Alberta Inquiry Says it Has Confirmed ‘Significant’ Foreign Funding of Anti-Energy Campaign

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The last study of an Alberta government-commissioned inquiry into campaigns against the province’s vigor manufacture says it confirms the beingness of “well-funded overseas interests” spreading “misinformation” to landlock Alberta’s lipid and state sector.

The report, compiled by forensic and restructuring accountant Steve Allan, was submitted to the provincial authorities successful July, and was made nationalist connected Oct. 21.

Announcing the merchandise of the report, Alberta’s Energy Minister Sonya Savage said Albertans “have the close to beryllium upset” astir the campaigns that person helped antagonistic fossil substance projects and led to antagonistic consequences for the economy.

“People mislaid their jobs, businesses went under, families were hurt, authorities revenues from royalties were impacted. We mislaid billions of dollars successful royalties,” she said successful a property conference.

The study says that betwixt 2003 and 2019, Canadian-based biology initiatives received $1.28 cardinal successful overseas funding, portion noting that the estimation is apt understated.  Of this figure, $925 cardinal was utilized by Canadian charities for “environmental initiatives,” $352 cardinal was utilized to money “Canadian-based biology initiatives” that remained successful the United States specified arsenic anti-pipeline campaigns, and $54.1 cardinal was utilized specifically for “anti-Alberta assets improvement activity.”

It adds that biology organizations campaigning against Alberta’s lipid and state assemblage look to enactment successful performance to beforehand an agenda, and that they enactment “like an industry,” attracting sources of backing and employing ample numbers of personnel.

“While galore ENGOs [environmental non-government organizations] are driven by honorable concerns, the commissioner recovered they are besides focused connected their ain fiscal sustainability, which is ensured by adapting to emerging markets and trends and jumping from origin to cause,” a document highlighting the inquiry’s findings says.

Savage added that the study “shines a blinding airy connected the broader question and the immense magnitude of overseas backing that is crossing the Canadian border, often untraced.”

The enquiry was launched by the United Conservative Party authorities successful 2019.


The enquiry has encountered a scope of disapproval and obstacles, from environmentalists trying to unopen it down altogether, to questions regarding the expenses incurred and the hold successful submitting the last report.

Epoch Times Photo A pumpjack adjacent Cremona, Alta., successful this record photo. (The Canadian Press/Jeff McIntosh)

“Did we request a multi-million dollar enquiry to observe that determination were ENGOs who were opposed to the oil sands?” wrote Mount Royal University governmental subject prof Duane Bratt successful a tweet.

Some of the disapproval from biology organizations filtered done arsenic members of the media asked their questions to Savage during the property conference.

One newsman asked Savage if “this full endeavour a mistake,” referring to the enquiry costing $3.5 cardinal and “finding $54 cardinal successful overseas backing that was enactment towards these anti-Alberta vigor campaigns.”

Allan writes successful his study that helium wasn’t capable to pinpoint precisely the information of the $1.28 cardinal successful overseas backing that went toward anti-Alberta vigor campaigns. The $54 cardinal was singled retired since it was recovered by the enquiry to beryllium earmarked specifically for “anti-Alberta assets improvement activity.”

“Frankly, I’m amazed that immoderate assistance would blatantly accidental it’s for an anti-Alberta vigor campaign. I’m amazed that immoderate wealth would transverse the borderline being that blatant,” Savage responded to the reporter.

Another newsman remarked that the enquiry did not find amerciable activities and complained that Alberta “spent each this clip and wealth investigating radical who are doing ineligible activities, exercising their rights to escaped speech.”

A antithetic newsman followed up connected that point, asking, “Are you against them doing that [exercising escaped speech]? Would you similar radical halt doing that?”

Savage said successful a ideology radical person the close to explicit their views, but she said the study is focused connected overseas backing that influences Canadian governmental and regulatory decisions.

“What the study recovered was a coordinated run that yet targeted influencing governmental and regulatory change, utilizing overseas funding. It is overseas funding, going aft home processes and home argumentation and that’s the existent concern,” she said, adding that the “multibillion dollar foundations successful the United States aren’t acrophobic with the time to time beingness of Albertans.”

Allan’s study besides addressed concerns astir escaped speech.

“Nothing successful this Report should beryllium taken arsenic successful immoderate mode seeking to bounds these important rights and freedoms,” arsenic it relates to absorption to Alberta’s lipid and state sector, the study said.

Allan besides commented connected however connected the different hand, unfastened nationalist statement has been stifled by activism and media bias.

“The biology question tin beryllium fixed recognition for raising the contented of clime alteration connected the nationalist agenda. But I americium acrophobic the treatment has go polarized and paralyzed to the grade it is astir intolerable to rise questions oregon marque suggestions that don’t align with the docket of the ENGOs, which is often supported by the media,” Allan wrote.

Reacting to the report, Greenpeace Canada said that the enquiry recovered nary lawsuit of wrongdoing connected the portion of the campaigners, and criticized the inquiry.

“Even erstwhile it makes almighty interests uncomfortable, we volition property connected alongside Indigenous leaders and front-line communities, and with the backing of our supporters—no substance what intimidation tactics are thrown our way,” Keith Stewart, elder vigor strategist for the group, said successful a statement.

“The Inquiry’s findings that Greenpeace Canada has engaged successful ‘Anti-Alberta’ activities does not travel ineligible requirements, ignores technological evidence, and could person a chilling effect connected state of look and connected the meaningful process of statement successful a alleged antiauthoritarian and escaped society,” Ali Naraghi, ineligible counsel for Greenpeace, added.

The Allan study successful information does not accidental immoderate radical is progressive successful “anti-Alberta activities,” but refers to “anti-Alberta assets initiatives.”

“I person besides made it wide passim my Report that I bash not find that information successful an anti-Alberta vigor run is successful immoderate mode improper oregon constitutes behaviour that should successful immoderate mode beryllium impugned, nor bash I find that it indicates a enactment is ‘pro’ oregon ‘anti’ Albertan,”  Allan wrote.

Tim McMillan, president and CEO of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, said the enquiry shed airy connected the foreign-funded campaigns which person cancelled billions successful gross and thousands of Alberta jobs.

“For years, the vigor speech has been driven by activistic organizations who person influenced vigor policies that are contiguous contributing to rising vigor costs for Canadians, arsenic good arsenic vigor shortages for our trading partners astir the world,” said McMillan successful a connection released to The Epoch Times.

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Noé Chartier is an Epoch Times newsman based successful Montreal.