Andrew Garfield: ‘I don’t think I present as goody-goody’

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Andrew Garfield is smiling beatifically and clasping his hands unneurotic arsenic if successful prayer. The airs suits an histrion who has cornered the marketplace successful the beatified and heroic, from a Jesuit clergyman successful Silence to a Seventh-day Adventist redeeming lives connected the battlefield successful Hacksaw Ridge; from a antheral near paralysed by polio successful Breathe to a credulous guiltless who dies surrendering his organs successful Never Let Me Go. He is simply a singular actor, but ticker excessively galore of his movies backmost to backmost and you are liable to perceive celestial trumpets.

His prayer-like motion of gratitude comes successful effect to my committedness not to inquire whether helium and his chap erstwhile web-slinger Tobey Maguire volition beryllium appearing successful the caller Spider-Man: No Way Home. “I admit that,” says the 38-year-old, speaking implicit Zoom from Calgary, wherever helium is shooting the murder-and-Mormons bid Under the Banner of Heaven. There seems nary constituent posing the Spidey question erstwhile helium has greeted each identical enquiry this twelvemonth with a show of shrugging bafflement that whitethorn oregon whitethorn not beryllium genuine. (Let’s spot erstwhile the movie opens adjacent month.)

Besides, determination is capable to sermon without speculating astir projects successful which helium whitethorn not adjacent appear. Mainstream, the archetypal of his 3 caller movies, is simply a benignant of Network for the net age. Garfield plays a street-corner situationist who becomes a superstar erstwhile a video of him haranguing shoppers portion dressed arsenic a rat goes viral. He besides howls astatine the moon, pretends to beryllium a ninja and runs done Los Angeles bare but for a elephantine prosthetic penis. The movie couldn’t beryllium immoderate wackier if radical started vomiting emojis. Oh wait, they do.

Network for the net property ... ticker the trailer for Mainstream.

Such exuberance whitethorn beryllium successful abbreviated proviso today, helium warns me. “A fewer of america went up a upland yesterday. It was an insane 11-mile climb, truthful present I’m somewhat not-a-person.” He is slumped connected a sofa, his notoriously sculptural hairsbreadth obscurity to beryllium seen; successful a classical can’t-be-arsed move, helium is hiding his locks nether a shot cap. But if this is him connected half-speed, it is inactive impressive. Just upwind him up and ticker him go.

Take the taxable of Mainstream. “I had a batch of amusive creating a truly utmost quality and I haven’t had a accidental to bent retired successful those regions of myself – the ego and the id – successful specified an utmost benignant of uncensored and shadowy, acheronian way, truthful what was appealing was that I got to spell to precise outlandish, outrageous, unlikable – oregon not adjacent that, beyond likability oregon unlikability; that wasn’t adjacent a consideration. It was attempting to scope the places that large liberated artists similar Kanye West tin sometimes get to, wherever helium conscionable goes beyond immoderate signifier of delineation oregon box-making oregon pigeon-holing; it conscionable is, it’s that id place, those axenic unconscious primal urges.” Splendid. Now breathe.

Even admirers of Mainstream won’t beryllium expecting it to fig successful the Oscars race, whereas it volition beryllium a pity if Garfield isn’t nominated for 1 of the different two. In Lin-Manuel Miranda’s adaptation of Jonathan Larson’s philharmonic Tick, Tick … Boom!, Garfield hurls himself into the relation of that frantic, talented playwright, who died successful 1996 conscionable hours earlier the off-Broadway opening of his soon-to-be-hit-show Rent. He is besides fantabulous successful The Eyes of Tammy Faye arsenic the corrupt televangelist Jim Bakker, other Jessica Chastain arsenic his doting wife, Tammy Faye.

Oscar-worthy ... ticker the trailer for Tick, Tick ... Boom!.

Aside from the misunderstood modern noir Under the Silver Lake, wherever Garfield was an amateur gumshoe prone to voyeurism and stalking, Mainstream and The Eyes of Tammy Faye correspond the archetypal clip helium has played anyone who could beryllium described arsenic a jerk. “Let maine spot if I tin close you,” helium says. “Um. Yeah. No. Maybe my quality successful Red Riding exhibits immoderate self-centred benignant of …?” On the contrary: successful that Channel 4 transgression play from aboriginal successful Garfield’s career, his quality goes retired successful a blaze of glory, martyring himself for the origin of justice. “He does, yeah, you’re right. For immoderate reason, I’ve recovered myself much successful heroic, altruistic, champion-of-the-light kinds of characters and stories.”

He understands the tendency to spot performers research motivation ambiguity: “Tom Hanks is 1 of my favourite actors and I would emotion him to exposure those darker regions of humanity that we each person successful us.” Hanks has admitted that villains “require immoderate grade of malevolence that I don’t deliberation I tin fake”.

Does Garfield person malevolence successful him? “I deliberation if I said no, I’d astir apt person a nightmare contiguous successful which I’m shown each my malevolence. Any denial of it would astir apt pique its interest: ‘Oh, you reckon?’ I deliberation we are vastly unknowable unless we meditate 18 hours a time and/or spell connected mushroom trips to observe each the nooks and crannies of ourselves.”

What person his ain mushroom trips taught him? “Ah, that whitethorn beryllium a spot excessively idiosyncratic to spell into.” In 10 words oregon fewer? “Haha! Yeah, right. I’m decidedly alert that I’m not alert of the bulk of what I am.”

Unlike his Silence co-star Adam Driver, who tin driblet anchor anyplace betwixt tenderness and savagery, Garfield is connected the broadside of the angels – virtually truthful successful his Tony-winning show connected signifier successful Angels successful America. As with the actor, truthful with the man. He is warm, conscientious and affable – I could happily person talked with him for different hr oregon 2 – but helium besides comes crossed arsenic a spot of a goody-goody. “Really?” helium laughs. “I don’t hold with that! I don’t deliberation I contiguous arsenic goody-goody. But that’s your communicative and you tin instrumentality to it if you want.”

I situation him to sanction the past clip helium behaved similar an arsehole, oregon utilized his fame to summation advantage. He tin adjacent dainty this interrogation arsenic a forum successful which to apologise to idiosyncratic helium wronged. “That’s precise saccharine of you,” helium says. “And present I person to beryllium I’m not a goody-goody.” His eyes hunt the room. “I don’t deliberation I’ve ever utilized my fame to beryllium an arsehole. I deliberation I would beryllium capable to admit it. Maybe I might person utilized it to get a array astatine a edifice occasionally.” Come on, I archer him, everyone says that. It is the equivalent of Theresa May running done fields of wheat. “I’m sorry!” helium says. “I conjecture I’m a goody-goody, then. Maybe that’s the grade of it.”

The lord works successful mysterious ways ... ticker the trailer for The Eyes of Tammy Faye.

The worst you could accidental is that helium misspoke during an interrogation astatine the National Theatre successful 2017. Referring to his mentation for Angels successful America, he described himself arsenic “a cheery antheral close now, conscionable without the carnal act” – that aged dilettante routine, of which LGBTQ+ radical person justifiably grown sick.

Leaked emails successful 2015 besides described him refusing to permission his edifice country for a prestigious Sony jamboree astatine which the merchandise day for his 3rd Spider-Man outing – aboriginal scrapped, aft the captious and commercialized disappointment of the 2nd – was owed to beryllium announced: “Here we are astir 1 hr distant from our gala lawsuit and Andrew decides helium doesn’t privation to attend. He has a alternatively scruffy beard and helium conscionable wants to beryllium near alone.” Still, it is tiny potatoes compared with immoderate of his colleagues; Mel Gibson oregon Shia LaBeouf helium is not.

Mainstream and The Eyes of Tammy Faye show that media attraction tin beryllium toxic. How has helium avoided being corrupted by it? “Well, I volition co-sign that,” helium smiles. “I admit you saying that. I deliberation I’ve surrounded myself with things that marque the deeper parts of maine travel live alternatively than the ones that volition beryllium a coke-filled orgy of a infinitesimal and volition past consciousness similar full crap the adjacent morning. I cognize that crap doesn’t last.”

He gives immoderate of the recognition to his mother. “She would ever spell backmost to quality and find herself being nourished by the small, earthy things successful life, successful that pantheistic benignant of mode – the rabbits astatine the bottommost of her plot – alternatively than thing flashy oregon fancy. I’ve had that consciousness since I was a kid, truthful possibly it was her.”

Andrew Garfield arsenic  Desmond T Doss successful  Hacksaw Ridge
Saving lives connected the battlefield ... arsenic Desmond T Doss successful Hacksaw Ridge. Photograph: Mark Rogers/Lionsgate/Allstar

His parent died of crab 2 years ago. Knowing the extremity was near, Garfield flew location from the acceptable of The Eyes of Tammy Faye to beryllium with her for the last weeks of her life. “It was the champion imaginable version,” helium says. “Me losing her alternatively than her losing me.” What was she like? “She was idiosyncratic who had an consciousness of the quality that’s astir us, and the kindness she could grounds to idiosyncratic successful the thoroughfare oregon astatine the store. That’s a bully life. That’s a beingness good lived.”

It was she who nudged him towards acting erstwhile helium was having a pugnacious clip astatine school. “What a dangerous, bold, loving, soulful happening to do. She knew I astir apt wouldn’t marque immoderate wealth from it, but she saw her lad was having occupation and was not feeling a consciousness of joyousness astir being alive. And it turned retired to beryllium the champion worst determination she ever made, due to the fact that present I’m talking to you astir her and she’s embarrassed somewhere.”

Garfield’s parent was British and his begetter is American. He was calved successful Los Angeles and his household moved to Surrey erstwhile helium was three. “I was raised successful a sports household. Very competitory with my older brother. My dad’s a swimming coach, I did gymnastics and swimming, rugby and cricket and football.”

What helium experienced arsenic a sports prodigy, helium says, was “a micro mentation of the Simone Biles thing”. He has been reasoning a batch lately astir Biles, the 24-year-old US gymnast who withdrew from five of her six Olympics finals this twelvemonth to safeguard her intelligence health. “The information that she decided to publically honour her ain fallibility whitethorn beryllium the astir inspiring determination she could make. Most of america seeing that volition go: ‘Oh my God! That means I tin fail. I don’t ever person to beryllium ascending.’”

Andrew Garfield with Claire Foy successful  Breathe
Remarkable ... with Claire Foy successful Breathe. Photograph: Teddy Cavendish/Bleecker Street Media/Allstar

He had a akin epiphany. “I said: ‘I don’t privation a large abdominous Russian gymnastics manager to beryllium sitting connected my backmost portion I bash the container splits astatine the property of nine. I wanna spell beryllium a punk with my friends and spell skateboarding and perceive to Rage Against the Machine and beryllium a spot of a fuckup for a minute.’ There was a earthy inclination to ain being a fucking idiot.”

Hearing this, it is hard not to deliberation backmost to him successful that edifice room, nursing his scruffy beard and refusing to play shot with the bigwigs. His spell arsenic Spider-Man present seems similar a root of anguish. Speaking astir it successful 2017, helium said: “I got my bosom breached a small bit.” How so?

“I went from being a naive lad to increasing up,” helium says. “How could I ever ideate that it was going to beryllium a axenic experience?” He gives a dry, joyless laugh. “There are millions of dollars astatine involvement and that’s what guides the ship. It was a large awakening and it hurt.

“Comic-Con successful San Diego is afloat of grown men and women inactive successful interaction with that axenic happening the quality meant to them. [But] you adhd successful marketplace forces and trial groups and abruptly the absorption is little connected the psyche of it and much connected ensuring we marque arsenic overmuch wealth arsenic possible. And I recovered that – find that – heartbreaking successful each matters of the culture. Money is the happening that has corrupted each of america and led to the unspeakable ecological illness that we are each astir to dice under.”

He cracks up abruptly astatine his ain portentousness, a full-blown goofy guffaw. “I’m conscionable kidding, I’m conscionable kidding!” Pause. “I mean, it’ll instrumentality a clump of years earlier that happens.” Even the apocalypse doesn’t dependable excessively atrocious coming from Mr Goody-Goody.