‘Acapulco’s Camila Perez: There Isn’t ‘Anything Romantic’ Going On Between Julia & Maximo

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‘Acapulco’ is Apple TV+’s astir charming caller series. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Camila Perez astir what’s going connected with Julia and Maximo, Julia’s narration with Chad, and Julia’s aboriginal fate.

Apple TV+ is checking into the Las Colinas with their caller drama Acapulco. When Máximo goes to enactment astatine the hottest resort, helium winds up crossing paths with the beauteous Julia. Four episodes in, Julia and Máximo person already forged a adjacent bond.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Camila Perez astir the dynamic betwixt Máximo and Julia. She believes there’s thing “romantic” going connected astatine the infinitesimal betwixt them and defends Julia’s narration with Chad. The histrion besides revealed she was near “sobbing” erstwhile she recovered retired what happened to Julia successful the future. Read our Q&A below.

Camila PerezCamila Perez stars arsenic Julia successful the Apple TV+series. (Photographer: Chris Shintani)

Are we going to larn much astir Julia’s backstory arsenic the play goes on?
Camila Perez: I deliberation that would beryllium a small spot of a spoiler. I decidedly deliberation you’re going to get an penetration into however she benignant of functions arsenic a person. I don’t deliberation you’re going to get excessively overmuch successful her background, per se. I deliberation that’s much for similar play 2, but you’re decidedly going to larn astir her travel arsenic a manner designer. I deliberation you saw that successful occurrence 3. You’re going to get to spot a batch much of her patterns and her narration with her fellow and Maximo and her different co-workers astatine the resort.

At the extremity of occurrence 1, I was benignant of shocked that Julia was successful a narration with Chad. What bash you deliberation she sees successful Chad? He seems benignant of similar a bro.
Camila Perez: Throughout the season, you’re going to get to larn much astir him and our relationship. He’s a precise saccharine guy. He’s precise kind. He has bully intentions. He’s conscionable a small naive and that whitethorn travel disconnected arsenic a small much hard oregon conscionable antithetic compared to Maximo. But Chad adores Julia. He volition bash thing for her, and I deliberation you’re going to spot that passim the season.

With Maximo, there’s intelligibly a connection. I loved that enactment helium said to her, “They may not privation america to beryllium disposable but you merit to beryllium seen.” What tin you accidental astir the authorities of their dynamic going forward?
Camila Perez: I don’t deliberation there’s thing romantic. I deliberation it’s much of helium comes from a akin inheritance arsenic Julia, truthful they’re capable to link a small spot successful that. They’re some dreamers, truthful they’re besides capable to link connected that. But I deliberation I’m conscionable determination to benignant of assistance him. His imagination was to enactment astatine Las Colinas and helium benignant of sees that not everything that shines is gold. I deliberation I’m conscionable a airy successful his beingness currently, benignant of similar that idiosyncratic who’s determination to enactment him passim the full acquisition astatine this resort, but I deliberation they’re conscionable friends. I can’t truly accidental what happens to them, but arsenic of now, she’s conscionable determination to beryllium a bully friend.

AcapulcoCamila Perez and Enrique Arrizon successful ‘Acapulco.’ (Apple TV+)

She whitethorn spot him arsenic conscionable a friend, but I don’t cognize if helium sees her arsenic conscionable a friend.
Camila Perez: I mean, from occurrence 1, he’s similar successful that slow-motion scene, “Oh my god, this is an angel.”

I cognize you can’t accidental what happens, but what was your absorption erstwhile you learned wherever Julia ends up eventually?
Camila Perez: I’m not going to lie. This is simply a cliche erstwhile they inquire actors and they archer you the truth, but I retrieve they called maine into this country to talk to the writers and the showrunner. It was a one-on-one to spell done the arc of the show. The lone accusation that I knew was beauteous overmuch the pilot, and past evidently occurrence by occurrence we were having a array read, but we didn’t cognize wherever we were going to extremity up with everything. When we started getting towards the middle, I started seeing a batch of things with my character. I was like, “I’m a small confused. What’s going connected here?” And past they yet told me. I’m not kidding, I started sobbing. I was like, “Holy crap.” It was conscionable precise emotional. I conscionable didn’t expect it due to the fact that usually shows are precise predictable, but this is conscionable precise like… what the hellhole is going on? It was conscionable precise affectional to find retired wherever she was going to extremity up.

Chad’s ma runs the hotel. How does she consciousness astir the narration betwixt Julia and Chad?
Camila Perez: Again, that could beryllium a small spot of a spoiler. You ne'er cognize what’s going done this lady’s head. She’s this aged Hollywood actress, and she moved to Mexico to person a antithetic life. You haven’t learned wherefore she moved to Mexico. That’s different crippled twist. It’s really hilarious, but you don’t truly cognize what’s going connected with this woman until the extremity of the season. I can’t accidental excessively overmuch astir that.

This amusement was filmed successful Mexico. What was it similar being capable to bring that benignant of authenticity to the show?
Camila Perez: I thought it was awesome. I’m not from Mexico. I’m primitively from Colombia, truthful it was decidedly being exposed to a antithetic culture, but it was awesome due to the fact that we lived astatine that resort. We lived astatine Las Colinas. Especially due to the fact that of COVID, we were nether a strict bubble with Apple. We couldn’t permission the edifice for 3 months. That was besides precise absorbing due to the fact that we virtually lived wherever we worked. It besides helped our chemistry due to the fact that we were seeing each different each day. We were unneurotic 24/7. Not lone the castmates, but the manager lived with us, the producers lived connected set, the operation workers that built the sets lived with us, truthful I deliberation everything benignant of helped the colour of the edifice — the pink, the wardrobe, the hair, the makeup, everything was precise astatine ease. Sometimes they person to sprout successful antithetic countries due to the fact that possibly it’s cheaper oregon possibly for different reasons, but having the accidental to sprout successful Mexico and virtually surviving that civilization 1,000 percent helped not lone the amusement but besides for america to embody these characters.

You’ve had a assortment of antithetic roles implicit the years. What was it astir this quality that truly stood retired to you?
Camila Perez: I deliberation it was the mode it was written. I besides similar the radical down it. They’ve done the champion comedies successful the States, and besides that it was a amusement astir breaking the stereotypes of Latin people. We evidently are the unit of this resort, but you get to spot much than that. I deliberation this show’s much astir values and however Latin radical are besides dreamers. I deliberation we’re not truly shown successful that light. I deliberation successful past shows, I’ve been precise fortunate to work, but it’s the stereotypical characters: the young and pregnant, the miss adjacent door, the sexy, fiery Latina, oregon the cause addict. With Julia, she’s this precise intelligent young miss who wants to beryllium a manner designer, and you get to spot a batch astir that. They amusement much of a quality broadside of however we are due to the fact that Latin radical tin besides beryllium lawyers oregon doctors. I consciousness similar this amusement besides shows that we’re conscionable similar everybody else. I consciousness similar successful a batch of places, radical spot the unit astatine the help. They don’t truly recognize wherefore are they doing this job. They’re besides radical that possibly didn’t person the fiscal presumption to possibly spell to schoolhouse oregon to spend definite things. They’re conscionable doing this due to the fact that they person to, but they person dreams and families conscionable similar everybody else. They person household conscionable similar the CEO of a company. We’re conscionable the aforesaid and I consciousness similar the amusement truly shows that backstory of invisible people. When you spell to a restaurant, you conscionable spot your server serving you, but you don’t cognize wherefore he’s doing it. Maybe helium was a truly celebrated manager oregon writer successful his state and present helium has to travel present and commencement from scratch. You conscionable don’t know, and you get to spot a batch of wrong accusation that possibly radical didn’t know.