Andy Cohen nearly punched by a ‘Real Housewives’ hubby: ‘He had a gun’

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Andy Cohen’s “Real Housewives” gig isn’t ever peachy. 

In fact, the Bravo large changeable was astir knocked retired by “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s hulking husband, Kroy Biermann. 

“I conscionable retrieve Kroy yelling astatine maine successful the bath aft the reunion,” said Cohen successful the caller “Housewives” tell-all “Not All Diamonds and Rosé,” which was released Tuesday. 

In the cheeky tome, the 53-year-old “Watch What Happens Live” pb recalled astir getting clobbered by Kroy, 36, portion hosting the “RHOA” Season 10 reunion successful 2018 — which would beryllium Kim’s last quality connected the franchise. 

“It was the lone clip during the full tally wherever I ever felt similar I was going to get punched,” Cohen continued. 

He noted that Biermann had besides brought his weapon to the reunion’s set, which was filmed successful Georgia, an unfastened transportation state. 

In "Real Housewives" tell-all, Cohen claims Kim Zolciak-Biermann's hubby  astir   punched him. In his “Real Housewives” tell-all, Cohen claims Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s hubby astir punched him. GC Images

But moments earlier his and Biermann’s bath brawl, Kim joined her castmates connected the reunion sofa to support herself and her oldest daughter, Brielle Biermann, 24, who shared a video of “roaches” crawling astir bid co-star Nene Leakes’ bathroom. 

Cohen claims helium  was astir   punched by Kim Zolciak's hubby  Kroy Biermann.Cohen claims helium was astir punched by Kim Zolciak’s husband, Kroy Biermann. NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

During the season, Kim was besides caught telling chap bid prima Shereé Whitfield that determination were “…a clump of cockroaches successful [Nene’s] bathroom,” portion showing the 51-year-old the video grounds connected her phone. She besides penned a scathing station successful which she deemed Nene “sick” and “disgusting” and claimed the 53-year-old lived successful a “roach nest.”

But, erstwhile taken to task by Cohen and the other Housewives — each of whom are African American — for the demeaning and culturally insensitive shadiness during the reunion, Kim, the lone achromatic formed member, denied that her roach-nest rant was racially charged. 

The "RHOA" seson 10 reunion was centered astir   play  sparked by Kim's (left) claims that Nene (right) lived successful  a "roach nest."The “RHOA” Season 10 reunion was centered astir play sparked by Kim’s (left) claims that Nene (right) lived successful a “roach nest.”NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via

“You’re reaching. Reaching,” said the parent of six, insisting her words were not meant to qualify Nene arsenic an impoverished achromatic pistillate surviving successful the government-funded lodging projects. 

“Don’t effort it,” Kim added. “It has thing to bash with the projects oregon nary of that s–t. A roach is simply a roach.”

Despite her rebuttals, Cohen and the different women continued holding her feet to the occurrence connected the matter, on with different questionable comments she made passim the season. 

And her hubby wasn’t happy astir it. 

Cohen claims Kim's hubby  was aggravated  that helium  didn't amended  "protect" her against the different   women arsenic  the reunion's host. Cohen claims Kim’s hubby was aggravated that helium didn’t amended “protect” her against the different women arsenic the reunion’s host. NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via

Cohen told “Housewives” tell-all writer Dave Quinn that aft the show, an incensed Biermann confronted him successful the privy, saying “I didn’t support Kim enough, oregon absorption connected capable affirmative things that had happened to her that play connected the show.”

And Cohen candidly reminded the 6-foot-3, 260-pound erstwhile NFL linebacker that his woman didn’t springiness him capable bully worldly to enactment into the conversation. 

“I sheepishly said, ‘Well, determination was truly thing affirmative to absorption on,’” noted the world TV caput honcho — a remark helium astir instantly regretted. 

Cohen claims helium  was astir   punched by Kim Zolciak's hubby  Kroy Biermann. Cohen claims helium was astir punched by Kim Zolciak’s husband, Kroy Biermann. NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“I thought, ‘This is it, dude, determination are truthful galore Housewives and husbands who are bushed of your shady s–t and you’re astir to get your reckoning,’” Cohen remembered reasoning successful the moment, afloat expecting Biermann to slug him. 

But helium didn’t. And for that, Cohen was thankful. 

The Bravo VIP was adjacent much grateful to larn that accumulation had antecedently instructed Biermann to permission his firearm extracurricular the reunion’s filming space. 

“What I’m relieved [about], I didn’t cognize astatine the time, was that Kroy had a weapon with him that time and accumulation made him permission it successful the car,” Cohen said successful the book.