‘A Mouthful Of Air’ Creator Gushes Over Amanda Seyfried & Hopes Movie Makes Women ‘Feel Less Alone’

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Exclusive Interview

October 25, 2021 4:14PM EDT

Amy Koppelman wrote ‘A Mouthful Of Air’ successful 2003. 18 years later, it’s hitting theaters and breaking barriers successful the treatment astir postpartum depression.

Amy Koppelman is utilizing her creation of storytelling to assistance interruption the stigma that has surrounded postpartum depression for acold excessively long. 1 successful 7 women conflict with feelings of depression, immoderate severe, aft giving birth, based connected a caller study. However, successful the ’90s, erstwhile Amy’s A Mouthful Of Air takes place, the taxable was wide untouched, adjacent successful astonishing places similar the OBGYN office. “I deliberation truthful overmuch of however women specify themselves is based connected their maternal instinct and I deliberation that radical get confused betwixt these feelings that are hormonal and an illness, and they consciousness that someway oregon another, it defines who they are arsenic women,” Amy explained successful an EXCLUSIVE interrogation with HollywoodLife.com astatine The Cinema Society and Maven Street Media screening of the movie astatine the Roxy Hotel connected Oct. 24.

She continued, “If they had asthma and they went to the parkland with their child, they would person nary occupation whipping retired an inhaler. They would ne'er deliberation they were a atrocious mom. There’d beryllium nary shame successful that — they were conscionable having a hard clip breathing. But, I deliberation the stigma surrounding postpartum slump brings into question who we are arsenic women.”

Amanda Seyfried & Amy Koppelman astatine the peculiar NYC screening of ‘A Mouthful Of Air.’ (BFA)

Amy enactment pen to insubstantial to draught the communicative astir a young caller ma struggling with sever postpartum slump aft uncovering herself Googling, “Can a parent wounded her child?” Her publication published successful 2003, but it has taken respective years and galore rejections to make the movie that hits theaters connected Oct. 29th. “We’ve been moving connected this for truthful galore years. It’s very, precise hard to get a movie similar this made,” she admitted. “Amanda [Seyfried] stood by maine done each rejection. She was the top partner, and together, we got to marque thing that we truly hope, successful immoderate tiny way, volition assistance women.”

The writer turned filmmaker ever had Amanda Seyfried successful caput for her protagonist Julie Davis, a young children’s publication writer and illustrator whose lifelong conflict with slump and anxiousness worsens aft giving birth. When it seems similar she’s connected the mend, she becomes large again and chooses to spell disconnected her antidepressants, contempt doc recommendations. The communicative follows the misconceptions surrounding postpartum depression, the deficiency of resources, and the silent, lonely shame truthful galore women endure.

“If we person these feelings, it doesn’t mean we’re not maternal,” Amy said. “That’s the happening we’re trying to halt radical from thinking. Hopefully this movie volition fto women cognize they’re not alone.”

A Mouthful Of Air comes retired connected Friday, Oct. 29th. If you oregon idiosyncratic you cognize is suffering from postpartum depression, telephone the PSI HelpLine astatine 1-800-944-4773 oregon visit postpartum.net.