Add Potato Chips to Your Next Batch of Cookie Dough

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“How bully does thing person to be?” is simply a question my fellow often asks, usually aft I person tweaked, elevated, oregon different fucked with a classical look that did not “need” specified modification. (It’s similar helium doesn’t recognize what I bash for a living!) I fishy these murphy chipped cocoa spot cookies volition elicit this question from him...until helium tastes them, that is.

Potato chips successful cookies look similar a gimmick astatine first. The salty-sweet happening feels a tad overplayed—though it is 1 of my favourite spirit combinations—but murphy chips bash much than connection an Instagramable nutrient moment. They evidently adhd salt, but it’s the starchy, delicately crisp texture that makes them a existent pleasance to devour successful a cookie. The brackish balances the sweetness, and the chip’s texture offers a subtle counterbalance to the doughy chew.

Lest you deliberation this is yet different quirky Claire affectation, cognize that galore women (some of them grandmothers!) person been making unadulterated potato spot cookies—with nary different mix-ins—for generations. They clasp their ain arsenic the prima of the cookie, but you tin usage them successful beauteous overmuch immoderate driblet cooky look that calls for mix-ins.

For example: If a cocoa spot cooky look calls for a cupful of nuts (or adjacent if it doesn’t), regenerate them with a cupful of mildly crushed murphy chips. Actually, I would regenerate them with at least 1 1/2, if not 2 cups of crushed murphy chips, arsenic a bladed and crispy murphy spot lacks the bulky beingness of a pecan.

To hole the chips for cookie-fication, fig retired however galore cups of crushed chips you privation successful your dough. (For a modular cocoa spot recipe, specified arsenic the 1 you’d find connected a container of cocoa chips, this is 1 1/2 to 2 cups.) Multiply that magnitude by two, past adhd that magnitude of full chips to a large zip-top container and mildly crush them. Measure retired your 1 1/2 to 2 cups of crushed chips—depending connected however salty you privation your salty-sweet cooky to be—and proceed with your look arsenic usual.

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