Aaron Rodgers Confirms He Is Unvaccinated, Is Disappointed in Media Reports

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Three-time NFL Most Valuable Player Aaron Rodgers confirmed Friday that helium has not taken the COVID-19 vaccine, citing what helium says is an allergy to an constituent successful the astir commonly utilized vaccines.

“I recognize I’m successful the crosshairs of the woke mob close now,” Rodgers said successful an interview with erstwhile NFL punter Pat McAfee and erstwhile Green Bay Packers teammate A.J. Hawk connected Friday. “So, earlier my last nail gets enactment successful my cancel civilization casket, I deliberation I would similar to acceptable the grounds consecutive connected truthful galore of the blatant lies that are retired determination astir myself.”

Rodgers, who said the Packers knew his vaccination status, past confirmed reports saying helium hasn’t received the vaccine.

“I’m not an anti-vaxx, flat-earther. … I person an allergy to an constituent that’s successful the mRNA vaccines. I recovered a semipermanent immunization protocol to support myself, and I’m precise arrogant of the probe that went into that,” the Packers prima said. Rodgers said helium doesn’t privation to person the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which doesn’t usage mRNA technology, owed to imaginable broadside effects.

NFL rules regarding COVID-19 and vaccines “are not based successful subject astatine all,” Rodgers said successful the interview. “They’re purely trying to retired and shame people, similar needing to deterioration a disguise astatine a podium erstwhile each idiosyncratic successful the country is vaccinated and wearing a mask–makes nary consciousness to me.”

“If you got vaccinated to support yourself from a microorganism I don’t person arsenic an unvaccinated individual, past wherefore are you disquieted astir thing I could springiness you?” Rodgers asked, echoing a communal refrain against vaccine mandates.

The Packers superstar said helium consulted with podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan, who recovered from COVID-19 earlier this year, astir alternate attraction methods.

Rodgers continued to accidental that helium has “followed each azygous protocol to a T—minus the 1 I conscionable mentioned due to the fact that it really makes nary consciousness to me. My regular daily is the regular of an unvaccinated person.”

Reports, which cited unnamed sources, this week said that Rodgers tested affirmative for the virus. Rodgers volition beryllium replaced by Jordan Love erstwhile Green Bay faces the Kansas City Chiefs connected Sunday, Packers caput manager Matt LaFleur said Wednesday.

During the interview, Rodgers confirmed his COVID-19 case, saying he’s experienced mild symptoms but “feels truly good.” The Packers backmost didn’t cognize erstwhile helium would instrumentality to the tract oregon what protocols helium would person to adhere to going forward.

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