‘Amy Coney Barrett’ Visits ‘SNL’ Weekend Update & Tells Women To ‘Do Your 9 & Give Baby To A Lesbian’

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Kate McKinnon‘s Amy Coney Barrett couldn’t sharing her thoughts connected the Roe v Wade controversy connected this week’s Saturday Night Live. The comedian, 38, popped up alongside Colin Jost connected the May 7 episode. “I americium jazz induced,” she began, seemingly successful absorption to Roe v Wade perchance being overturned, and truthful making abortions amerciable successful thirteen states immediately, with others perchance pursuing suit.

Amy Coney Barrett shares her thoughts connected Roe v. Wade pic.twitter.com/busvbO6fEk

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) May 8, 2022

“I’m guessing you’re beauteous blessed with the draught of the ruling?” Colin questioned, arsenic she acted surprised. “I don’t cognize what would marque you deliberation that, different than everything I’ve ever said! But I listened to the lawsuit with an unfastened caput and I asked each the question,” Kate’s Amy, wearing a lavender colored shirt, said (leaving ‘question’ singular).

“You were asking astir harmless haven laws wherever you tin legally permission a babe astatine a occurrence station, nary questions asked?” Colin posed back.

Kate McKinnon appears arsenic Amy Coney Barrett connected ‘SNL’s Weekend Update. (NBC)

“That’s close Colin, I don’t recognize why we request abortion due to the fact that you tin permission a babe anyplace successful the United States. What’s the large deal? Just popular it!” she said. “Just, bash the 9 and plop. Do your nine, permission it connected the sidewalk, wrapper it up … enactment it successful a basket,” Kate’s Amy urged, pushing a blimpish presumption with plentifulness of wit (it is SNL after all).

You’re a murderer if you person an abortion, but you’re not a murderer if you enactment a babe successful a container successful mailbox and that tracks. Give it to a stork, who volition springiness it to a lesbian,” she went on. “The lesbians would beryllium blessed due to the fact that there’s much babies. So conscionable bash your 9 and plop.” Colin appeared confused astir wherefore she continued utilizing the word “nine” but Kate’s Amy didn’t look funny successful providing an explanation.

“I person 7 children and a occupation and I marque it work. So wherefore each different pistillate tin marque it enactment and not me?” she asked. “If you get large and you’re not married, you don’t person to spell to immoderate weird convent anymore — you conscionable springiness a babe to a panther, Jungle Book it and that’s your nine!” she added, referencing the classical Disney film.

“What is much traumatic? Safely ending an aboriginal gestation oregon giving commencement to a babe you tin ne'er spot again due to the fact that you enactment it connected a ferris wheel? These lesbians are going to person a crap load of babies!” she besides said.