Amani Toomer rips ‘sad’ state of Giants in explosive rant

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Amani Toomer is losing patience with the Giants, fast.

The franchise’s all-time starring receiver ranted astir the team’s struggles and mediocre assemblage connection successful an quality connected New York Post’s “Blue Rush” podcast pursuing the Giants’ abysmal 1-5 start.

“I excavation into the assemblage language, right,” Toomer said. “… Are they excited, are they edged up? They didn’t look that mode to me. It’s casual for maine to accidental but the magnitude of points they got bushed by [the Rams] didn’t look similar they were excited.”

Toomer said helium likes that manager Joe Judge doesn’t marque excuses, and doesn’t yet privation to justice Daniel Jones. But the bottommost enactment is, the Giants request to triumph much than they are.

“They don’t look similar a squad that belongs connected the field,” Toomer said. “It’s astir similar they were playing Alabama. It’s truly bittersweet to spot the authorities of the Giants close now.”

Toomer, who won Super Bowl XLII arsenic a subordinate of the Giants, said helium spoke to proprietor John Mara earlier Sunday’s crippled and recovered him bothered. The deficiency of extent successful examination to the magnitude of wealth the Giants are spending is the problem, helium said.

Amani Toomer catches a walk  for the Giants successful  2003Amani Toomer catches a walk for the Giants successful 2003Getty Images

“Don’t archer maine astir the Saquon [Barkleys],” Toomer said. “Tell maine astir the guys that are gonna measurement up erstwhile 1 of those guys gets hurt. That’s what we’re missing. You look astatine the Ravens, they’re missing each these players. They bring successful players and they are inactive a competitory team. It’s not similar everybody’s packed it up.

“It’s conscionable precise bittersweet to spot that this squad doesn’t person the extent that they deserve, due to the fact that we wage the aforesaid magnitude of wealth arsenic everybody.”

Toomer besides showed interest with the play-calling, peculiarly sending Jones connected a QB sneak connected fourth-and-1 past week erstwhile helium was coming disconnected a concussion.

“You’re like, wait, bash they adjacent wage attraction to what’s going on?” Toomer said. “Or are they conscionable calling plays and not adjacent reasoning astir the quarterback’s health?”

It would beryllium somewhat astonishing if Judge’s occupation was successful information aft conscionable his 2nd year, but with the Giants playing truthful poorly, immoderate benignant of alteration whitethorn beryllium inevitable.

“At the extremity of the day, if you’re not winning, that radical isn’t gonna enactment together,” Toomer said.