A Jets pursuit of Aaron Rodgers has plenty of what-ifs — and could take awhile

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The Jets are successful the marketplace for a backmost … again. This is the archetypal successful a three-part bid exploring their options this offseason. The archetypal portion is simply a look astatine trading for Packers prima Aaron Rodgers.

Jets fans are abruptly searching for clues connected “The Pat McAfee Show,” researching ayahuasca and watching a batch of “Jeopardy!” hoping for signs that Aaron Rodgers volition beryllium their adjacent quarterback.

Those fans whitethorn request to R-E-L-A-X.

It could beryllium a portion earlier Rodgers’ aboriginal becomes wide and whether that involves a commercialized to Gang Green. Rodgers and the Jets made consciousness successful galore ways, but determination stay immoderate large questions: Would Rodgers privation to play for the Jets, and would squad proprietor Woody Johnson beryllium consenting to prime up the $59.465 cardinal tab for Rodgers to play successful 2023?

Johnson said aft the play that helium “absolutely” would beryllium consenting to walk connected a seasoned backmost this offseason if that is what wide manager Joe Douglas and caput manager Robert Saleh archer him they privation to do. Johnson, however, whitethorn not person had a terms tag of adjacent to $60 cardinal successful mind.

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As the Jets ponder their backmost options this offseason, the Rodgers question hovers implicit it. The anticipation of adding a aboriginal Hall of Famer whitethorn beryllium excessively bully to walk up.

At the moment, that is each conscionable speculation. The Packers person not indicated they are consenting to commercialized Rodgers. And Rodgers has not said whether helium intends to play successful 2023, and if helium does play, whether helium wants to beryllium traded. He has provided precise fewer clues astir what helium plans to do. It is the 3rd consecutive play of trying to work the beverage leaves with Rodgers.

“All the different ideas astir [a] commercialized and whatnot, that’s each conjecture until I determine what I privation to bash moving guardant for myself,” Rodgers said connected “The Pat McAfee Show” this week.

The conjecture got a boost past play erstwhile ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported it is simply a “real possibility” both the Packers and Rodgers are reasoning astir a commercialized this offseason.

The Jets person been connected to the Rodgers sweepstakes done logic. After their catastrophe this past play with Zach Wilson, Saleh and Douglas request a “win now” backmost successful 2023. Rodgers fits the bill. Johnson has shown helium likes to get shiny toys. Notably, helium traded for Brett Favre, Rodgers’ predecessor astatine Green Bay, successful 2008.

Could Johnson plaything different woody with the Packers for an aging superstar?

Broadway Aaron

The archetypal domino to autumn volition beryllium whether Rodgers is consenting to travel to the Jets. Rodgers does not person a no-trade clause, but nary squad would commercialized for him without assurances that helium wants to play for them. Some judge helium would not beryllium comfy nether the New York spotlight. The Jets surely are successful a amended spot than they person been to pull a subordinate of Rodgers’ pedigree. They person a top-five defense. They person young weapons specified arsenic Garrett Wilson, Breece Hall and Elijah Moore. And they are expected to revamp the violative enactment this offseason.

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The Jets are successful the process of hiring an violative coordinator, and Nathaniel Hackett, who worked with Rodgers successful Green Bay and whom the backmost has spoken highly of, is 1 of the candidates. Hackett’s presence, however, does not warrant anything. Just inquire the Broncos. When they hired Hackett arsenic their caput manager past season, immoderate believed Rodgers would travel him to Denver.

Saleh and Rodgers person immoderate familiarity due to the fact that of Saleh’s adjacent narration with Packers caput manager Matt LaFleur. Rodgers said helium congratulated Saleh erstwhile the Jets hired him portion helium was FaceTiming with LaFleur. Saleh has faced Rodgers arsenic a coordinator and caput manager and got to ticker him signifier successful the summertime of 2021, erstwhile the Jets and Packers practiced unneurotic successful Green Bay.

PackersNew York Jets caput manager Robert Saleh, erstwhile violative coordinator Mike LaFleur (left) and Green Bay Packers backmost Aaron Rodgers during a associated NFL shot signifier successful 2021.AP

“Watching him successful a signifier setting, I thought it was, for me, 1 of the cooler experiences,” Saleh said astatine the time. “You perceive astir Hall of Famers and you perceive astir however their signifier habits are and I conscionable thought the mode helium communicated with his teammates, the mode helium talked to his coaches, the respect and the respect that his teammates person for not lone him but it’s reciprocated from him to his teammates, conscionable a people act. And everything radical deliberation of him is precisely right, he’s A-1.”

The Contract

From a Jets perspective, the biggest hurdle is money. A imaginable commercialized for Rodgers would not beryllium a wage headdress issue. The three-year, $150 cardinal declaration hold helium signed successful March is structured successful a mode that keeps the headdress hits debased for the adjacent 2 years.

There is simply a bully breakdown of Rodgers’ declaration astatine overthecap.com. Basically, immoderate squad Rodgers plays for successful 2023 would person the enactment to interruption Rodgers’ compensation up into a $1.165 cardinal basal wage and a $58.3 cardinal bonus. The bonus tin beryllium prorated implicit 4 years to little the headdress charge. His 2024 wage has a akin option. His headdress charges would beryllium a combined $48 cardinal implicit the adjacent 2 seasons.

JetsJets proprietor Woody Johnson’s committedness to paying for a large clip QB would beryllium tested successful an Aaron Rodgers deal.Bill Kostroun for New York Post

So, the Jets could marque the headdress work. The question is whether Johnson tin marque the currency work. Even though the bonus would beryllium prorated for headdress purposes, Rodgers would beryllium owed the $20.3 cardinal wrong 10 days of the squad exercising the enactment and the different $38 cardinal earlier Sept. 30.

While Johnson is simply a billionaire, the Jets bash run nether a fund and portion of the allure of drafting Zach Wilson successful 2021 was having a backmost playing connected a rookie declaration and being capable to allocate wealth elsewhere. The Jets surely did not person $60 cardinal successful the fund for a backmost erstwhile readying for the 2023 season.

The Packers whitethorn beryllium hesitant to commercialized Rodgers due to the fact that they volition incur a $40 cardinal dead-money complaint if they do. If they bash determination connected from Rodgers, it volition beryllium due to the fact that they volition person decided they’ve had capable and privation to commencement Jordan Love. It won’t marque overmuch fiscal consciousness for them.

The Other Issues

Beyond the fiscal compensation, the Jets would besides person to springiness up draught superior to get Rodgers. Just however overmuch depends connected who you ask. There was media speculation that the Packers would privation 2 first-round picks for Rodgers. Those astir the league consciousness that is unrealistic. At 39 years old, Rodgers is older than different quarterbacks who person been traded successful caller years. The acquiring squad would beryllium absorbing his contract, and if it gets to the constituent of commercialized talks, would beryllium taking a imaginable headache disconnected of Green Bay’s hands.

Any commercialized bundle astir apt would beryllium based connected however Rodgers performs this coming season. A squad could nonstop a mid- and late-round prime successful the 2023 draught to Green Bay and besides woody a prime oregon picks successful 2024 that are conditional based connected things similar however galore games Rodgers plays, whether helium wins MVP, and whether the squad marque the playoffs, the Super Bowl and wins the Super Bowl. A fourth-round prime could go a first-rounder based connected Rodgers hitting definite marks successful 2023.

A large question for the Jets is whether they judge Rodgers is declining. He had 1 of his worst seasons successful 2022 aft winning the MVP grant successful 2020 and 2021. Rodgers threw 12 interceptions, his astir successful a decade, and did not person a azygous 300-yard passing crippled past season. The Packers went 8-9 and missed the playoffs.

Then, determination is the question of however galore years Rodgers wants to play. Is it worthy doing each of that for 1 season? He could beryllium a short-term fix, but the squad acquiring him would beryllium searching for different backmost successful 2024. Rodgers has flirted with walking distant for respective years now.

Rodgers whitethorn resistance this retired and the Jets whitethorn not beryllium capable to wait. Other quarterbacks, specified arsenic Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo, are going to find homes by mid-March. The Jets can’t beryllium near without a spouse astatine the extremity of the crippled of QB philharmonic chairs.

“I’ve got to fig retired what I privation to do,” Rodgers told McAfee, “and past we’ll spot wherever each the parties are astatine and what benignant of transpires aft that.”

Things could get interesting.

Coming tomorrow: Could Jimmy G oregon Derek Carr beryllium the answer?