Aaron Rodgers blames ‘woke mob’ in bizarre first interview since COVID drama

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Two days aft the quality that helium tested affirmative for COVID-19, was not vaccinated, and would beryllium missing Sunday’s crippled against the Chiefs, Aaron Rodgers told his broadside of the story.

Rodgers appeared connected “The Pat McAfee Show,” speaking for astir 15 minutes uninterrupted astir each the dynamics that went into his determination not to beryllium vaccinated – and each of his issues with the backlash helium has received.

“I recognize I’m successful the crosshairs of the woke mob close now, truthful earlier my last nail gets enactment successful my cancel civilization casket, I deliberation I’d similar to acceptable the grounds consecutive connected immoderate of the blatant lies that are retired determination astir myself close now,” Rodgers began.

Rodgers said that helium didn’t “lie” during his archetypal property conference, and determination was a “witch hunt” going connected successful the media implicit who was unvaccinated. He said his plan was to accidental that helium had been immunized.

“It wasn’t immoderate benignant of ruse oregon lie, it was the truth,” Rodgers said.

Nevertheless, astir radical who heard his reply astatine the clip assumed helium was affirming helium had been vaccinated. Rodgers said helium would person responded to a follow-up question astir being immunized, and that helium is not an “anti-vax flat-Earther” but a “critical thinker.”

Aaron Rodgers discusses his COVID vaccine presumption    connected  The Pat McAfee Show.Aaron Rodgers discusses his COVID vaccine presumption connected The Pat McAfee Show.The Pat McAfee Show

“I judge powerfully successful bodily autonomy and the quality to marque choices for your body, not to person to acquiesce to immoderate woke civilization oregon crazed radical of individuals who accidental you person to bash something. Health is not a one-size fits each for everybody,” Rodgers said.

When asked wherefore helium didn’t comply with NFL protocols and deterioration a disguise during property conferences, arsenic unvaccinated players are expected to do, helium quoted Martin Luther King Jr. and railed against a argumentation that helium believed “is not based successful science.”

He said helium studied the vaccines earlier making the decision, and claims helium was allergic to 1 of the ingredients successful Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines. He said the CDC’s website advises radical with allergies against those vaccines not to instrumentality them.

He besides did not privation to instrumentality the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to the fact that helium heard of friends’ adverse reactions to it, and the information that it was pulled implicit humor clotting issues. That is however helium arrived astatine the determination to acquisition a multiple-month homeopathic antibody process.

Aaron Rodgers discusses his COVID vaccine presumption    connected  The Pat McAfee Show.Aaron Rodgers claimed the ‘woke mob’ is attempting to enactment the ‘final nail gets enactment successful my cancel civilization casket’ for his COVID-19 vaccine views.The Pat McAfee Show

Rodgers said that the NFL was alert of this immunization process, arsenic helium was petitioning the league. He said helium mislaid religion helium would win successful his entreaty erstwhile helium had a meeting, and said that a doc from the league told him that “it was intolerable for a vaccinated idiosyncratic to get oregon dispersed COVID.”

Rodgers said helium was advised by his ain doctors that helium was much astatine hazard of an adverse lawsuit from vaccines than helium would person been from COVID-19. He besides said that helium felt symptoms Tuesday night, tested affirmative Wednesday and was feeling good Friday.

Further, Rodgers railed against “coercion and collusion” from the league bureau astir threats not to motion oregon clasp unvaccinated players, particularly ones who were deemed dispensable.

Rodgers said that it is simply a large near-term extremity to beryllium a father. He expressed interest that determination person not been semipermanent studies completed connected sterilization and fertility. Rodgers is engaged to histrion Shailene Woodley.

Rodgers besides said that helium consulted with Joe Rogan.

“I’ve been doing a batch of worldly that helium recommended successful his podcasts and connected the telephone to me, and I’m going to person the champion immunity imaginable present based connected the 2.5 cardinal idiosyncratic survey from Israel that the radical who get COVID and retrieve person the astir robust immunity. I’m thankful for radical similar Joe stepping up and utilizing their voice,” Rodgers said.

The backmost besides said helium is “taking mononuclear antibodies, Ivermectin, zinc, Vitamin C and D, HCQ, and I consciousness beauteous incredible.”