Aaron Rodgers’ vaccine misdirection play smacks of entitlement

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By design, the backmost is the look of an NFL franchise, and ever since Brett Favre removed his cheesehead, Aaron Rodgers has been the look of the Green Bay Packers, a champion look astatine that.

Now? Now, you can’t assistance but deliberation that 1265 Lombardi Avenue is the location bureau for the two-faced franchise quarterback.

He ran a misdirection play erstwhile helium told everyone successful the summertime that helium was “immunized,” erstwhile helium was ne'er vaccinated. Then, aft helium tested affirmative for COVID-19, helium launched 1 of his celebrated Hail Mary’s connected Friday, attempting to warrant his arrogance and entitlement.

He gambled that helium could bushed the strategy — during a pandemic — and had the unmitigated gall and deficiency of information to behaviour indoor property conferences this play without a mask, against NFL mandates.

He would person won his gamble if helium hadn’t tested positive, and here’s hoping helium is well.

None of it is his fault, of course:

Aaron RodgersAaron RodgersAP

It’s the media’s responsibility for not asking a follow-up aft helium said helium had been immunized: Don’t blasted me, blasted the “woke mob” and “cancel culture.” The media was funny successful a “witch-hunt” to place the unvaccinated.

Yeah, right. Blame everyone else. Keep deflecting.

Longtime NFL cause Leigh Steinberg tweeted the grounds consecutive astir the NFL’s COVID policy: “This argumentation has thing to bash with “cancel culture” oregon “woke”. It was collectively bargained and agreed to by the players for their ain protection. It has produced an breathtaking play with live, non-masked crowds and fewer unavailable players.”

Apparently Martin Luther King would person approved his stance, oregon truthful Rodgers claimed connected “The Pat McAfee Show.”

“The large MLK said you person a motivation work to entity to unjust rules and rules that marque nary sense,” Rodgers told Pat McAfee.

Unjust rules that marque plentifulness of sense, oregon capable sense, to much than 90 percent of his NFL brethren. Of each times to punctuation MLK, helium chooses this cause?

He claimed helium had spoken to a league doc erstwhile the league claims helium did not.

He has the close not to beryllium vaccinated. He did his ain research? Fine. He’s allergic to thing successful the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines? OK. He’s acrophobic astir the reports of humor clots from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. OK. He trusts Joe Rogan much than the scientists? His choice. He is disquieted astir the vaccine’s imaginable effect connected fertility? Unfounded, but to each his own. He believes successful “bodily autonomy.” OK. He’s not the lone one.

But helium has nary close to enactment recklessly and disingenuously and telephone a misdirection play, and endanger anyone who whitethorn person been exposed to him portion helium brazenly neglected wearing a disguise successful defiance of the NFL’s COVID policy. Even astatine a Halloween party. And past marque excuses for his behavior.

Let america not hide that helium has fto his teammates down, due to the fact that helium volition not beryllium capable to play connected Sunday. And helium has enactment his enactment successful the crosshairs of the NFL astatine the aforesaid time.

“Failure to decently enforce the protocols has resulted successful subject being assessed against idiosyncratic clubs successful the past,” NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy said.

Maybe “Jeopardy!” wasn’t the close amusement for him to host. A remake of “The Twilight Zone” mightiness person been better. Or “Looney Tunes.”