Aaron Rodgers consulted ‘good friend’ Joe Rogan about COVID-19 treatments

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Aaron Rodgers delivered a fig of zingers successful his archetypal interrogation since investigating affirmative for COVID-19, including his shared support of ivermectin with Joe Rogan.

During an impromptu quality connected “The Pat McAfee Show” connected Friday, Rodgers said helium sought proposal from the podcast big astir treatments for coronavirus.

“I’ve consulted with a now-good person of mine, Joe Rogan, aft helium got COVID and I’ve been doing a batch of the worldly that helium recommended successful his podcasts and connected the telephone to me,” Rodgers said portion addressing the turmoil surrounding his vaccination status.

Rogan announced connected Instagram successful September that helium had tested affirmative for COVID-19, and took “all kinds of meds,” including ivermectin — a deworming cause utilized to prevent heartworm illness and dainty definite interior and outer parasites successful animals.

The Food and Drug administration has warned radical to halt ingesting the carnal and quality version of the cause to combat COVID-19, saying it tin origin nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, neurologic disorders and perchance terrible hepatitis requiring hospitalization.

“The FDA has not authorized oregon approved ivermectin for usage successful preventing oregon treating COVID-19 successful humans oregon animals. Ivermectin is approved for quality usage to dainty infections caused by some parasitic worms and caput lice and tegument conditions similar rosacea.”

While discussing his treatment, Rogers said, “I’ve been taking monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, zinc, Vitamin C and D, and HCQ and I consciousness beauteous incredible.”

RodgersAaron Rodgers and Joe RoganAP, WireImage

The reigning NFL MVP claimed helium has an allergy to mRNA successful the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and chose not to get the Johnson & Johnson changeable owed to reported broadside effects.

Instead, Rodgers said helium did extended probe (500 pages) and decided to get “immunized” — the word helium utilized successful August portion discussing COVID-19, and has been wide criticized astir since his unvaccinated presumption was revealed.

He told McAfee helium “didn’t lie” erstwhile helium utilized the word astatine an August property conference, successful which helium was unmasked.

“I recovered a agelong word immunization protocol to support myself and I’m precise arrogant of the probe that went into that,” helium said, without going into item astir what the attraction entails.

Rogers urged helium is “not an anti-vax, flat-earther” oregon “COVID-denier,” but that “I conscionable wanted to marque the champion prime for my body.”

The backmost tested affirmative for COVID-19 connected Wednesday aft feeling symptoms connected Tuesday. He’s presently isolating astatine his location successful Green Bay.

Rodgers volition miss a minimum of 10 days, including a matchup against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs connected Sunday. Backup Jordan Love will get his archetypal vocation commencement astatine Arrowhead stadium.

The NFL is investigating whether the Packers enforced the league’s COVID-19 protocols aft Rodgers tested affirmative for coronavirus and has been seen unmasked connected aggregate occasions. He besides attended a team Halloween party past week, wherever helium was pictured without a disguise with Packers choky end, Marcedes Lewis.

Rodgers volition beryllium backmost connected “The Pat McAfee Show” Tuesday for his play appearance.