Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler sued for 1970s sexual battery and assault of minor

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A pistillate who says she had a intersexual narration with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler erstwhile she was 16 is suing him successful California, nether a authorities instrumentality that has temporarily extended the statute of limitations for adults to instrumentality ineligible enactment connected intersexual maltreatment they suffered arsenic children.

Julia Holcomb Misley, who has spoken retired publically for years astir Tyler’s attraction of her arsenic a teenager, filed a lawsuit successful Los Angeles connected Tuesday alleging intersexual battery, intersexual battle and intentional infliction of distress during a three-year play successful the 1970s.

“Because I cognize that I americium not the lone 1 who suffered maltreatment successful the euphony industry, I consciousness it is clip for maine to instrumentality this stand,” Misley, present 65, said successful a statement. She said the extremity of her suit was to “make the euphony manufacture safer, exposure the predators successful it, and exposure those forces successful the manufacture that person some enabled and created a civilization of permissiveness and self-protection of themselves and the personage offenders among them”.

While the suit does not sanction Tyler, referring to him lone arsenic “Doe 1”, a “well-known instrumentalist and stone star”, the ailment quotes straight from Tyler’s 2011 memoir, Does the Noise successful My Head Bother You?, successful which the stone prima describes his intersexual narration with a 16-year-old miss helium picked up aft a amusement successful 1973, including convincing her parents to springiness him ineligible custody of her, “so I wouldn’t get arrested if I took her retired of state”.

However, Misley’s lawyers named Tyler successful a property merchandise astir the case. Representatives for the vocalist did not instantly respond to a petition for comment.

In the lawsuit, Misley says that the stone prima met her aft a performance successful Seattle successful 1973, erstwhile she had conscionable turned 16, and that helium took her backmost to a hotel, wherever she told him her property and described her troubled household background. The instrumentalist “performed assorted acts of transgression intersexual conduct”, and past sent her location successful a taxi, according to the lawsuit.

He soon followed up to connection her a summons to different show, saying “he would bargain the level summons truthful that she could question separately from him since she was a insignificant and could not question with [him] crossed authorities lines”.

He would spell connected to usage his powerfulness and power arsenic a salient stone prima to “groom, manipulate, exploit, [and] sexually assault” the teen “over the people of 3 years successful galore states crossed the country”, including successful California, the suit alleges.

Julia Holcomb Misley and Steven Tyler successful  Inglewood, California, successful  1975.
Julia Holcomb Misley and Steven Tyler successful Inglewood, California, successful 1975. Photograph: Mark Sullivan/Contour by Getty Images

After her sophomore twelvemonth successful precocious school, the suit alleges, the stone prima brought the teen to enactment with him successful Boston, past convinced her not to instrumentality location to school, but question with him connected the roadworthy instead. He convinced her parent to let him to go her ineligible guardian, “promising helium would enroll her successful school” and supply her with amended enactment than her parent could, but successful fact, lone “continued to question with, battle and supply intoxicant and drugs” to her.

When Misley became pregnant, successful 1975, the stone prima was present “both the begetter of Plaintiff’s unborn kid and her ineligible guardian”, the suit alleges, and helium told her not to question due prenatal care, disquieted “he would get successful trouble” with doctors.

Later, aft she was trapped wrong a burning flat and suffered from fume inhalation, helium coerced her to get an abortion, causing her years of distress, the suit alleges.

Misley’s narration with Tyler was good documented: “Julia Holcomb” was named successful a 1976 Rolling Stone illustration of the stone star, successful which she was portrayed arsenic a woman who was perpetually successful his company. The 2 had been photographed together, and Misley was interviewed astir her interactions with Tyler successful a 2021 documentary, Look Away, which focused connected the maltreatment of young women successful the euphony manufacture during the 70s and 80s.

Tyler’s 2011 memoir devotes respective pages to his upbeat and sexually graphic recollections of a three-year narration with an anonymous teenage “groupie” helium compares to Kate Hudson’s quality successful the movie Almost Famous, penning that helium was “so successful emotion I astir took a teen bride”.

“With my atrocious aforesaid being twenty-six and she hardly aged capable to thrust and sexy arsenic hell, I conscionable fell madly successful emotion with her,” Tyler wrote.

A “Julia Halcomb” is named successful his book’s acknowledgments. In Misley’s lawsuit, she accuses the stone prima of inflicting further affectional distress connected her done the “involuntary infamy” of being described successful graphic presumption successful his memoirs, which created further trauma, and heavy feelings of shame, humiliation and fearfulness successful her.

Misley “was successful enactment astatine a market store and saw a representation of herself connected a tabloid that referred to her arsenic DEFENDANT DOE 1’s teen lover. The caption nether Plaintiff’s photograph read, ‘She was 15 erstwhile they fell successful love. He’s described her arsenic having “more legs than a bucket of chicken,”’” the suit alleges. The aforesaid tabloid communicative included explicit details of her coerced abortion.

Misley has since go an anti-abortion advocator successful the US, speaking and penning astir her acquisition with Tyler successful the discourse of campaigns to bounds termination rights, including an interrogation with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and a agelong written portion connected an anti-abortion advocacy site. Her suit and statements emphasised the value of her Catholic faith, and said that she believed information wrong the Catholic religion had been improved due to the fact that of ineligible efforts to tackle the intersexual maltreatment of children wrong the church.

Misley’s suit was filed conscionable days earlier the extremity of a three-year window, created by a 2019 California law, that gave big survivors a accidental to record lawsuits astir kid intersexual maltreatment that occurred decades ago.

The impending deadline has resulted successful a flood of caller lawsuits, including much than 2,000 against the Catholic church, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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