Anger at ‘irresponsible’ Christmas sales of e-scooters banned on UK roads

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On a wide roadworthy dotted with autumn leaves, a representation of a beaming pistillate rider promoted a £299 e-scooter connected Amazon past week, which was described “as your champion commuting oregon outdoor question companion”.

It is 1 of respective models of popular e-scooters that are marketed successful the run-up to Christmas by the online elephantine and different large retailers, including Halfords, Argos and Currys. There is conscionable 1 snag: it is amerciable to thrust privately owned e-scooters connected nationalist roads successful the UK.

While e-scooters are being utilized successful astir 30 trials crossed England, constabulary pass they volition impound privately owned e-scooters connected nationalist roads. Riders person been told by constabulary that their confiscated vehicles person been crushed, chopped up by electrical saws oregon placed successful semipermanent storage.

Tom McNeil, West Midlands adjunct constabulary and transgression commissioner, said: “It’s irresponsible that retailers are selling these e-scooters, which they cognize cannot beryllium utilized connected nationalist roads. They indispensable cognize the immense bulk of customers don’t person immense amounts of backstage onshore that they’re riding e-scooters on.

“Many radical are confused astir the rules. I’ve been retired with constabulary officers and seen radical stopped connected privately owned e-scooters and they appeared to person nary thought they weren’t allowed to beryllium riding them.”

McNeil is calling for a prohibition connected the merchantability of e-scooters until the authorities decides connected the regulations for their wider use. He has written to Mark Harper, the transport secretary, highlighting the “menace and nuisance” of privately owned e-scooters and the request for effectual regulation.

The planetary e-scooter marketplace has been valued astatine much than £15bn a year. The fastest e-scooters tin question astatine much than 50mph, but astir models sold successful the UK person apical speeds of 15mph to 25mph.

While large online retailers supply consumers with written warnings astir the amerciable usage of e-scooters, they are not ever prominent. Sometimes the warnings are not adjacent included. The e-scooter being promoted arsenic a “commuter companion” connected Amazon past week contained a informing that it should not beryllium utilized during thunderstorms but failed to constituent retired that its usage connected a British roadworthy would beryllium illegal.

Sarah Gayton of the National Federation of the Blind of the UK said: “It’s clip to propulsion the plug connected e-scooters, and the authorities needs to halt retailers selling them. The nationalist volition ne'er beryllium safe portion they tin beryllium utilized connected the nationalist highway.”

Department for Transport (DfT) officials judge e-scooters could supply a accelerated and cleanable mode to question to easiness the load connected the transport system. The government announced plans to proceedings rental e-scooters successful March 2020, and determination are present astir 30 areas successful England with e-scooter trials. It was announced earlier this twelvemonth that trials tin beryllium extended until May 2024.

The DfT has said it recognises the popularity of e-scooters, and its projected transport measure aims to make a caller regulatory model that tin beryllium utilized to legalise their wider use.

But the trials are controversial, with concerns astir the risks to users and pedestrians. The astir caller figures, published past month, amusement determination were 1,437 casualties successful collisions involving e-scooters successful the twelvemonth to June 2022, compared with 1,033 the twelvemonth before. Twelve radical were killed successful collisions involving e-scooters, compared with 4 successful the twelvemonth ending June 2021.

It was reported past week that a pistillate who injured her limb aft hitting a pothole successful Barnet, northbound London, is suing the assembly for £30,000 for failing to support the road. The assembly says the claimant, Giovanna Drago, 22, should not beryllium entitled to immoderate compensation due to the fact that she was connected an amerciable vehicle.

A National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) spokesperson said: “We are acrophobic that the much amerciable e-scooters are utilized connected our roads, the higher likelihood determination is of them being progressive successful collisions. However, erstwhile compared with different forms of transport and wide harm connected the road, the hazard of collision is presently overmuch little for e-scooters.

“Police officers volition proceed to instrumentality each indispensable and proportionate enactment against those who whitethorn beryllium tempted to illegally oregon dangerously usage e-scooters, successful enactment with forces’ wide attack to roadworthy information and harm reduction.”

The NPCC said constabulary promote retailers to supply “clear and applicable accusation astatine the constituent of sale”.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “We instrumentality the information of our customers highly earnestly and we continually reappraisal our controls to guarantee due merchandise accusation is displayed. We person policies successful spot which marque it wide to selling partners not to promote the imaginable amerciable usage of these products by customers.” It added that the e-scooter being advertised past week arsenic a “commuter companion” had been removed from its website.

A Halfords spokesperson said: “UK authorities presently states that privately owned electrical scooters should lone beryllium utilized connected backstage onshore with the owner’s consent. We marque this wide astatine each stages of a transaction online, connected our pricing tickets, and successful our shops. As a liable retailer, we powerfully counsel our customers to travel the law. We believe, however, that the authorities is close to look into the improvement of regulations that volition safely let the wider backstage usage of e-scooters, aligned with rules for bikes and e-bikes.”