Alabama Governor Signs Order to Fight Federal Vaccine Mandate

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Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) signed an executive order Monday to request authorities agencies bash not comply with national coronavirus vaccine mandates.

Executive Order 724 declares the “nonenforcement of national COVID-19 vaccination mandates” effectual instantly crossed the state.

“Effective immediately, nary agency, department, board, commission, oregon different entity wrong the enforcement subdivision of authorities authorities shall, nether colour of authorities law, question to enforce a punishment connected immoderate concern oregon idiosyncratic for noncompliance,” the bid said.

Ivey’s written statement released with Monday’s bid declared the vaccine mandates “outrageous overreach.”

“The national government’s outrageous overreach has simply fixed america nary different option, but to statesman taking action, which is wherefore I americium issuing this enforcement bid to combat these egregious COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Alabamians—and Americans alike—should and indispensable person the prime to rotation up their sleeves to get this changeable and surely not forced by government,” Ivey wrote.

“While President Biden laughs astatine the thought of protecting your freedoms, I volition proceed warring for Alabama businesses and their employees,” the politician added.

Ivey besides said the Biden White House “has erstwhile again failed” Americans.

“If the national authorities presses connected with these caller national mandates, past the Biden White House has erstwhile again failed the American people. As I person stated, nary doubt, this volition beryllium challenged successful national courts,” the politician wrote.

Ivey specifically declared that arsenic governor, she volition not unit anyone to person a COVID-19 vaccination.

“I americium adamantly opposed to national mandates related to the COVID-19 vaccine and adamantly opposed to authorities mandates related to the COVID-19 vaccine, plain and simple. As agelong arsenic I americium your governor, the authorities of Alabama volition not unit anyone to instrumentality a COVID-19 vaccine,” she wrote.

“Through today’s order, the authorities of Alabama is making our presumption connected this contented crystal clear. A authorities instrumentality successful effect to President Biden is not enough. The courts are wherever this volition beryllium resolved. Today is 1 measurement successful this fight, but surely not the last,” Ivey added.

The politician concluded her connection by noting the radical of her authorities are “overwhelmingly opposed” to coronavirus vaccine mandates.

“Alabamians are overwhelmingly opposed to these outrageous, Biden mandates, and I basal firmly with them,” Ivey wrote.

The governor’s enforcement bid adds to akin actions by different states. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) besides precocious issued an executive order to reason immoderate “entity” successful the Lone Star State from enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate oregon requiring impervious of vaccination.

Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has besides precocious spoken retired connected the coronavirus vaccine mandates. He has called a special session of the state’s lawmakers to see a instrumentality to prohibition mandates that helium considers a hazard to workers and businesses.

Christopher Burroughs


Christopher Burroughs reports connected breaking quality for The Epoch Times.