After Election Firm CEO’s Arrest, Republicans Push to Terminate Contract With Georgia County

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Atlanta-area Republicans were tarred past period arsenic “election deniers” and “conspiracy theorists” for expressing concerns astir Konnech, an predetermination subcontractor with alleged Chinese links.

The DeKalb County Elections Board disregarded the concerns and finalized a declaration with Konnech.

But successful a stunning crook of events, the company’s CEO Eugene Yu was arrested by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s bureau earlier this week for allegedly storing the data of Los Angeles County elections workers successful China successful usurpation of its declaration with the county.

Now, DeKalb County’s Republican Chairwoman Marci McCarthy is requesting the region Elections Board to terminate its declaration with Konnech.

“The DeKalb Board of Elections is exposing County taxpayers to bonzer ineligible hazard and fiscal liability if they cannot enforce the presumption of the declaration with Konnech—which guarantees that Konnech stores the information successful the Continental United States successful a certified Microsoft Azure hosting facility,” McCarthy said successful a missive to the five-member board.

“If Personal Identifiable Information (PII) belonging to predetermination unit and canvass workers has been oregon could beryllium transferred to China, arsenic alleged successful California, the hazard and outgo of a people enactment suit could beryllium devastating to DeKalb County finances. This represents a clear, avoidable, and unnecessary hazard to DeKalb County.”

Epoch Times Photo Dekalb County GOP Chairman Marci McCarthy speaks astatine an election-night lawsuit successful Atlanta connected May 24, 2022. (Megan Varner/Getty Images)

The Elections Board was assessing the concern and waiting for much accusation earlier acting, a spokesperson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution connected Wednesday. The committee did not respond to a petition for remark by The Epoch Times.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon, 1 of the nation’s astir leftist prosecutors, said successful a press release that the lawsuit against Konnech does not impact elector oregon elections fraud. The District Attorney’s bureau did not respond to a petition for much accusation by The Epoch Times.

McCarthy acknowledged that Poll Chief, Konnech’s bundle successful question, isn’t utilized for ballots oregon ballot tabulation.

But, she said, it provides idiosyncratic accusation that could springiness whoever holds the accusation nonstop entree to paid seasonal canvass workers and unpaid canvass watchers. Seasonal canvass workers are not issued enactment email addresses, truthful the committee communicates via their idiosyncratic email addresses, McCarthy told The Epoch Times. She said that arsenic she tries to capable canvass watcher slots for Election Day, she is facing much and much concerns connected this contented from imaginable volunteers.

Yu, whose institution is based successful East Lansing, Michigan, was arrested successful the country by investigators from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, assisted by section constabulary from Meridian Township.

Epoch Times Photo Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón speaks astatine a property league successful Los Angeles, Calif., connected Dec. 8, 2021. (Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images)

California sought his extradition. A section District Court authoritative initially ordered him to stay successful jailhouse until an extradition hearing, but a section justice connected Thursday granted Yu’s petition for a $1 cardinal bond. The judge ordered him to deterioration a GPS tether, springiness his passport to Michigan authorities and surrender to Los Angeles authorities by October 14.

The institution has a five-year, $2.9 cardinal declaration with Los Angeles County. Its website earlier Thursday said it had “thousands” of clients. But that was updated by the day to read, “From Konnech’s first-client concern with the City of Detroit to the 32 clients we presently enactment with wrong North America, our Founder and President, Eugene Yu, has implemented a client-centered approach.”

“We are continuing to ascertain the details of what we judge to beryllium Mr. Yu’s wrongful detention by LA County authorities,” Konnech said successful a statement. “Any LA County canvass idiosyncratic information that Konnech whitethorn person possessed was provided to it by LA County, and truthful could not person been ‘stolen’ arsenic suggested.”

“This probe is acrophobic solely with the idiosyncratic identifying accusation of predetermination workers,” Gascon’s bureau said successful a statement. “In this case, the alleged behaviour had nary interaction connected the tabulation of votes and did not change predetermination results. But information successful each aspects of immoderate predetermination is indispensable truthful that we each person afloat religion successful the integrity of the predetermination process.”

Dan M. Berger