Adam Levine Looks Pissed As Fan Rushes Stage To Hug Him During Live Maroon 5 Show – Watch

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October 26, 2021 10:38AM EDT

Rule 1 of a Maroon 5 concert: don’t interaction Adam Levine. The vocalist was NOT pleased erstwhile a instrumentality rushed the signifier and wrapped her arms astir him portion helium was successful the mediate of a song.

Maroon 5’s “Happy” is each astir feeling “too precocious (happy) to bring maine down / can’t thing (happy) bring maine down. However, the aforesaid can’t beryllium said astir vocalist Adam Levine during Saturday’s performance. While Adam, 42, and the radical were connected signifier during the We Can Survive performance astatine the Hollywood Bowl, 1 instrumentality decided to sprout her shot. She got up arsenic Maroon 5 played “Sunday Morning” and threw her arms astir Adam. Judging by the look connected his face, Adam wasn’t pleased, not 1 bit.


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♬ Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

A instrumentality who was adjacent to the signifier captured the enactment and posted it to TikTok. In the footage, Adam seems somewhat shocked that idiosyncratic grabbed him. He past mouths the word, “f-ck!” portion shaking disconnected the interaction. In footage captured by Barry King (and posted to YouTube), Adam walks crossed the signifier and knocks implicit a mic stand, somewhat frustrated astatine the interruption (about 4 minutes in.) However, helium rapidly runs to the other broadside of the signifier to decorativeness the song.

Reaction to the enactment was mixed. “He needs to beryllium down and beryllium humble for a sec,” wrote 1 instrumentality connected TikTok. “He doesn’t person to beryllium humbled,” argued another, adding, “A random idiosyncratic invaded his idiosyncratic abstraction during a pandemic.” “Bruh, helium was virtually doing his damn JOB, and a unusual came up and touched him. He didn’t overreact astatine all,” said another. “He should enactment similar that with each his money, cars, and houses that [were] fixed to him by FANS.” The We Can Survive performance besides had performances by Shawn MendesBlack Eyed PeasColdplayDoja Cat, and The Kid LAROI. No connection if immoderate of them had akin instrumentality experiences.

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This instrumentality glomping comes a fewer months aft Adam had different performance faux pas, but helium had lone himself to blasted for this one. While the set was performing astatine the American Family Insurance Amphitheater successful Milwaukee connected Aug. 19, Adam got astir halfway done “She Will Be Loved” earlier mistakenly singing the 2nd verse earlier the first. “I f-cked up!” helium said to the assemblage portion stopping the song. “I person ne'er done that before. In 20 f-cking years that I’ve been singing that song… I person not 1 clip f-cked that up,” helium said, astonished. Adam past said that helium didn’t “need to admit it” due to the fact that the assemblage “came with maine connected the journey.”