After Brexit, I have to pay £55 to release my husband’s present

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I bought a rucksack from online marketplace Wardow arsenic a contiguous for my husband. It came to £217 and I was amazed to beryllium notified that the bundle was being held by customs and I needed to wage a merchandise interest of £55.29.

I did not realise the goods would beryllium dispatched from Germany due to the fact that each the prices were successful pounds sterling. The £55.29 invoice from Parcelforce is for £10.88 customs duty, £32.41 import VAT and £12 clearance fee.

Wardow said determination should not person been immoderate charges due to the fact that they are VAT registered successful the UK. The £217 full included £36.17 tax.

It advised maine to wage the interest and reclaim it from HMRC by filling successful a BOR286 form. It besides gave a 10% refund arsenic a goodwill gesture.

I paid the fees and submitted the form, but HMRC says that arsenic the worth of my acquisition was much than £135, the charges were correct. Who is right?

Before Brexit, UK consumers were escaped to bargain items from anyplace successful the EU without incurring import duties and different charges. Now, for online orders worthy £135 oregon less, VAT is included successful the terms by the retailer and past paid to HMRC.

Above this, nary VAT should beryllium charged by the retailer. You should expect to pay the transportation company which volition see customs work arsenic good arsenic its admin charge.

The accusation you were fixed by Wardow was not close fixed the worth of your order. Its website says “all orders with shipping successful the UK are dispatched taxed without exception” and determination whitethorn beryllium “additional customs fees”. It did not respond to a petition for a comment.

You got immoderate wealth backmost from the institution but would not person made the acquisition had you realised the other costs.

HMRC urges shoppers to “check the guidance to guarantee they afloat recognize erstwhile and however charges are incurred”.

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