Amanda Seyfried Explains Why ‘It Was Hard To Make’ Her Powerful New Movie About Postpartum Depression

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Exclusive Interview

October 25, 2021 3:33PM EDT

Amanda Seyfried spoke to HL astir the conflict to her caller movie ‘A Mouthful Of Air’ made & wherefore it’s important to beryllium educated astir postpartum depression.

In the past respective years, women person been much open about their struggles with postpartum depression, making strides successful breaking the stigma that surrounds the temper upset associated with childbirth. However, successful the ’90s, erstwhile the caller movie A Mouthful Of Air takes place, the taxable was considered taboo and often went untreated, with women battling their interior demons silently and alone. The caller movie, based connected the publication by Amy Koppleman, highlights the dangers of untreated postpartum slump and encourages women of each ages to beryllium alert of the signs, question enactment and recognize determination are ways to get help. Amanda Seyfried, who stars successful and produced A Mouthful Of Air, admitted that it was “so hard to get this movie made” portion speaking to HollywoodLife.

“No 1 wanted to marque this movie,” she told successful an EXCLUSIVE interrogation astatine The Cinema Society screening of the movie astatine the Roxy Hotel connected Oct. 24. “Trudie Styler and Celine Rattray, they helped america and got the wealth for america to marque this baby. And I conscionable can’t judge it is here. I tin speech astir it for 8 years.”

Amanda Seyfried attends the NYC screening of ‘A Mouthful Of Air’ hosted by Maven Street Media & The Cinema Society. (BFA)

Amanda, who attended the peculiar screening with her mom, revealed that she has “watched seen this movie a batch much than astir movies” she’s in. “I deliberation I’ve seen the ending similar 30 times? There’s a batch of things we were trying to say, and it’s the puzzle. Movies are ever a puzzle, particularly a movie similar this…We privation radical to consciousness similar they’re coming distant with immoderate feeling of longing and a wide mind,” she explained.

A Mouthful Of Air follows Amanda arsenic Julie Davis, a young children’s publication writer and illustrator whose lifelong conflict with slump and anxiousness worsens aft giving birth. She battles with the determination to proceed medicine passim her 2nd pregnancy, and past again erstwhile deciding whether to breastfeed her child. Throughout the moving, heartbreaking story, viewers can’t assistance but clench their teeth and swallow the lumps successful their throats arsenic Julie plasters connected a grin that attempts to fell her debilitating fear, dread and shame. Julie’s communicative is 1 of millions — and it’s not thing that tin beryllium swept nether the rug immoderate longer.

Postpartum depression occurs successful 1 successful 7 women, with astir 70% to 80% of each women who springiness commencement experiencing volition astatine a minimum, the ‘baby blues,’ according to a caller study. Luckily, determination are present extended resources disposable to assistance flooded these feelings, but it’s learning astir them and creating movies like A Mouthful Of Air that helps dispersed awareness.

“It’s important to recognize what it mightiness consciousness similar and being alert of however you would feel, if you can, with the deficiency of sleep, hormone dumps and the pain. I deliberation determination are signs that you person to beryllium very, precise alert of and marque definite your loved ones are precise alert of it, too,” Amanda advised young women who are concerned astir postpartum depression. “I besides deliberation this is wherefore I emotion societal media, due to the fact that determination are groups of radical that travel unneurotic connected determination and tin speech astir what you’re going done successful a mode that you had to look truthful overmuch harder to find earlier it came along. I consciousness similar it’s a batch easier to find your people and thing that you truly privation connected there.”

She continued, “We fear. We fear. Nothing tin support you from being fearless. But, the accusation and uncovering radical who are suffering the aforesaid thing, person akin struggles ever seems to assistance maine I truly bash deliberation voices and enactment tin truly alteration the communicative and the stigma.”

If you oregon idiosyncratic you cognize is suffering from postpartum depression, telephone the PSI HelpLine astatine 1-800-944-4773 oregon sojourn