Agnes Tirop: Kenyan Olympian’s funeral attended by over 1,000 mourners

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More than 1,000 mourners gathered for the ceremonial of long-distance Olympic runner Agnes Tirop, a rising prima successful Kenya’s highly competitory athletics scene.

Tirop was recovered stabbed to death successful her location successful the Great Rift Valley municipality of Iten connected 13 October. Her ceremonial was held connected the time she would person turned 26.

Mourners, including chap athletes, lined up to scatter flowers connected a achromatic coffin which had a representation of Tirop, grinning and holding up a bronze medal, placed connected top.

“For america Kenyans, we person mislaid a hero,” said Hellen Obiri, the women’s 5,000m satellite champion and a mentor to Tirop. “I told her that successful 2022, she was to spell and support my titles and correspond our country,” Obiri said.

Police arrested Tirop’s husband, Ibrahim Rotich, successful the coastal metropolis of Mombasa past week, and helium has been arraigned connected suspicion of her murder. Neither Rotich, nor his representatives, person made immoderate nationalist comments connected the case.

Last month, Tirop smashed the women-only 10km satellite grounds successful Germany. She won bronze medals astatine the 2017 and 2019 satellite championships successful the 10,000m.

Tirop grew up successful a humble farming household successful the Kenyan highlands successful Nandi County. Her endowment for moving became evident successful 4th grade, erstwhile she won a cross-country contention and she soon entered into and won planetary juniors races. Her vocation had been connected the emergence ever since.

After her killing, constabulary recovered successful her location an athletics trophy that she had yet to unwrap.

“A disciplined, polite jock … I bash not know. I bash not cognize what to say,” said manager Julius Kirwa.