Another Canadian Joins Growing Trend of ‘Jeopardy’ Super-Champions

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It’s not your imagination: “Jeopardy” streaks are getting longer.

Ray Lalonde, the Toronto-based scenic creator who’s won 11 games and counting, is conscionable the latest successful a caller procreation of trivia titans to instrumentality up residence connected the Alex Trebek Stage.

After Thursday’s game, Lalonde had amassed US$311,500.

Consider besides Mattea Roach, the 24-year-old Canadian “Jeopardy” phenom who won 23 consecutive games earlier this year, giving her the fifth-longest streak successful the show’s history.

The 2 are among lone 16 contestants successful the show’s past with winning streaks of astatine slightest 10 games, said Andy Saunders, the Guelph, Ont.-based blogger down “The Jeopardy! Fan.”

Of those 16, 7 appeared connected the amusement successful 2021 oregon 2022, including Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio, who clasp the 2nd and third-longest streaks of each time.

Saunders has a mentation arsenic to why.

“The amusement lowered its obstruction to entry,” helium said.

Near the opening of the COVID-19 pandemic, the show’s producers began allowing would-be contestants to audition astatine immoderate time, alternatively than lone being capable to instrumentality an entranceway trial a fewer days retired of the year.

And for those who ace that archetypal test, the 2nd circular of auditions is present conducted via video call, Saunders said, alternatively than requiring quiz amusement hopefuls to question to a large metropolitan centre to effort retired successful person.

“There were a batch of radical retired determination who are precise bully astatine ‘Jeopardy‘ and conscionable needed that other nudge to effort out, making it that small spot easier for them,” Saunders said.

A spokeswoman for “Jeopardy” did not instantly respond to a petition for remark astir whether the fig of applicants has gone up successful caller years, but Saunders said he’s eliminated immoderate of the different imaginable explanations.

The show’s clues don’t look to beryllium immoderate harder, helium said, and the alleged superchampions usage a assortment of antithetic strategies, truthful it’s not their benignant of play that’s giving them an edge.

But immoderate the explanation, Saunders said helium enjoys the agelong streaks.

“I perfectly emotion watching fantabulous players bash well,” helium said.

Not lone does it springiness you thing to basal for, but you besides get to analyse the crippled successful a somewhat antithetic way, Saunders said.

“You tin decidedly archer with the longer streaks that definite players are bully successful definite categories and not arsenic overmuch successful others.”

It seems to beryllium moving for the show, helium added: “The ratings are inactive going up whenever there’s a longer streak.”

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