Alabama Man Executed for 1991 Murder of Woman

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ATMORE, Ala.—An Alabama antheral who avoided execution successful February was enactment to decease Thursday for the 1991 execution of a pistillate who was abducted during a robbery and past changeable successful a cemetery.

Willie B. Smith III, 52, received a lethal injection astatine a situation successful southwest Alabama. He was pronounced dormant astatine 9:47 p.m. section time.

The execution went guardant aft the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a petition for a enactment by his lawyers, who had argued the execution should beryllium blocked connected grounds that Smith had an intelligence disablement meriting further scrutiny by the courts.

Smith was convicted of kidnapping and murdering 22-year-old Sharma Ruth Johnson successful Birmingham.

Prosecutors said Smith had a shotgun erstwhile helium abducted Johnson successful October 1991 from an ATM determination successful the Birmingham area. He withdrew wealth utilizing her slope paper and past took her to a cemetery and changeable her successful the backmost of the head, they said. Johnson was the sister of a Birmingham constabulary officer.

“After waiting for 30 years, justness has been served,” Johnson’s household said successful a connection work by Alabama Corrections Commissioner Jeff Dunn.

The execution began soon aft 9:30 p.m. Smith declined to springiness immoderate last words. The authorities allowed a idiosyncratic pastor with the inmate for the archetypal clip during the execution. Pastor Robert Wiley appeared to commune with Smith and enactment his manus connected his limb arsenic the lethal injection process began. One of his attorneys held his fist up to the witnesser country solid successful an evident motion of support.

The tribunal had halted an earlier execution day for Smith successful February erstwhile helium was already successful a holding compartment adjacent the decease enclosure and the U.S. Supreme Court agreed with his entreaty that helium could not beryllium enactment to decease without his pastor present.

Smith appeared to rapidly jerk doubly upward connected the gurney arsenic the archetypal drugs deed his system. “That’s the midazolam,” 1 of his attorneys said successful notation to the sedative, utilized astatine the commencement of executions, that has been the taxable of litigation. His breathing was initially labored, but past slowed and stopped.

Members of Johnson’s household watched the execution successful a abstracted country from Smith’s attorneys and the media.

Dunn said the execution went “according to our protocol.”

“Sharma Ruth Johnson was abducted astatine gunpoint, threatened portion successful the trunk of the car, terrorized, assaulted, and ultimately, Willie B. Smith, III brutally killed her,” Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey said successful a connection issued aft the execution.

“The grounds successful this lawsuit was overwhelming, and justness has been rightfully served,” she added.

Recently, Smith’s lawyers had argued unsuccessfully that the inmate had an intelligence disablement that prevented him from knowing the situation paperwork related to the enactment of an execution method.

The Supreme Court ruled successful 2002 that executing intellectually disabled radical is unconstitutional, but courts person ruled that Smith was eligible for the decease penalty.

Experts had estimated Smith’s IQ from 64 connected the debased extremity and 75 connected the precocious end, but courts person ruled helium was eligible for the decease penalty. An adept successful a post-trial entreaty said portion Smith’s IQ was measured astatine 64, his language, reading, and mathematics skills, and that these peculiar results were inconsistent with a diagnosis of intelligence disability.

Last-minute tribunal filings had centered connected whether Smith should person been fixed assistance nether the Americans With Disabilities Act to recognize the signifier distributed to decease enactment inmates successful 2018 regarding enactment of an execution method. After adopting nitrogen hypoxia arsenic an execution method, authorities instrumentality gave inmates a 30-day model to petition that arsenic their preferred execution method.

If Smith had requested nitrogen hypoxia, his decease condemnation could not person been carried retired to day due to the fact that the authorities has not yet developed a strategy for utilizing nitrogen to execute inmates.

Smith’s attorneys had unsuccessfully asked the Supreme Court to enactment the execution until a proceedings could beryllium held successful his ongoing suit arguing that the Americans with Disabilities Act required him to person assistance successful knowing the form.

The authorities of Alabama argued that Smith had received entree to his lawyers for help.

While the Supreme Court fto the execution spell forward, Justice Sonia Sotomayor criticized Alabama’s haphazard attack but noted that she was “respecting the denial of the stay.”

“Alabama does not quality that Willie Smith has importantly below-average intelligence functioning. Although the State debates his precise speechmaking level and IQ, those disputes bash not resoluteness the cardinal inequity: the State’s compressed timeline for notifying eligible inmates and haphazard attack to doing so,” Sotomayor wrote.

Alabama’s Department of Corrections changed immoderate procedures successful the look of the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation strategy constricted media witnesses to the execution to 1 journalist, a typical from The Associated Press, alternatively of the 5 antecedently allowed.

By Kim Chandler

The Associated Press