A shopping guide to the best … printed skirts

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Find the close people – beryllium it floral, abstract oregon carnal – and the printed skirt tin go a regular successful your wardrobe. Surprisingly versatile, it tin beryllium matched with a complementary colour, downplayed with much muted tailoring or, for the existent fashion-approved interpretation, contrasted with a antithetic people connected top.

Renting is simply a mode to instrumentality vantage of the imaginative prints produced by high-end designers without committing to terms tags. Dig into affluent florals oregon effort brands that made their sanction with prints, specified arsenic Pucci.

Print is simply a genre that vintage excels astatine – retro prints are each the rage this season. Look for bold florals, classical paisleys and curios from the 80s. But instrumentality your clip to look: it’s worthy buying astir for a retro people that fits your idiosyncratic style. Finally, harvester with thing minimal and modern to bring it into the 21st century.


Red knee-length

Red knee-length, £69, Baukjen.com
Made from ethical Lenzing, this skirt is perfect for a day-to-night look.

Green snake people     skirt from johnlewis.com

Green snake print, £42, Johnlewis.com
Style with chunky achromatic boots and an oversize knit.

Brown wrapper  floral skirt, £195, by Usisi Sister, from net-a-porter.com

Brown wrapper floral, £195, by Usisi Sister, from Net-a-Porter.com
Opt for a longline wrapper skirt and deterioration with chunky loafers.


Orange and pinkish  floral, Ghost

Orange and pinkish floral, from £79, by Ghost, from thedevout.com
Add pick boots to a springlike skirt – cleanable for transitioning into autumn.

Bold floral with hearts, Henry Holland

Bold floral with hearts, from £37, by Henry Holland, from Hurrcollective.com
Wear a quirky popular people with colourful sandals for evenings out.

Purple and grey, Pucci

Purple and grey, from £14, by Pucci, from mywardrobehq.com
A graphic people volition enactment good with a blazer.


Belted floral

Belted floral, £30, peekaboovintage.com
A bold floral people volition look eye-catching astatine an autumn party. Add a silk cami.

Fish print

Fish print, £25, beyondretro.com
Rummage for amusive prints successful vintage shops: deterioration this skirt with a achromatic garment and golden hoops.

Red paisley, Miu Miu Wear

Red paisley, £60, by Miu Miu, from cudoni.com
Wear a contrasting plaid garment with paisley for a chill clash of prints.