A grand caper that transformed a 17th century farmhouse

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It’s Sunday greeting connected the Aeolian land of Salina, and Giuseppe Mascoli is cleaning mushrooms with his person Sergio. “We’ve got astir 5kg of porcini from the forest,” helium explains. “I’ll frost them truthful we tin devour them done the winter.”

Mascoli has dilatory been giving up a beingness successful London arsenic the co-founder and present marque manager of pizza concatenation Franco Manca successful favour of a slower gait of beingness connected Salina. North of Sicily, the land is known for its lush volcanic landscapes and the bounty this fertile world delivers, from grapes to olives to its world-class capers. “I came present primitively to bargain the capers for Franco Manca,” says Mascoli. “At first, I tried to pass with radical implicit the internet, but that didn’t work, truthful I came myself, and made friends.”

A chromatic  doorway opening   onto to a room  with mismatched level  tiles.
Open door: mismatched level tiles successful the kitchen, wherever neighbours driblet by to spot what’s cooking. Photograph: Sommariva/Inside Living

Home present is simply a farmhouse dating backmost to astatine slightest the 17th period that Mascoli bought successful 2014. The location itself was successful a mediocre authorities – “It conscionable astir had the extortion on” – but was surrounded by vineyards that had been overmuch amended cared for, arsenic good arsenic a abstraction for winemaking, which was the existent draw. With the assistance of friends, helium spent 4 months making everything habitable, renovating the four-bedroom main location and creating 3 adjacent apartments. It’s rather the societal hub of the land now, with an open-door argumentation for visiting household and friends, arsenic good arsenic for neighbours stopping by connected a whim. “It’s similar an unofficial restaurant. People conscionable driblet by to spot what’s going on.”

Mascoli has not been excessively precious astir the architectural accuracy of his restoration work. He says the location is “a humanities fake, made successful the sanction of authenticity”. New elements see a ceramic fireplace successful the surviving country for the wintertime months, and moulded factual basins successful the bathrooms. The accoutrements of winemaking person been remade arsenic appealing plan features, with grape-collecting crates repurposed arsenic bookshelves successful the survey and greenish solid demijohns that are present colourful outdoor lights.

Giuseppe Mascoli extracurricular  his house
‘I came present primitively to bargain the capers for Franco Manca’: Giuseppe Mascoli. Photograph: Sommariva/Inside Living

Non-wine-related objects person besides been playfully reimagined. Friends made the swirling sculptural airy fitting supra the eating table, created from a mates of aged hunting horns and immoderate brass tubes, portion Mascoli’s girl came up with the thought for converting the beforehand of a vintage TV acceptable into the framework for a mirror.

The interiors are a snapshot of Mascoli’s beingness and household history. Some pieces are from London, specified arsenic the Arts & Crafts seat that sits amid mismatched neighbours astir the eating table, and others from his erstwhile location connected the Amalfi coast. Small paintings by his creator great-grandfather Arturo Rietti are grouped connected the surviving country wall, portion the ample eating array – which took 12 radical to transportation wrong – is, according to household folklore, from a ship’s deck, recovered from a wreck by a comparative astatine the opening of the 20th century.

Mix and lucifer  chairs astir   the eating  table.
Same difference: premix and lucifer chairs astir the eating table. Photograph: Sommariva/Inside Living

Plenty of different things present person been made connected tract from what was lying around, oregon adjacent collected disconnected the streets successful the lawsuit of the faded rattan chairs astir the outdoor eating table, which itself is an aged doorway sitting connected an robust workbench. In the kitchen, the land is different workbench, this clip successful timber, fixed to Mascoli by a carpenter. “There’s a ‘gift economy’ here,” helium explains. “You person to springiness thing backmost astatine immoderate point, but it’s precise important that what you springiness backmost is not the equivalent thing.”

Mascoli’s sensation is for the informal and the mismatched – determination is hardly a coordinating acceptable of anything, from the Victorian patterned plates to the patchwork of aged tiles connected the level (some are archetypal to the house, others are akin antique ones from Naples). He cooks connected the archetypal tiled coal-fired stove, with a state cooker balanced connected top, portion java comes from 1 of a enactment of java pots, including a accepted Neapolitan cuccuma.

grape-collecting crates utilized  arsenic  bookshelves successful  the study
Repurpose built: grape-collecting crates utilized arsenic bookshelves successful the study. Photograph: Sommariva/Inside Living

This being the Mediterranean, the outdoor surviving spaces are conscionable arsenic important arsenic the indoor ones. There are bougainvillea-draped tiled terraces with oversea views, and an outdoor moving country wherever Mascoli meets locals to bash concern – helium grows vegetables arsenic good arsenic making 6,000 bottles of vino a year, including 2 simply called Vino Uno and Vino Due due to the fact that nary 1 knows rather what immoderate of the past grape varieties are (“I americium my ain appellation,” helium states). The wines are made successful accepted terracotta amphoras, a method that is thousands of years old, which allows immoderate oxygen to scope the contents, adding to the complexity of flavour.

Mascoli says helium ne'er expected to extremity up here, arsenic a “playboy turned farmer” – but past helium ne'er expected immoderate of his different careers either. He was an world earlier helium opened a Soho backstage members’ nine successful London, Blacks, successful the aboriginal 1990s, and past founded Franco Manca successful 2008. “I became an entrepreneur by chance, truthful for maine it was important to determination person to thing I tin do. Which is fundamentally nothing,” helium jokes. In fact, helium has 3.5 hectares to farm, and is readying to unfastened an agriturismo adjacent twelvemonth with Franco Manca co-founder Bridget Hugo, to invited paying guests. For today, though, determination are mushrooms to clean, books to work and the oversea to aquatics successful – and that’s plenty.