof of instrumentality astatine Murdoch University. He has published a caller astir the origins of the COVID-19 disease, “A Twisted Choice,” and precocious published a abbreviated story, “The Greedy Prospector,” successful an Anthology of abbreviated stories, “The Outback” (Boolarong Press, 2021).