Angels Owner Seeks $5 Million From Anaheim After City Voided Stadium Sale

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Angels shot proprietor Arte Moreno’s absorption steadfast is asking Anaheim to instrumentality $5 cardinal positive ineligible fees for walking distant from a stadium merchantability earlier this twelvemonth and said the metropolis has violated the team’s lease by readying to physique a occurrence presumption successful the ballpark’s parking area.

SRB Management sent a missive to the metropolis Sept. 29 saying it is filing a ailment to retrieve what’s already been spent connected title, inspection, escrow, and ineligible consulting, among different expenses. It besides gave the metropolis 30 days to driblet its plans to physique the caller occurrence station.

“[The] landlord has nary close to conception oregon run immoderate imperishable operation wrong the Parking Area nether the Lease different than that definite improvement known arsenic ‘Sportstown,’” SRB Management’s lawyer Allan Abshez wrote successful the letter.

Epoch Times Photo Owner Arte Moreno of the Los Angeles Angels walks disconnected the tract anterior to a shot crippled betwixt the squad and Texas Rangers astatine Angel Stadium successful Anaheim, connected April 9, 2016. (Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

The Anaheim City Council met successful a closed league Oct. 4 to sermon the claims, which metropolis officials are reviewing, spokesperson Mike Lyster told The Epoch Times.

“The SRB assertion regarding the now-voided connection to merchantability the stadium remains nether review, some by the metropolis medication and arsenic a closed league substance for the City Council,” Lyster said.

The steadfast archetypal asked the metropolis to instrumentality the wealth successful June aft Anaheim abandoned an statement to merchantability the stadium and surrounding spot to Moreno for $320 cardinal pursuing a national probe into the deal.

Moreno has since said helium is exploring options to merchantability the team.

Sportstown Anaheim, mentioned successful the letter, was a improvement conception adopted by the metropolis successful the mid-1990s to physique a nonrecreational shot stadium, a high-tech accumulation hall, 2 caller hotels, and a assortment of shops and restaurants astir Anaheim Stadium.

Epoch Times Photo Angel Stadium of the Los Angeles Angels shot squad successful Anaheim, Calif., connected May 24, 2022. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

In 1996, past Angels squad laminitis Gene Autry threatened to determination the squad to different metropolis unless Anaheim agreed to wantonness its Sportstown plans.

The Walt Disney Co., which owned the Mighty Ducks astatine the time, besides held disconnected buying a number involvement successful the shot squad until plans for Sportstown were scaled back, according to a study by the Los Angeles Times. Disney purchased 25 percent of the squad for $30 cardinal successful 1996 and aboriginal took implicit the remainder for $110 cardinal after Autry died—before yet selling the squad to Moreno successful 2003.

Plans for Sportstown connected 159 acres surrounding the stadium were included successful SRB’s existent lease.

“A occurrence presumption is not a permitted usage wrong Sportstown,” Abshez wrote.

The metropolis approved a steadfast successful August to conception a occurrence presumption successful the parking area. SRB Management claims the lease allows the squad to person exclusive power implicit maintenance, pricing, operation, charges, and cognition of the parking country during events astatine the stadium.

In its request letter, SRB said the metropolis would beryllium successful default of the stadium lease and it could instrumentality further ineligible enactment if the metropolis doesn’t comply. The institution said it sent the outgo betterment petition successful June but didn’t get a effect from the city.

Epoch Times Photo Anaheim metropolis councilors astatine Anaheim metropolis hallway connected May 24, 2022. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

Last week’s assertion regarding the team’s lease does not mean the Angels program to locomotion distant from its lease, according to the city.

“There has been nary petition to beryllium released from the stadium lease and this is not a information astatine this time,” said Lyster, the city’s spokesman.

The existent lease allows the Angels squad to negociate and play astatine the stadium done 2029 with imaginable extensions done 2038.

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