A writer’s colourful home has a story to tell

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I cringe erstwhile radical accidental it’s colourful,” says award-winning writer Huma Qureshi. She’s perched connected the borderline of a bluish sofa successful the beforehand country of her four-bedroom northbound London home, wherever she lives with her partner, Richard Birch, and their children. “It’s not! It’s considered. It’s intentional.” The level tiles are a faded terrazzo yellowish and the walls are pink, with airy greenish architraves framing the doorway starring into the kitchen-diner. In this home, neutrals service arsenic accent colours. There isn’t overmuch white, grey oregon beige successful sight, but she’s right, it’s not colourful, it’s brilliant. Behind her a postulation of 7 patterned partition plates bent adjacent to the screen artwork for her 2021 memoir. “My person Parul Arora did the screen for the publication and she gave maine the print,” she says. “These are my instrumentality connected the plates my mum would bargain connected her travels and bent up successful our household home. It was the merchantability of that location that led america to this house.”

Huma’s parent was downsizing from their household location successful the Midlands and moving to northbound London to beryllium person to her children. This was during lockdown successful 2020 and she wasn’t capable to presumption houses, truthful they did it for her. “I saw a tired-looking location and fractional jokingly showed it to Richard, who is utilized to maine sending him pictures of properties we could ne'er ever unrecorded in. He said this really looks interesting,” says Huma. They went to presumption it and she distinctly remembers that they were some struck by the airy and the large windows connected some sides, positive the spacious rooms. “At a definite constituent successful the day the prima comes into the location from the backmost and front, filling the centre truthful it glows. There were slices of sunlight coming done and it felt similar a summertime house. On vacation successful Denmark, we fell successful emotion with these traditional, black-painted summertime houses and erstwhile we saw this place, we instantly knew we’d overgarment it achromatic connected the outside, too.” This is besides wherefore she decided connected faded terrazzo level tiles. “It’s arsenic if they’ve been washed retired by the prima implicit clip and person been determination for years.”

 the unfastened  hallaway.
The lone mode is up: the unfastened hallaway. Photograph: Mike Manning/Richard Chivers/Astrain Scheldt

Before taking the 1960s route, the mates had considered buying a new-build spot – it would person been much straightforward and little time-consuming. Huma was moving connected a caller and they had 3 young boys to look after. But erstwhile they went to presumption immoderate caller developments Huma realised she disliked the modular fittings and fixtures, the neutral finishing and decorations; she kept asking if it would beryllium imaginable to instal alternatives. They rapidly realised it wasn’t for them. “So we decided to spell for this location and we’re the lone ones that did.” It had the abstraction they wanted and erstwhile she showed her member photos of the location helium said it reminded him of wherever they grew up. “It didn’t hap to maine astatine the time, but I realise present that determination were similarities successful the archetypal layout,” she says. Huma and Richard person ever had a happening for 1960s properties, she admits: “One of the archetypal presents helium gave to maine was a stack of books connected mid-century furniture.”

The location hadn’t been updated successful years – the room partition tiles, beige cabinets and countertops were being held unneurotic by dense work duct tape. The archetypal owners had bought it off-plan. They lived crossed the thoroughfare and watched it being built successful 1962. “There was nary moving shower,” says Huma. “The partition tiles were quadrate and beige, and erstwhile we removed them we saw the archetypal bluish and achromatic 60s tiles laid successful the aforesaid chequerboard signifier arsenic I’d planned for the terracotta pinkish and achromatic tiles we present have. It instantly felt reassuring that we’d chosen what was close for the house.”

 1  of the children’s bedrooms – the mates  has 3  sons.
Mellow yellow: 1 of the children’s bedrooms – the mates has 3 sons. Photograph: mm m Mike Manning/Richard Chivers / Astrain Scheldt.

They had different infinitesimal of serendipity erstwhile the builders demolished the downstairs toilet and removed the mirror. The wallpaper down it was from Laura Ashley, it was a pistachio colour with scallops. “I’d already chosen the Ottoline insubstantial for the corridor upstairs, which besides features scallops and muted colours.”

Upstairs the bedrooms subdivision disconnected the agelong corridor, a abstraction that utilized to link the main location to 1 of the 2 disused garages. Huma and Richard engaged designer duo Astrain Scheldt to assistance them exploit this quirk and they’ve managed to bring a modern flair, akin to what you’d find successful a boutique hotel. “I similar the feeling I get erstwhile I spell to a edifice and unfastened the doorway to my ain backstage space, that’s wherefore we intentionally kept the setup of the agelong corridor here,” says Huma. “I don’t retrieve erstwhile oregon wherever I saw images of the Hotel Voltaire successful Arles, France, but the simplicity appealed to me.” The edifice is modest, yet considered and passim Huma’s location the aforesaid thought has gone into the details – specified arsenic the lining for the Beata Heuman and Fabric Warehouse curtains she designed to disagreement the rooms of her 2 eldest sons. They bespeak each child’s favourite colour. Huma kept the brushed part arsenic the boys weren’t really keen connected having their ain rooms aft sharing successful their erstwhile location for years.

Back downstairs successful the kitchen-diner thought has besides gone into however each household subordinate moves astir the space. “We decided to person unfastened shelving adjacent the eating array truthful that the children tin assistance acceptable up during repast times,” says Huma. “The caller room is by Pluck and the array is from Ikea – it’s astir 10 years old. I bought the eating chairs successful 2013 with my archetypal publication advance.” Near the playroom each kid has their ain locker. The location has been designed to beryllium organised and livable, it’s applicable and astatine the aforesaid clip enjoyable. “I find that 1960s houses are purposeful and I emotion that,” says Huma. “This is simply a household home, we person Lego near retired connected the side, but I find that there’s nary 1 country that gets much use. We truly bask being successful each the spaces.”

For much details astir Huma, spell to humaqureshi.co.uk. Her memoir, How We Met, and her book, Things We Do Not Tell The People We Love, tin some beryllium bought astatine guardianbookshop.com