Afghan Teachers Are Finding Ways Around Taliban's School Ban For Girls

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Teachers successful Afghanistan are opening concealed and mobile schools to proceed acquisition for young girls, though the Taliban has banned it.

When the U.S. near Afghanistan a twelvemonth ago, acquisition was 1 of the galore casualties, particularly for girls.   

The Taliban, going backmost connected a promise, banned girls from nationalist schoolhouse aft sixth grade. Now teachers similar Sodaba Nazhand are defying the caller authorities and moving concealed schools for girls who person obscurity to go.

"After schools were closed for girls, I decided to supply an situation for girls successful a hidden school... and we acceptable up chairs and tables successful a location truthful they tin travel and survey here," said Nazhand, English connection teacher and laminitis of Informal School for Girls.

About 250 students larn mathematics and subject wrong a location successful Kabul, Afghanistan.

"It is precise disappointing," said Dunya Arabzada, secondary schoolhouse student, done a translator. "It is antithetic to beryllium successful a due schoolhouse than here, but I spot a batch of my classmates who can't travel here, and they enactment astatine home."

In a survey of astir 1,700 boys and girls conducted by Save the Children, 45% of each girls accidental they don’t spell to schoolhouse astatine all, compared with lone 20% of boys. 

In Afghanistan today, the Taliban parades done the capitol, and successful confederate cities similar Spin Boldak adjacent the Pakistan border, determination are nary schools astatine each for children. So, schoolhouse comes to them. 

It's a bright-blue mobile schoolroom and room wherever boys and girls grades 1 done six travel to ticker videos, perceive stories and larn English.

The schoolhouse is tally by an enactment called Pen-Path.

"It’s precise important due to the fact that tons of radical request education, particularly girls," said Pen-Path co-founder Matiulla Wesa.

Pen-Path teachers supply escaped lessons successful 2 four-hour sessions each day.

"We effort our champion to amended the students," translator Mohammad Dawood said. "The concern of the state volition alteration lone if the aboriginal procreation of the state is educated."

The planetary assemblage is demanding the Taliban re-open schools for each girls, but until then, the conflict to alteration the satellite volition beryllium fought successful mostly hidden classrooms.

"They are the aforesaid Taliban of 20 years ago, but we can't beryllium the women of 20 years ago," Nazhand said. "We person to proceed our conflict with the pen and our voices."