Alabama Coal Miners Protest BlackRock In New York City

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By Newsy Staff

and Associated Press
November 5, 2021

More than 100 workers employed astatine Warrior Met Coal — which BlackRock is an capitalist successful — are demanding higher wages and amended moving conditions.

Alabama ember miners are demanding amended pay, saying they hazard their lives each time with not overmuch to amusement for it.Hundreds of miners picketed extracurricular the Manhattan office of BlackRock successful New York City Thursday.

The miners walked disconnected the occupation 7 months ago, years aft they accidental they gave up millions successful concessions to assistance the institution ascent retired of bankruptcy. Now that BlackRock is doing good again, they privation their cut.

"We're  striking for respect. We're striking for everything we mislaid backmost successful 2016," says Brian Kelly, president of United Mine Workers of America Local 2245. "We mislaid six dollars an hour, we lone got clip disconnected for holidays connected Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas, the remainder of the holidays we had to work, they tin enactment america 7 days a week up to 16 hours a time and our wellness security got truly lousy."

The miners onslaught is 1 of the longest successful the country. The U.S. has seen weeks of labour unrest crossed respective industries. Other ongoing strikes see workers astatine John Deere and Kellogg.

Additional reporting by The Associated Press.