Anna Faris Goes Topless In 2023 Super Bowl Commercial For Avocados From Mexico: Watch

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Image Credit: Avocados From Mexico

There’s a batch of powerfulness wrong the humble avocado. An avocado has much potassium than a banana, is simply a bully root of indispensable nutrients and fiber, per CNN, and is rather delicious (per anyone who has ever enjoyed guacamole.) The avocado tin besides alteration the people of quality history, arsenic seen successful the archetypal preview of Avocados From Mexico’s commercial for Super Bowl LVII. In the teaser, Anna Faris – arsenic Eve from the Christian Bible communicative – wanders astir the Garden of Eden successful thing but her day suit. Soon, it becomes the Garden of Eatin’ erstwhile she digs into an avocado.

“Since clip began,” says the off-screen narrator, “there has been 1 effect that has had the powerfulness to alteration the world. One fruit, that tin change history, with 1 tiny bite. One fruit, with the quality to marque everything better.”

(Avocados From Mexico)

Anna, 46, said it was “liberating” to airs bare for this commercialized erstwhile talking to PEOPLE about the shoot. “When I realized that the wardrobe successful my trailer was a tiny small thong and these jelly-like bra things, I conjecture they’re conscionable nipple covers, I thought to myself, each right, this is what my beauteous time is going to look like,” she said. “I felt truly arrogant that I’m benignant of astatine this spot successful beingness wherever I could walk a batch of clip feeling humble and insecure, oregon I conscionable clasp it.”

(Avocados From Mexico)

Anna besides said she recovered “security successful the monolithic magnitude of hair” she wore for the shoot. “There was besides a batch of different minimally dressed young, precise beauteous people. And I conscionable thought, I’m conscionable accepting this is conscionable rad. We’re conscionable successful the Garden of Eden, which is glorious,” she said of the shoot. “They created the astir beauteous set, and we were each successful it together.”

Lerma created the Avocados From Mexico spot, which Bryan Buckley directed. The commercialized volition assistance enactment the brand’s caller 360 selling run designed to observe however Avocados From Mexico marque everything better. This includes your kitchen, arsenic Avocados From Mexico has partnered with Pantone Color Institute to motorboat the Avocados From Mexico marque color.

They besides created the new Avocado Glow location and room accessories line for Big Game entertaining. Who wouldn’t privation to ticker the Big Game with an Avocado Glow propulsion pillow, oregon service chips and guac with an Avacado Glow serving Tray? Maybe if they marque an Avocado Glow bikini, Anna won’t person to spell astir nude?

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