Adelaide Crows apologise to AFL great Eddie Betts for camp trauma

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Adelaide main enforcement Tim Silvers has publically and privately apologised to Eddie Betts for the trauma the AFL large suffered during the Crows’ ill-fated pre-season campy successful 2018.

Silvers told reporters astatine the club’s West Lakes office that helium had reached retired to Betts via substance connected Wednesday greeting aft bombshell claims astir the arguable 2018 grooming campy came to airy with the merchandise of Betts’s autobiography.

“We’ve got a enactment and a civilization [now] that we’re driving that prioritises others and I deliberation we tin determination forward, but we would similar to accidental atrocious to Eddie and anyone other who had a antagonistic acquisition passim the camp,” said Silvers, who assumed the CEO relation successful March 2021.

An Indigenous icon and 1 of the AFL’s top tiny forwards, Betts claims the acquisition connected the Gold Coast pursuing the Crows’ daze 2017 expansive last nonaccomplishment was “weird” and “disrespectful”.

In the book, Betts claims delicate Aboriginal taste rituals were appropriated by organisers of the camp, including a First Nations peoples’ ritual of a “talking stick”, which Betts says was utilized incorrectly.

“There was each sorts of weird crap that was disrespectful to galore cultures, but peculiarly and highly disrespectful to my culture,” Betts wrote successful his book, The Boy from Boomerang Crescent.

“Things were yelled astatine maine that I had disclosed to the camp’s ‘counsellors’ astir my upbringing. I was exhausted, drained and distressed astir the details being shared. I felt similar I’d mislaid the thrust to play footy, and to beryllium honest, I’m not definite I ever had the aforesaid vigor I did earlier that camp.”

Mark Ricciuto, the Crows’ long-time shot director, addressed Betts’ claims connected Wednesday morning.

“It’s bittersweet to perceive Eddie constitute that, due to the fact that he’s been 1 of the greats of the shot club,” the Brownlow medallist and erstwhile Crows champion told his Triple M meal show. “I’m not definite if there’s anyone who’s thrilled the assemblage much than Eddie Betts.

“I deliberation the club’s been connected grounds astatine times to accidental they admit it wasn’t handled perfectly, it had each bully intentions, but it didn’t spell perfectly. We each emotion Eddie, and hopefully Eddie’s getting implicit that.

“That was 4 years ago, surely the nine has moved connected from that and looking towards the aboriginal and person made a batch of crushed since then.”

Betts played for the Crows until the extremity of 2019, earlier requesting a commercialized backmost to his archetypal club, Carlton. He added different 36 games for the Blues, earlier retiring astatine the extremity of past play pursuing 350 AFL matches.

The Crows person failed to suffice for the finals since the 2017 decider and are 3 seasons into a rebuild nether caller manager Matthew Nicks.

A SafeWork SA probe past twelvemonth cleared Adelaide of breaching wellness and information laws and an AFL probe successful October 2018 cleared the Crows of immoderate regularisation breach.

Betts’ communicative adjacent prompted Indigenous Australians Minister Linda Burney to talk out, saying “no 1 deserves to beryllium treated” however the now-35-year-old says helium was.

“Eddie’s distressing acquisition is an important reminder connected wherefore we request to bash amended astatine knowing and respecting Indigenous civilization and traditions,” Burney tweeted.