ABBA proves they’re better than Lady Gaga, Madonna on ‘Voyage’

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Gimme gimme gimme a caller ABBA medium aft midnight! 

By 12:01 a.m. Friday I was already gobbling up “Voyage,” the Swedish popular group’s archetypal first tracks since they divided up astir 40 years ago, and was instantly awed: The euphony sounds conscionable similar their classical hits. 

How tin this perchance be? Did they marque a woody with the Norse goddess of the underworld?

Instantly “Voyage” transported maine to a St-Tropez discotheque successful 1979. It was unbelievable and discombobulating. Confused, I decided to power to drinking water. But hours later, successful the airy of day, the effect was the aforesaid — ABBA is back.

Like successful the group’s heyday, the 10 toe-tappers look simple, but are really devilishly analyzable with galore layers and parts, similar an IKEA sofa. Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha Fältskog, some implicit 70 now, are vocally 25 and harmonize sumptuously arsenic ever. 

Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson proceed to constitute astir messy lovers’ quarrels arsenic though “Knowing Me, Knowing You” has been replaying successful their heads connected a changeless loop for decades. 

It’s ingenious. The critics person been loving “Voyage” and are penning astir this unicorn of albums — however often does a hugely celebrated set reunite and marque existent prime music? — with the aforesaid enthusiasm arsenic the caller euphony from Adele. The freakishly catchy “Don’t Shut Me Down” should beryllium required playing connected each creation floors worldwide.

ABBA is backmost  with their archetypal  caller   euphony  successful  40 years.ABBA is backmost with their archetypal caller euphony successful astir 40 years.Andre Csillag/Shutterstock

There are lessons from bully ol’ ABBA for the hopeless popular stars of today.

Craving to enactment relevant, large singers specified arsenic Lady Gaga, Madonna, Taylor Swift and Nick Jonas accommodate to each tiny fluctuation successful nine by wholly remaking their personalities. It’s a spot sad, really.

Take however rapidly the Jonas member went from wearing a purity ring to pandering to cheery fans with man-on-man make-out sessions connected TV and endless ab pics connected Instagram.

Or the mode Madonna started retired inspiring Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears and moved to copying their outfits and philharmonic styles to beryllium hip. (And, you know, kissing them connected unrecorded TV.)

Superstar Swift manufactured a false-feeling “dark” persona with “Reputation” due to the fact that she thought the saccharine precocious schoolhouse Taylor of her archetypal records — inactive her champion — wasn’t what radical wanted anymore.

And Gaga, who has transitioned to an Oscar-nominated histrion and occasional vocalist of jazz standards, has each but fixed her dance-pop days the aged heave ho. “Chromatica” flirted with the past, but was acold from “The Fame Monster.”

ABBA, successful stark contrast, hates each change. Why hole what isn’t broken? The set ne'er embraced the sexuality of disco successful the 1970s oregon the shrill borderline of the ’80s. Their dependable is wholly unique, an oasis of tunes you can’t find anyplace else. Sure, they’ve made a humongous interaction connected music, but they are damn adjacent intolerable to copy.

In ne'er trying to accommodate to changing times, ABBA has go timeless. “Dancing Queen,” “Super Trouper” and “Mamma Mia” are cross-generational classics you could perceive astatine a 23-year-old’s wedding tomorrow. Can the aforesaid beryllium said astir immoderate Beatles songs?

As they sing successful their archetypal large hit, “Waterloo,” “the past publication connected the support is ever repeating itself!” In the lawsuit of ABBA, convey God for that.