A local’s guide to the Gold Coast: ‘There’s a great grassroots art scene’

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The Gold Coast’s nutrient country has travel a agelong mode since I moved present arsenic a kid. There are truthful galore suburbs from 1 extremity to the different wherever you tin find immoderate truly bully small places to eat. I walk a batch of clip successful Burleigh Heads, wherever my workplace is, and a favourite is Oi Izakaya. The nutrient is funky Japanese – deliberation nori tacos and okonomiyaki – and it has a large whisky database and cocktails. My spouse and I are determination each the time.

In the morning, I thin to deed up Dust Temple – a cafe and creation abstraction successful this rambling aged surfboard-shaping warehouse, with creation studios retired back. They bash approachable breakfasts and large coffee. If I’m conscionable chasing a brew, I caput to Portside, besides successful Currumbin, for an aboriginal greeting level white. It’s hidden distant a small bit, but it’s worthy uncovering for immoderate of the champion java connected the coast.

 Dust Temple.
Come for the coffee, enactment for the art: Dust Temple. Photograph: Dust Temple


I person to notation Dust Temple again. It has a assemblage but besides life-drawing each fortnight and regular unrecorded euphony shows. It’s this originative hub that helped kickstart the translation of Currumbin Creek Road from an concern spot into a thriving small community.

Home of the Arts (Hota) is astonishing for larger events. Its caller gathering is phenomenal – its plan is inspired by the works of William Robinson, who’s known for his Queensland and Northern NSW landscapes – and has been hosting immoderate large exhibitions.

But there’s a large grassroots creation country connected the Gold Coast. I’m portion of Mint Art House, an artist-run workplace and assemblage abstraction successful Burleigh Heads, and conscionable down the roadworthy is Art-Work Agency, a originative bureau that has its ain assemblage abstraction that hosts regular shows.

Mint Art House is an artist-run workplace  and assemblage   space.
Mint Art House is an artist-run workplace and assemblage space. Photograph: Mint Art House


Currumbin is successful that saccharine spot betwixt the busier bluish extremity of the seashore and the much chilled confederate suburbs. The further southbound you go, the little the mean gathering tallness gets – the gait is simply a small slower, which I like.

Probably the champion views connected the seashore are from Currumbin surf club – you virtually beryllium retired implicit the ocean. It’s besides 1 of the champion strips of soil successful the city. A bully clip to cheque it retired is during Swell Sculpture festival, which takes implicit Currumbin formation each September with astir 70 sculptures.

The Currumbin formation  surf beingness  redeeming  nine  is simply a Gold Coast institution.
The Currumbin formation surf beingness redeeming nine is simply a Gold Coast institution. Photograph: Andrew Bain/Alamy

The Salt Mill connected the Currumbin beachfront does a large coffee, and there’s Cornerstone Stores, this astonishing small modern red-brick precinct with a terrific cafe, Stable Coffee & Kitchen, and different shops.

Green space

As a city, the Gold Coast is fundamentally a agelong portion that runs down the seashore to the Queensland-New South Wales border, meaning quality is ne'er acold away.

Tallebudgera Valley is 1 of my favourite places. To relax, I instrumentality my motorbike retired for a thrust done the bush connected the winding Tallebudgera Creek Road. You tin thrust to the end, locomotion up the creek and perceive each sorts of birds. The water’s large for a aquatics connected a blistery day.


James Street successful Burleigh Heads is fantastic. It’s a truly relaxed vibe – you tin spell retired with your friends and person a large clip and not person to woody with the hustle and bustle of Surfers Paradise.

There’s a clump of small bars and often you’re walking down an alley to find a sneaky backmost entrance. Lockwood is simply a large spot – dimly lit with a stack of whisky, you ever cognize idiosyncratic is going to marque you a fantastic cocktail.

Earlier connected successful the nighttime I mightiness spell to Paloma, an elevated small vino barroom tally by Restaurant Labart’s husband-and-wife owners Alex and Karla Munoz Labart. We’ll often each beryllium finishing successful the workplace and idiosyncratic volition invariably suggest heading down to Paloma for immoderate wines and snacks.


 The Pink Hotel successful  Coolangatta.
Blast from the past: The Pink Hotel successful Coolangatta. Photograph: Michael Tomkinson/Pink Hotel

I ever urge staying astatine The Pink Hotel Coolangatta. It has this classical old-school Gold Coast feel, but they’ve done a large occupation coating the spot and doing up the rooms. It has Eddie’s Grub House connected the crushed floor, which does a large chickenhearted burger and has unrecorded music, and this tiny barroom called Janitor’s Closet, portion the formation is conscionable crossed the road.