‘AGT: All-Stars’ Recap: Heidi Klum Gives Her Golden Buzzer To A Talented Magician Who Is Just 13

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Power Duo

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 ALL-STARS -- "Judges/Host" -- Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Terry Crews, Simon Cowell -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

 Trae Patton/NBC)

 Trae Patton/NBC)

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In the 4th week of auditions on AGT: All-Stars, Heidi Klum is the lone justice with the powerfulness of the Golden Buzzer. Only 1 enactment volition triumph her Golden Buzzer and get sent consecutive to the final. The 2nd enactment volition beryllium voted connected by the superfans.

The archetypal show of the nighttime comes from Power Duo from Phillippine’s Got Talent. They’re besides a mates and person a lad together. Their aerial enactment is taken to the adjacent level by their large chemistry. “I emotion you two,” Simon Cowell says aft the performance.

Power DuoPower Duo during their ‘AGT: All-Stars’ performance. (NBC)

Howie Mandel reveals that helium noticed a mistake successful the routine. Heidi doesn’t attraction astir the mistake. “It was beauteous to watch,” she tells the couple.

Cristina Rae, Heidi’s erstwhile Golden Buzzer in AGT play 15, is backmost for a 2nd accidental astatine winning connected the AGT stage. She stuns with her show of Lady Gaga’s “Hold My Hand.” Heidi and Simon springiness her a lasting ovation.

“You’re specified a talent,” Simon tells Cristina. “You merit to beryllium successful the final.” Howie doesn’t deliberation that was an “out of the parkland song.” Heidi gushes it’s been an “honor” to person Cristina connected signifier again.

The Human Fountains of AGT play 13 instrumentality to beryllium to Simon they tin triumph All-Stars. They spit each that h2o to “God Bless America.” Simon winds up pressing his reddish X. Simon tells the trio that they’re decidedly “missing the 4th person” they primitively had. He’s “struggling with where” this enactment tin go.

Cello players Emil and Daniel from AGT play 9 are each grown up. They play their cellos to “Take On Me.” Simon admits helium “wasn’t expecting” that performance. Howie doesn’t cognize if they’ve “raised the bar” this clip around. “You’re truly talented, but you’re some truly boring. I don’t mean that to beryllium rude,” Simon says.

Darius MabdaDarius Mabda connected ‘AGT: All-Stars.’ (NBC)

Darius Mabda begins to outcry conscionable earlier his performance. This is his archetypal clip successful America. He’s from Romania and is lone 14 years old. He adjacent won Romania’s Got Talent. He shows disconnected his stellar dancing skills to Shawn Mendes’ “In My Blood.”

Heidi calls Darius “incredible.” The 14-year-old reveals helium got inspired to go a dancer by watching AGT. Simon has a batch of respect for Darius and thinks helium has a existent changeable astatine making the final.

The spook origin gets turned up a notch erstwhile the AGT play 13 viral enactment Sacred Riana takes the signifier again. She has the judges prime thing retired of a container and brings Howie up to the stage. The full show has weird voodoo vibes. At the extremity of the act, Howie holds up a enactment that reads, “I’m coming for you, Howie.” Suddenly, the country goes acheronian and Sacred Riana disappears.

Aidan McCann is simply a 13-year-old magician from Ireland. Simon calls the Britain’s Got Talent alum a real-life Harry Potter. He keeps the assemblage intrigued the full time. “That was unbelievable,” Simon says. Heidi thinks Aidan is “such a small star.” She adds, “You sparkle.” Heidi is truthful impressed by Aidan that she gives him the Golden Buzzer, sending him consecutive to the final.

Aidan McCannAidan McCann with Simon Cowell. (NBC)

AGT play 14 instrumentality fave Robert Finley rocks retired connected signifier with his latest performance. Since his past clip connected AGT, he’s released an medium and toured with the Black Keys. Robert receives a lasting ovation from each 3 judges. Simon wishes that helium had a platinum buzzer for Robert. “Gold’s not adjacent bully capable for that,” helium says.

Mini Droids, a breakdance radical that won Belgium’s Got Talent, bring the amusive with their performance. Simon asks if immoderate of them tin sing, and nary of them can. He doesn’t judge this show was bully capable to win. “I hold that you could amp it up a small bit,” Heidi says.

The last show of the nighttime is from AGT play 14 radical Ndlovu Youth Choir. They sing an inspiring archetypal song. “I emotion however vibrant you are wrong and out,” Heidi says. Howie says they performed similar a “finished Broadway show,” and this should person been a Golden Buzzer moment.

After 10 performances, lone 1 much enactment is joining Aidan McCann successful the final. The apical 3 of the nighttime are Power Duo, Ndlovu Youth Choir, and Darius Mabda. The enactment moving connected to the finale is… POWER DUO!

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