AEW’s Athena Reveals Which Monster Movie She’d Remake While Picking Songs For ‘The Sound Of Halloween’

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Lizzo encounters a Death Eater portion    enjoying a nighttime  retired  astatine  "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" during Halloween Horror Nights astatine  Universal Studios Hollywood connected  Saturday, September 10, 2022.

Pete Wentz and Seth Green astatine  Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights connected  September 30, 2022

Nicole Richie astatine  Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights connected  October 2, 2022

Image Credit: Courtesy of AEW

Boo! It’s Halloween! Throughout October, HollywoodLife is running The Sound Of Halloweenwhere immoderate of your favourite fiends of the music, movies, television, and popular civilization worlds prime songs that should beryllium connected your Halloween 2022 playlist. For this installment, it’s All Elite Wrestling’s Athena, who is nary alien to having immoderate costume fun.

Athena enjoys the presumption — and she’s formal successful Halloween colors (Courtesy of AEW)

Athena is besides nary alien to Halloween. “Well, I got joined connected [the holiday] successful a Dungeons & Dragons/Harry Potter/Game Of Thrones wedding,” she tells HollywoodLife when discussing her upcoming plans. She and “Pro Wrestling Monster Hunter” Matthew Palmer tied the knot successful 2021, proving not lone that all’s just successful emotion and wrestling, but that the spooky play tin beryllium conscionable arsenic romanticist arsenic Valentine’s Day.

While Athena’s Halloween volition beryllium spent celebrating her archetypal wedding anniversary, determination volition beryllium plentifulness of moster mashin’ successful the weeks ahead. The AEW roster boasts creatures of the nighttime similar the uncanny and terrifying Abadon, the “Native Beast” Nyla Rose, and the existent TBS Champion (and cosplay enthusiast) Jade Cargill. It’s imaginable Athena mightiness extremity October with a title loop astir her waist – which is overmuch amended than a full-size candy bar. In the meantime, cheque retired her picks for HL’s The Sound of Halloween. And beryllium definite to tune into AEW’s Rampage, airing connected TNT (check section listings).

Athena’s Halloween Playlist Picks

Set it Off, “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”

Panic At The Disco, “Emperor’s New Clothes”

Eminem, “Godzilla”

Stevie Wonder, “Superstition”

Journey, “Separate Ways (Stranger Things Version)”

HollywoodLfe: What is your astir salient Halloween memory?

Well, I got joined connected Halloween successful a Dungeons & Dragons/Harry Potter/Game Of Thrones wedding, But the different happening that pops into my caput is my brother, and I lone instrumentality oregon treating astatine the houses that near candy bowls connected the structure lol. Because it was a escaped for all/ instrumentality it each situation. We were precise much, truthful a trick-or-treat smarter not harder.

What bash you deliberation volition beryllium the astir fashionable Halloween costume this year? What SHOULD be, successful your mind?   

I powerfully deliberation it should beryllium Ugly Sonic from 2022’s Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers.  But I consciousness similar it volition beryllium Black Adam oregon possibly Lady Thor

Do you person immoderate peculiar October/Halloween traditions? 

I ticker Hocus Pocus and the archetypal Halloweentown every twelvemonth astir this time, but usually I americium celebrating my anniversary. Soo bully nutrient and an awesome Halloween-themed dessert.

Athena successful a purple haze (Courtesy of Athena)

If fixed a fund and escaped scope to bash whatever, what fearfulness movie would you prima in? You tin remake immoderate movie of the past, oregon you could make your own. 

PUMPKINHEAD!!!!!!  Hands down. We tin bring backmost Lance Henrickson! I don’t adjacent attraction what quality I am! I conscionable emotion this movie! Would emotion to beryllium a portion of it successful immoderate way.

What’s connected the docket for October and the remainder of the year?

I person a  [tabletop roleplaying] mini-series coming retired connected my twitch and youtube channels precise soon. ( I’ll beryllium playing rather a fewer caller video games arsenic good that travel retired successful Nov.

But you tin drawback each week successful the wrestling ringing with All Elite Wrestling connected TBS, TNT, and youtube!