Amazon to host classified material for MI5, MI6 and GCHQ

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The UK’s spy agencies person reportedly fixed a declaration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to big classified worldly successful a woody aimed astatine boosting the usage of information analytics and artificial quality for espionage.

The Financial Times reported that the UK’s signals bureau GCHQ had supported the procurement of a high-security unreality system, which would beryllium utilized by its sister services, MI5 and MI6. Other authorities departments, specified arsenic the Ministry of Defence, would besides usage the strategy during associated operations, it was claimed.

The statement was signed this twelvemonth with AWS,’s unreality work unit, and the information of each the agencies would beryllium held successful Britain, the paper reported, citing radical acquainted with the discussions.

Any declaration with Amazon is apt to ignite concerns implicit sovereignty due to the fact that the UK’s astir concealed information volition beryllium hosted by a azygous US tech company.

GCHQ told quality agencies it would not remark connected reports astir its relationships with tech suppliers. AWS declined to remark connected the report.

In February, British spies astatine GCHQ said they had afloat embraced artificial quality (AI) to uncover patterns successful planetary information to antagonistic hostile disinformation and drawback kid abusers.

GCHQ has been utilizing basal forms of AI, specified arsenic translation technology, for years but is stepping up its use, partially successful effect to the usage of AI by hostile states and partially owed to the information detonation that makes it effective.

Gus Hosein, the enforcement manager of Privacy International, told the FT determination were galore things parliament, regulators and the nationalist needed to cognize astir the deal.

“This is yet different worrying public-private partnership, agreed successful secret,” helium said. “If this declaration goes through, Amazon volition beryllium positioned arsenic the go-to unreality supplier for the world’s quality agencies. Amazon has to reply for itself which countries’ information services it would beryllium prepared to enactment for.”

On Monday, the GCHQ director, Jeremy Fleming, told a league the fig of ransomware attacks had doubled crossed the UK successful 2021, compared with past year.