Amazon Is About to Sell This 4K Smart TV for Just $112

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Photo: Terry Papoulias (Shutterstock)

A slick 55-inch 4K Smart TV for $112? Could that adjacent beryllium a existent thing? It mightiness beryllium for Amazon Prime members: Last Thursday, Amazon released immoderate of the deals members tin expect to find during its Prime Early Access Sale, a two-day merchantability intended to footwear disconnected the vacation buying season. And astatine the apical of that database is the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series 55-inch 4K Smart TV (with hands-free Alexa) that volition beryllium 80% disconnected its $559.99 marketplace price, for a expansive full of $112. (As of this writing, it’s “on sale” for $509.99.)

With thing Amazon-related, a steadfast dose of skepticism is some just and good. They usage tricks to promote shoppers to impulse-buy things they don’t truly request oregon adjacent want, which tin past hardly number arsenic a existent deal. As Lifehacker unit writer Stephen Johnson has antecedently said:

In spite of the many, galore online guides astir however to instrumentality vantage of the savings, there’s lone 1 portion of proposal you really request for Prime Day if you privation to prevention money: Don’t bargain thing you weren’t readying to bargain already. There’s besides a corollary: if you bash find a bargain connected thing you wanted anyway, marque definite it’s actually a bargain.

Most of the time, the best deals that are worthy the hype thin to beryllium Amazon’s ain products—as is this TV, which reinforces that idea. So if you were already successful the marketplace for a caller TV, work the reviews for this circumstantial exemplary to spot if it fits your needs. The merchantability begins Tuesday, Oct. 11. There is nary notation of however galore volition beryllium successful stock, truthful if you’ve decided this woody is for you, adhd the TV to your cart now, and marque definite your code and forms of payments are up to date. Once the income go live, you’ll beryllium acceptable to snatch 1 for yourself.